Fright Exclusive Interview With Almost Human/Re-animator: The Musical Star Graham Skipper!

Editor’s note: Graham Skipper has been making a good name for himself in some good and interesting genre entries, acting in everything from genre musicals (as Herbert West in Stuart Gordon’s Re-animator: The Musical), short films (Will Rot’s The Cartridge Family) and one of horror’s most recent fan-favorites, Joe BegosAlmost Human. Natty was able to chat with Skipper for a bit, regarding his recent roles, as well as about a acrobatic stage show mixed with live rock and roll that he’s producing. Read on!-Jerry

Of course my first question is going to be regarding Reanimator: The Musical. A lot of people began taking notice of your performance of Herbert West in that, how did your involvement come about with Gordon’s musical?

I lived in New York City for many years, I worked in a lot of theater in a lot of
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Take a Peek at the Teaser Trailer and One Sheet for Upcoming Film Blessid

We all dig psychological thrillers so when word of a new one being produced comes down the pipe, we've got to share it with you. This one comes from the East Coast in the form of a film called Blessid.

Written and produced by Robert Heske and directed by Rob Fitz, Blessid stars David Fine, Rachel Kerbs, Gene Silvers, and Chris Divecchio. Dig the teaser trailer and movie poster below, and be sure to look for Blessid updates as its release comes closer.

For more visit the official Blessid website, "like" Blessid on Facebook and follow Blessid on Twitter (@BlessidTheMovie).

From the Press Release

A violent, dark, funny, and − ultimately − inspirational story, Blessid is about a pregnant woman with a cursed past who forms a bond with a man who is immortal. Why does he appear at her most desperate hour? And what can she − a person who struggles to
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Rob Fitz’s God Of Vampires on UK DVD

Chock full of intense gunplay and sheer for the hell of it violence - Rob Fitz’s low budget Independent horror, thriller - God of Vampires is heading for UK shores via Safecraker Pictures. Action, shootouts, buckets of blood, gore and with an actual storyline thrown in for good measure - For a micro budget indie flick - God of Vampires has scored itself some very favourable reviews in the horror press. We must see it! Gov goes on sale July 16. Synopsis: You are entering the realm of the dead and I am your God. Professional Killer, Frank Ng, is contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. But the routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually a horrific Chinese vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The professional killer – the hunter – has become the hunted. This is no ordinary vampire of myths and legends, however. Frank has
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Producer Chad A. Verdi Attaches Eric Roberts to Upcoming Film Self Storage

After recently announcing that Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman will be starring in his next film, Self Storage, producer Chad A. Verdi of Woodhaven Productions now adds Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts to the project.

Verdi stated, "This film is going to be something very special. It started with a great script, and now, with this cast, the sky is the limit." Filming begins in July in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, for a planned March 2013 release.

For more on Self Storage, plus info on Verdi's previous films, the Robert Englund vehicle Inkubus, and the upcoming zombie film Infected (starring William Forsythe and Michael Madsen, October 2012 release date), visit the official Woodhaven Films website.

From the Press Release

The Woodhaven Production Company is pleased to announce the signing of Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Night, The Expendables) to the cast of Self Storage. The film tells the story of Jake,
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Outside the Cinema Presents Drive-in Horrorshow Screening in Danvers, Ma

For those of you that don’t know, Destroy The Brain used to be a podcast. I started it back in June of 2007. Last year, we converted the website from podcast only to a full fledged website and our focus has been on news and reviews in written format while the podcast faded away. While we will be coming back later this year in a new format in podcast form, our podcast comrades – Outside the Cinema – are presenting their first theatrical event with a locally produced film. If you are near Danvers, Ma, go check it out. Read beyond the break for the full press release.

From the Press Release:

Locally produced horror movie to screen at Hollywood Hits

July 23, 2011 – 11:00 p.m.

Danvers, Ma – Drive-In Horrorshow, an independent horror film produced in Greater Boston, will

be screening at Hollywood Hits, 7 Hutchinson Drive, Danvers Ma, presented by Outside the Cinema.
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Chinese Hitman vs. Vampires in God of Vampires

What happens when hired killers and vampires collide? Lots of blood, one presumes. Check out a trailer for “God of Vampires”, an indie horror/action movie from Rob Fitz, a former make-up effects man who is making “God of Vampires” his directorial debut. The quality of the trailer is suspect, and it starts off really poorly, but stay with it and it does get progressively better. The trailer has been online since 2006, when the film was originally finished. According to the movie’s official site, the film has just now gotten a distribution deal, though no details have been released so far. Professional killer Frank Ng has been contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. The routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually a vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The hunter has become the hunted. This is no ordinary vampire of myths and legends, however.
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God of Vampires is Action Packed!

