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WWE Legend Vader Shows Off Gnarly Open-Heart Surgery Scar

  • TMZ
Ex-WWE superstar Vader is doing so well after his open-heart surgery in March, he's showing off the scar ... and even cracking jokes about it! Vader -- real name Leon White -- had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure back in 2016 and said doctors told him he only had two years to live. Well, here we are ... two years later and Vader is still kicking! "They had me but I Kicked out 2," Vader said on social media over the weekend.
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Comic Book Review – WWE #13

Liam Hoofe reviews Boom! Studios’ WWE#13…

Like the recent Royal Rumble Special, the first thing you will notice about WWE #13, the latest in Boom! Studios’ WWE series is that a superstar’s name is listed on the front cover. Following in Aj Styles’ footsteps, Samoa Joe has penned a story about his own debut in the WWE and Joe has shown he is more than a match for Aj in the old writing department. This edition of the comics gives the reader a break from the usual Shield storyline and decides instead to focus on several memorable moments from Raw’s history, to celebrate the show’s upcoming 25th anniversary.

Joe’s story, Undrafted, is a nice way to kick things off and Joe’s writing, alongside that of Michael Kingston, does a great job of capturing the former Nxt champion’s character and general presence. The story sees Mick Foley
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‘Chokeslam’ Review

Stars: Chris Marquette, Amanda Crew, Michael Eklund, Niall Matter, Gwynyth Walsh, Mick Foley, Harry Smith, Laurel Van Ness, Lance Storm, Paul James Saunders, Graham Bell, Agam Darshi, Meghan Heffern | Written by Robert Cuffley, Jason Long | Directed by Robert Cuffley

Corey Swanson has problems. He’s almost 30, still lives in his mom’s basement, doesn’t date, and his career amounts to slicing meat in an archaic deli that no one ever comes to – unless they want to rob it. After a chance encounter with a popular former classmate, Corey learns that his high school crush Sheena Halliday will soon be in town for their 10-year reunion. Sheena, now a world-famous athlete, has been dubbed “the Lindsay Lohan of the wrestling world”. She twists and pounds people into oblivion for a living – the same thing she did to Corey’s heart back in high school. Corey puts his broken heart (and punched face) aside,
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Mick Foley Says Ric Flair Was a Sex & Masturbation 'Superhuman'

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_kmbba444"]] WWE legend Mick Foley says Ric Flair had a "superhuman" sex drive back in the day -- but he still ain't sold on the Nature Boy's claims of spankin' it twice a day And bangin' 10,000 chicks!! Foley -- who's hilarious, Btw -- told TMZ Sports his boy, Naitch, was a God among men when it came to wrestling and womanizing ... but even then, the numbers might not add up. "I'm doing the math in
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Jim Ross, wrestling’s greatest living announcer, on his new book and becoming a meme

After Mick Foley’s first book, Have A Nice Day, surprisingly reached number one on The New York Times bestseller list in 1999, the pro-wrestling memoir became a genre all its own—some arguably better than others. One eagerly awaited autobiography is from Jim Ross, the longtime play-by-play wrestling announcer who, for…

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More wrestlers revealed for ‘WWE 2K18′

The latest installment of the WWE 2K18 official roster reveal is here and features 43 additional WWE Superstars announced for inclusion in the forthcoming franchise’s worldwide release, including:

Akam, Alexa Bliss, Apollo Crews, Asuka, Big Cass, Carmella, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, Chris Jericho, Dana Brooke, Dash Wilder, Finn Bálor, Jason Jordan, Jimmy Garvin, Johnny Gargano, Kevin Owens, Lex Luger, Michael P.S. Hayes, Mick Foley, Miss Jacqueline, Mr. Perfect, Neville, Nia Jax, Nick Miller, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon, Rezar, Ric Flair, Rick Martel, Rick Rude, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rikishi, Roderick Strong, Rusev, Samoa Joe, Scott Dawson, Seth Rollins, Shane Thorne, Tjp, Tommaso Ciampa, Tye Dillinger and Vader.

Check out the WWE 2K18 new roster screenshots below, along with Three new entrance videos from the game!
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WWE 2K18 Roster Reveal Round 3

  • Cinelinx
You thought we were done after 2 sets of Roster Reveals? Well then you would be wrong, the WWE is continuing to roll out wrestlers for what could be the most extensive roster for WWE 2K yet!

