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Overview (3)

Born in Muscat, Oman
Birth NameIsla Lang Fisher
Height 5' 3" (1.6 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Isla Lang Fisher was born on February 3, 1976 in Muscat, Oman, to Scottish parents Elspeth Reid and Brian Fisher, who worked as a banker for the U.N. She spent her early childhood in Bathgate, Scotland, before moving to Perth, Australia with her family in the early 1980s. From a young age, Isla showed an interest in both acting and writing. At nine years old, she was appearing in Australian TV commercials. She landed some small parts in the Australian television series Bay City (1993). This led to a bigger part in the television series Paradise Beach (1993). When that show ended, she landed a role in the long-running Australian soap opera Home and Away (1988). While working on that show, she indulged in another of her passions, writing, and published two best-selling novels, "Seduced By Fame" and "Bewitched". In 1997, she was picked by the readers of FHM magazine as #35 on the list of the "100 Sexiest Women in the World", and in 2003, she placed 26th.

Isla has since appeared in the films Wedding Crashers (2005), The Lookout (2007), Hot Rod (2007) and Definitely, Maybe (2008), Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009), and Now You See Me (2013).

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Family (4)

Spouse Sacha Baron Cohen (15 March 2010 - present)  (3 children)
Children Montgomery Moses Brian Baron Cohen
Elula Cohen
Olive Baron Cohen
Parents Elspeth Reid
Brian Fisher
Relatives Conor Reid (half sibling)

Trade Mark (2)

Curvaceous, buxom figure
Red hair and brown eyes

Trivia (21)

Stepsister of Conor Reid.
Born in Oman of Scottish parents.
Her first job was as a lottery ad extra. She was so excited that she hyperventilated for four hours and nearly fainted.
Her mother is a romance novelist.
Grew up in Perth, Western Australia.
Her first name is pronounced Eye-Lah.
Ranked #91 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
Ranked #61 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list.
Converted to Sacha Baron Cohen's religion, Judaism, and took the name Ayala, meaning "doe" in Hebrew.
At the age of 18, with the help of her mother, Isla wrote two teen novels, "Bewitched" and "Seduced by Fame". Both novels became bestsellers.
Returned to work four months after giving birth to her daughter Olive in order to begin filming Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009).
Sister-in-law of Erran Baron Cohen.
Returned to work 12 months after giving birth to her daughter Elula Cohen to begin filming Bachelorette (2012).
Was once engaged to Darren Day.
She almost drowned during shooting a scene for Now You See Me (2013), in which she performed in a piranha tank. The top of the tank remained opened so that Fisher would be able to swim to the top to get some air, and there was also an emergency lever inside the tank that, if pulled, would alert the crew that she needed help. During one take, Fisher was running out of air and tried to swim to the top, but the chains on the handcuffs she was wearing got stuck on the bottom of the tank, so she was unable to swim to the top or pull the lever. She then attempted to alert the crew by hitting the glass of the tank, but since her character is supposed to be panicked and scared in the scene, the crew thought she was acting. The stunt coordinator finally realized that something was wrong after he noticed that her handcuffs were stuck.
Baz Luhrmann is her favorite director and she agreed to star in his film The Great Gatsby (2013), without reading the script.
Gave birth to her third child at age 39, son Montgomery Moses Brian Baron Cohen on March 17, 2015. Brian is Isla's father's name. Child's father is her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen.
Returned to work 4 months after giving birth to her daughter Olive in order to begin filming Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009).
On March 15, 2010, she married her boyfriend of eight years and father of her two-year-old daughter Olive, Sacha Baron Cohen, in Paris following a six-year-long engagement.
Gave birth to her first child at age 31, daughter Olive Cohen, on October 17, 2007 in Los Angeles. Child's father is her fiancee (now husband), Sacha Baron Cohen.
Is so often mistaken for actress/friend Amy Adams that she and her prankster husband Sacha Baron Cohen once pasted Amy's face over Isla's on their custom holiday greeting cards with the message, "Season Greetings from Sacha, Isla and the Kids". Apparently none of the recipients even noticed. And, when Lady Gaga met her in person, she told her how much she loved her acting in American Hustle (2013) (starring Amy Adams), Isla didn't want to spoil her excitement -- then Amy Adams actually walked in.

Personal Quotes (61)