God of Vampires, from director Rob Fitz, is an independent production with style. One trailer begins with nothing but non-stop shooting for ten to twelve seconds, while Buddhist monks hum ominiously. In this second trailer below there is even more gun play as the characters battle a Chinese crime lord who is a vampire in human form. The film is available May 4th, but already some details have filtered out including this early concept poster seen left. Have a look at a film that blends gang life, vampiricism, and a battle against a dark lord. All the available details below.

A synopsis for God of Vampires:

"Professional Killer, Frank Ng, has been contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. The routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually a vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The professional killer the hunter has become the hunted.

This is
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The God of Vampires Comes Home

We've covered the indie flick God of Vampires from director Rob Fitz quite a bit here on Dread Central. Why? Are vampires, high powered weapons, gore, and the Asian Underworld good enough reasons for you? Yeah. We thought so, too. Finally the film is officially hitting DVD on May 4th from Midnight Releasing, so you're gonna get a chance to dig on it for yourselves!


Professional killer Frank Ng has been contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. The routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually a vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The hunter has become the hunted. This is no ordinary vampire of myths and legends, however. Frank has come face to face with the vengeful Kiang-Shi (Chinese vampire), and it vows to inflict upon Frank such unbearable pain that death will be his only sanctuary. Cursed, Frank is condemned to helplessly witness
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Sneak-Preview: Fangoria #289 (January 2010)

  • Fangoria
Sneak-Preview: Fangoria #289 (January 2010)
Love it or hate it, Fango #288 has been on the market for a few weeks, and that means it's time to take a look to the future.

Shipping in December is Fangoria #289 (January 2010). This is the first issue featuring contributing writer Stephen King with the first installment of his two-part essay (to be concluded in Fango #290).

Check out the full Guts & Gravy below the jump, where you can also pre-order this issue a la carte, or subscribe for massive savings!


Their Name Is “Legion” Angels shed their wings and take up arms for a heavenly and hellish war on Earth. “Pig” Out And hungry too, which means those who embark on a “Pig Hunt” are in for an unpleasant surprise. “Dread” Heads In the latest Clive Barker feature, those who experiment with fear are inevitably unhappy about the results. “Graves” Situations Two beautiful sisters, one maniacal reverend and a
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Drive-in Horrorshow (DVD Review)

  • Fangoria
Drive-in Horrorshow is an anthology of five gore-filled short films consisting of serial killers, monsters, and torture. At an abandoned drive-in theater, The Projectionist is the dark-humored host who serves as the narrator in-between each film showcased.

As the anthology progresses, each short film switches ambiance based on its plot. The first short presented, “Pig,” dives straight into the blood and chills. Harsh and unrelenting in its tone and mood, a college frat boy endures painful torture while he’s trapped in a small, enclosed bathroom.

After being served with a claustrophobic and tense entrance, the anthology offers the following comedic segment, “The Closet.” A 12 year old child wants his irritating family to go away. The neglected child mistakenly believes the demonic creature in his closet will help get rid of his family. He then starts using each of his family members as food for the creature. Just like the Final Destination series,
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Lots of upcoming horror screenings/fests

  • Fangoria
As the Halloween season approaches, all kinds of fright fare past and present will be turning up at festivals and specialty theaters across the country. Here’s a rundown on a bunch of screenings and genre-film events we’ve been alerted to:

The first annual Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival launches tonight and continues through this Sunday, September 20 in Seattle, Wa at the Siff Cinema at McCaw Hall (321 Mercer Street). The event is hosting 33 shorts and six features from the realms of horror, science fiction, fantasy and animation; the full-length films are Jim Isaac’s Pig Hunt, D. Kerry Prior’s The Revenant (see our advance rave here), Faye Jackson’s Strigoi, Rustin Thompson’s The Ends Of The Earth, Scott Norwood’s TIMETRAVEL_0 and Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell’s black-metal documentary Until The Night Takes Us. In advance of the Fantastic Fest that begins next week, Austin, TX
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Indie epic God Of Vampires lands distribution

  • Fangoria
Fango recently spoke to independent filmmaker/makeup FX artist Rob Fitz, who gave us the scoop that he has signed a distribution deal for his years-in-the-making action/horror opus God Of Vampires. Written and directed by Fitz, the movie follows a hitman (Dharma Lim) who takes an assignment that leads him to confront vicious Asian bloodsuckers.

“I’m getting a limited theatrical release through a company called Maxim Media,” Fitz tells Fango. “It’s going to play screens in Arizona and possibly Boston; Maxim owns the worldwide rights to God Of Vampires, and it will then go to DVD, video-on-demand and foreign markets. When I talked to my entertainment attorney, he said it was one of the cleanest contracts he had ever seen for an independent film. I was very cautious in finding distribution for this movie; that’s why it took me so long. I didn’t want to sell it to just anybody,
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