In the last few weeks, WWE has dropped two sets of Roster Reveals. First up we had Goldust give us a hand, followed by the samoan submission mission, the Destroyer Samoa Joe revealing part 2, and now we have Kevin Owens joining Corey Graves and Renee Young. You can watch the entire video below, where they give us a whole new batch of playable wrestlers.

This new roster reveal gives us 43 new characters:

Akam, Alexa Bliss, Apollo Crews, Asuka, Big Cass, Carmella, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, Chris Jericho, Dana Brooke, Dash Wilder, Finn Bálor, Jason Jordan, Jimmy Garvin, Johnny Gargano, Kevin Owens, Lex Luger, Michael P.S. Hayes, Mick Foley, Miss Jacqueline, Mr. Perfect, Neville,
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WWE Backlash: The Five Best Matches in the Event’s History

In preparation for this Sunday’s event, Liam Hoofe takes a look back at the best matches in the history of WWE Backlash

The return of WWE Backlash last year was met with an enthusiastic response from the WWE Universe, and with good reason. The PPV, which traditionally followed on from WrestleMania, has given us some great shows since its birth in 1999. The PPV itself would often be a better wrestling event than WrestleMania in fact, with it effectively being a re-run of the card with all of the pomp and spectacle removed.

Needless to say, the show has given us many great matches and moments over the years as well. So to get you warmed up for this Sunday’s upcoming event, here is a look back at some of the best matches from the PPV’s history, and no, Shawn Michaels and God Vs The McMahons didn’t make the list.
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Mick Foley Says 'The Rock for President,' I Believe He Can Seriously Win (Video)

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_7y1csoz2"]] Mick Foley says his old WWE tag team partner, The Rock, would make a Great President -- and he seriously hopes Dwayne Johnson runs for office in 2020.  This is not a joke! After The Rock told GQ that entering the race for the White House is a "real possibility" -- we asked Foley if he'd support the other half of the legendary "Rock n Sock Connection." "I think the Rock has the potential to unite
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Undertaker undergoing surgery, Kurt Angle wrestling in WWE update…

After the four hour Hall of Fame, two-and-a-half hour Nxt TakeOver, seven hour Wrestlemania, three hour Raw, two hour Smackdown, one hour 205 Live and one hour Nxt, you’re either sitting there going, ‘I can no longer survive on anything less than 24 hours of original in-ring wrestling programming every week’. Or, like me, you might have collapsed after Tuesday night’s Smackdown muttering: ‘no, no more wrestling. I’m done with wrestling. WWE, you completed wrestling. You win’

Good news for the former, because the WWE Network are adding even more shows.

First up, announced in what now seems like an eternity ago on Saturday afternoon, WWE confirmed that their long-awaited Women’s Tournament will finally take place in the Summer. Bayley made the announcement at WWE’s Business Partner Summit – sounds like a riot – alongside Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Alexa Bliss and Asuka. The tournament will be broadcast on the WWE Network,
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WWE teases Hardy Boys return & Kurt Angle as Raw Gm…

Happy Wrestlemania week everyone! WWE’s website have kicked off the festivities by counting down the shortest matches in Wrestlemania history. Presumably preparing us for the Goldberg/Brock Lesnar main event.

But that isn’t the only Wrestlemania moment potentially being set up by WWE’s online team.

As part of the ultimate thrill-ride build up, WWE have been posting various Wrestlemania match spots from over the years on Twitter. The latest is a clip of Jeff Hardy crushing Matt in a table sandwich with chair filling at Wrestlemania 25…

You better believe tables were Broken in the battle between The #HardyBoyz at the 25th Anniversary of #WrestleMania! #WWENetwork pic.twitter.com/Bvtg4fmGWo

— WWE Network (@WWENetwork) March 26, 2017

This is interesting for two reasons.

Firstly, as WrestleZone have pointed out, this one tweet has already become the second most shared post on WWE’s Twitter in the month of March (one
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Kurt Angle WWE wrestling return plans, Matt & Jeff Hardy to WWE update…

Have you got a 36 by 20” space on your bedroom, living room or toilet walls? Then you’re in luck, because even though it’s about a month late – with the artwork being debuted in February’s Festival of Friendship segment on Raw – WWE have made ‘The Creation of Kevin’ avaliable in poster form on their shop.

Frame it real nice, hang it in a prized position, and remember happier times. Like when Raw actually did good ratings. This week’s episode lost almost 300,000 viewers by the third hour.

The two hour Smackdown Live, however, has maintained a very healthy average increasing slightly from 2.628 million viewers last week to 2.647. A whopping 70% of you agreed with me the episode was 4 out of 5, and 16% thought it even better at 5 out of 5.

