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Print Biographies (6)

Arthur Calder-Marshall. The Innocent Eye: The Life of Robert J. Flaherty. New York: Harcourt-Brace-World, 1965.
Frances H. Flaherty. The Odyssey of a Film-Maker: Robert Flaherty's Story. New York: Arno Press (reissue), 1972.
Richard Griffith. The World of Robert Flaherty. New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1953.
Paul Rotha & Jay Ruby. Robert J. Flaherty: A Biography. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984.
Robert J. Flaherty. My Eskimo Friends. 1924.
Richard Barsam. The Vision of Robert Flaherty: The Artist as Myth and Filmmaker. Indiana University Press,.

Film Biographies (1)

Articles (12)

Film Quarterly (US) June 1965, Vol. XVIII, Iss. 4, pg. 2 - 14, by: Helen Van Dongen, "Robert J. Flaherty 1884 - 1951"
New York Times (US) July 25 1951, pg. II,3, by: John Grierson, "Robert Flaherty: An Appreciation"
Variety (US) July 25 1951, pg. 55:1, "Robert J. Flaherty"
The London Times (GB) July 25 1951, pg. 6:4, "Robert J. Flaherty"
New York Times (US) July 24 1951, pg. 25, by: (Obituary, unsigned), "Robert Falherty, Film Producer, 67"
Current Biography (US) 1949, pg. 199+200+201, "Flaherty, Robert (Joseph)"
Motion Picture Classic (US) October 1927, pg. 25, 72, by: S.M. Weller, "Mr. Flaherty Sees It Through; The Creator of 'Nanook' Is a Motion Picture Idealist"
Moving Picture World (US) June 25 1927, pg. 563, "Flaherty N.Y. Film Done; To Direct M-G-M Feature"
Moving Picture World (US) June 18 1927, pg. 505, "Metro Signs Robert J. Flaherty to Make South Sea Island Film"
Motion Picture Classic (US) May 1926, pg. 37, 84-85, 91, by: Matthew Josephson, "'Moana': a Poem of the Cinema"
Moving Picture World (US) April 21 1923, pg. 814, "Flaherty Leaves for Somoa to Make South Sea Islanders Film"
Moving Picture World (US) April 7 1923, pg. 614, "Flaherty Honored"

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