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Movie Poster of the Week: “You’ll Never Get Rich” and The Art of the Dance Movie Poster

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Above: French poster by Boris Grinsson for You’ll Never Get Rich (Sidney Lanfield, USA, 1941).In the new edition of Film Comment, out this week, I write about British airbrush artist Philip Castle and his iconic poster for Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. The other man behind that poster, aside from Kubrick himself, was producer, director and writer Mike Kaplan who, at the time, was Kubrick’s marketing guru.Kaplan, who has been collecting movie posters, as well as art directing them, for 35 years, is a tireless proselytizer for the art form and his latest project is a labor of love and a pure delight. Gotta Dance! The Art of the Dance Movie Poster, a book he wrote and curated, was born out of a touring exhibition of his own personal collection that he has been exhibiting around the country for the past few years. Its latest stop is
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Esg to screen Austrian Silent Movies with live music in Goa

Esg to screen Austrian Silent Movies with live music in Goa
Gruber Gerhard

An evening of Austrian Silent Movies and live music with renowned pianist Mr. Gerhard Gruber will take place in Goa on January 30, 2011. This event will be organized by the Entertainment Society of Goa in collaboration with the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum and India International Centre in Maquinez Palace, Auditorium I at 5:30pm.

As an accompanist for silent movies, Gerhard Gruber is a leading authority in Austria since 1988. He has performed for more than 400 different films.

The films that will be screened are:

Two films from the series Cocl and Seff (1920), the Austrian version of Laurel and Hardy.

Longinus Länglich als Wunderknabe / Longinus Länglich as a boy-wonder (1921): For lack of money, Longinus Länglich puts himself out for adoption, imitating a well-behaved boy. The problem is, he is not only fully grown but really tall, and to make matters worse, he falls in love with his nanny.
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