One way to increase Raw’s fortunes might be bringing back Kurt Angle as an onscreen performer, potentially as a replacement for
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WWE Monday Night Raw Reaction 3/20/2017

We're a couple weeks away from the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania. Traditionally, the WWE has gone all out in trying to build up interest for what they call "The Showcase of the Immortals." This year, we have the WWE once again in a brand split, trying to create two separate shows with two separate identites that never intermingle. Former WWE announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross stated back in July when the brand split first occurred that we as fans would best be able to judge the success of the brand split by Wrestlemania time. So, with Wrestlemania 33 happening on April 2nd and being shown live on the WWE Network, how did Monday Night Raw add up this week?

The show opened with Mick Foley being fired as Raw General Manager. In real life, Foley has hip surgery coming up soon to help aleviate some of
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WWE respond to Paige sex tape hacking, Shinsuke Nakamura main roster update

Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, Kurt Angle – of all the surprising names that have returned to WWE over the years, the most astonishing one happened yesterday: WWE have announced on Twitter that Jim Cornette will be inducting The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express at this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

Breaking: The #RockNRollExpress will be inducted into the #Wwehof Class of 2017 by @TheJimCornette! https://t.co/aFp0rSb1cJ pic.twitter.com/pD8vQ0QSwN

WWE (@WWE) March 20, 2017

‘Why’s that so unexpected?’ you might ask. ‘Jim Cornette was part of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express’ greatest rivalries – against teams like The Midnight Express and the Heavenly Bodies!’ It’s because of Cornette’s shoot comments about WWE and its various officials in the past. For instance, like this on Head of Production Kevin Dunn:

“I’m tired of them bucky beaver f****** teeth of yours, and I stand up and I say,
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Wrestlemania 33 championship match changed, Mick Foley fired and more – WWE Raw, Mar. 20, 2017 review

Mick Foley No More

Mick Foley opened the show announcing his leave of absence effective immediately, reading a prepared statement from some index cards. But then good gawd almighty, he broke those index cards in half! Ripping the statement into shreds, Foley began to cut an impassioned promo, but his microphone was cut off. And then Stephanie McMahon came down to cut him off. He was fired, she fired him.

Then Sami Zayn of all people came down to defend Mick, which transitioned into a decent match against Samoa Joe. Sami tapped to the Coquina Clutch, hopefully positioning underdog babyface Sami as the next thorn in the Authority’s side.

That, or Foley just passed him the ‘Stephanie’s going to bury you every week’ torch.

Charlotte beat Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke got a fair amount of offence in, losing to Charlotte. Unfortunately, the offence didn’t look any good.
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WWE stars injured, missing Wrestlemania! Seth Rollins backstage update

Finn Balor made his WWE return on Friday night’s house show, wrestled again on Saturday and – according to PWInsider – was even backstage for last night’s episode of Raw. So where was he?

Going by Balor’s Twitter, he was at home looking for Raw on TV. I don’t know why he needs two remote controls for that. Maybe even Demon Kings don’t know how to configure the TV’s volume.

What channel is #Raw on?!? pic.twitter.com/CTpwXFE2kF

— Finn Bálor (@FinnBalor) March 14, 2017

Balor has now been fully medically cleared to return to the ring after six months out, but still hasn’t returned on Raw. Seth Rollins, however, ran down on last night’s episode, delivering a few jumping kicks and taking multiple bumps despite injuring his right knee only six weeks ago.

Seth saved Mick Foley from being beaten up by Triple H,
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Ex-tna World Champion makes Raw in-ring debut, Wrestlemania 33 match off? – WWE Raw, Mar. 13, 2017 review

Down Goes Goldberg

“Down goes Goldberg!” is Paul Heyman’s latest catchphrase, which he used several times when talking about Brock Lesnar’s F5 on the Universal Champion last Monday. Despite Lesnar’s impressive muscles, there was no real meat here. Just Heyman trying to advance a feud between two guys where neither wrestles anyone else on TV. Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat the same basic promo points over and over again.

Foley’s On Fire!

Stephanie McMahon then gave Mick Foley a fun task backstage – by the end of the night, he has to find someone to fire from the Raw roster. Titus O’Neil-oh, wait he’s doing the tortured decision thing.

Sasha Banks beat Dana Brooke

Sasha Banks’ slow heel turn continues, as she hooked Dana Brooke’s tights for a very quick win, which babyface Bayley still cheered. Charlotte berated her protegee for losing once again, but
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