Am I a romantic at heart? Who knows.
All I know is that I've ruled out wearing fairy wings. When I was nine I wanted to get married in fairy wings, and now I realize that's not cool anymore.
I've never had a good-looking boyfriend, well, in the stereotypical way. A lot of people find someone attractive that others don't. Otherwise, all our men would be taken by Claudia Schiffer!
I always liked Elvis Presley when I was younger - I told anyone who would listen that I was going to marry that man. I didn't realize then that he had died.
[After she gives birth] There is no way I am going to worry about missing out on work or the pressure to lose weight. At the moment I am not even planning any work.
I love acting, love it. It's the greatest fun in the world. I've always had no trouble feeling extremely grateful. So even though, comparatively, I wasn't doing so well, I thought I was on top of the world.
You have to list all your special skills on a form when you get an agent. There's fencing, stage combat, horse riding, motorbike riding, Spanish, French, German, whatever. I just ticked everything. I talk about 10 languages according to that form. I even ticked the extreme sports box.
I think all married couples tend to run things by each other in every capacity and we're not different to them.
I think there is nothing sexier than a handlebar mustache.
I crashed my boyfriend's birthday when I was 12 years old. He didn't invite me and so I showed up.
I love good food and I love to eat in nice restaurants. I love Japanese food. I love Gordon Ramsay in London; he is pretty amazing.
You know, motherhood is my favorite topic in my personal life and I won't shut up about it, but it's not something I want to discuss publicly just because of the amount of attention it draws to a small person who didn't choose to be exposed.
When your parents divorce, it makes you grow up fast. I'd urge parents to strongly consider working things out. I'd work things out and I'd definitely stay put.
I love religions and find them fascinating, and I find Judaism very beautiful. It's enriched my life enormously.
I never had the chutzpah to just come to L.A. and make it. I didn't have that confidence. I'm always surprised when I get a job.
You can't underestimate how traumatic divorce is for the children.
Anytime anyone compliments me on my figure, I'm wearing my Spanx undies.
Women one hundred percent support each other in the movie industry.
I'm not actually very good at the maintenance thing. I don't buff, exfoliate, pluck, rinse, moisturize, suck, bleach... whatever all those women do.
I went to something like six different schools before the age of 12, so I was always the new girl and had to make friends quickly. It was difficult at the start because I was very bookish - I was literally sat in the corner reading books, with no friends.
Women should not have to adopt masculine traits in order to succeed. You should be able to stay as a woman, and in tune with your femininity, and still be equal.
When you're younger, being a redhead is... Well, my two brothers teased me no end.
You know, I didn't get to go to university because I've been acting since I was a kid.
Family is 100 per cent my top priority.
I was raised as a tomboy with boys, and I never really feel like myself when I am really dolled up at premieres and showbiz events.
I breastfed both my kids for two years so, you know it was very tiring emotionally and physically.
I love to cook. But I'm a bit rubbish. I tend to start something and then dip into a book or have a conversation and come back and everything's burnt.
An easy way to get people to like you is to make them laugh.
In Hollywood, you feel a responsibility to look less disheveled than you are. But I'm a mom, and I'm not good at putting time into prepping.
I tell my girlfriends - 'Imagine if all the time you put into waxing and primping, you took all of that energy and put it into something useful.'
What I loved about breast-feeding was that bond of one-on-one time. The serotonin that's released calms you down and connects you to the baby.
Being proud of who we are as people is more important than cutting into ourselves to create this false idea of beauty.
I think audiences have always wanted to see women in the movies, but every time a movie like Bridesmaids (2011) comes out, everyone says, 'Oh how funny, people do want to see women in the movies.'
I love marriage. I think it's a wonderful institution and it's the most important decision you make.
I think there is nothing sexier than laughter lines.
After Wedding Crashers (2005) I was just surprised as to the lack of comedic female material there is. So I had to start working and getting stuff out there for myself.
I don't like junk food, just because I don't like the taste of it, but I don't go to the gym - ever.
I'm definitely attracted to other Australians; I have a laid-back attitude to life that I feel is very Australian; I love a good barbie.
I find weddings really boring. They give speeches, your aunt kisses you on the cheek, and you're at a boring table. But it's different when it's your own.
Being a mother is by far my greatest accomplishment.
I do consider myself to be a feminist.
I've never been a method actress; I've never been that person that wants to imagine horrible things happening in your own life in order to exploit them for your emotional being in the movie. I'm just not good at doing that.
I love 'Monty Python,' 'Black Adder,' Fawlty Towers (1975). I'm a huge fan of British comedy.
Growing up, there wasn't much emphasis on being nice or naughty. As a family, there wasn't much discipline. It was more relaxed at home, which I'm grateful for.
When you shoot an independent movie you have a very limited amount of time, and you don't want to be that actor, when a poor director is trying to get through a movie, that you're asking at every second to discuss performance.
Comedy has always been important in my family. If you got in a good joke at the dinner table, it meant more than almost anything else.
I auditioned for a movie recently, and when I went in, the producer said he'd told one of its stars, Naomi Watts, that he was auditioning me, and she'd said, 'She's so funny; she's a great actress - you should hire her.' What a lovely, kind, and supportive thing to do for another woman.
It's a myth that you can have it all. You can't, but more importantly, I don't think you should want to. It sounds exhausting!
I don't really watch many heist movies. Actually, I have quite eclectic tastes, but I tend to watch just foreign films. I don't know why that is. I'm not particularly deep or anything, I just like foreign movies.
I've had no helping hand in Hollywood. But in general, I've found that when it comes to getting jobs, what's meant for you can't pass you by.
The most romantic thing a guy has ever done for me is starting a family. That's as romantic as it gets.
I've auditioned so many times and been told I'm 'not sporty enough' or I'm 'not sexy.'
You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, 'I feel good, I have my health, and I'm so blessed.' That's the way I choose to look at it.
If I'm stuck in traffic or have a bad moment in my day, I go back to my yoga practice, and I breathe.
I gained 65 pounds with my first baby and 70 with my second. I had severe morning sickness both times, so I mostly ate supersize bowls of white pasta with loads of butter and cheese because that was the only thing that took away the nausea.
Am I disappointed occasionally by the lack of irony in some movies? Yes.
I don't think one should incentivise the losing of teeth. I find the idea of a child getting an iPad, or a £20 note, for losing a tooth, utterly abhorrent. Fifty pence, or a pound at most, is what my children can expect from the Tooth Fairy.
I just don't want to miss anything in the lives of my children while they are still young. It's why I don't audition for leading roles at all and why I say no to some of the supporting roles that I do get offered.
My mother worked when I was growing up, so I was under the impression I'd find it easy to be a working mum. But I found it very hard to be away from my family, even for short periods of time.
Yes, I think there's a lot of mischief that goes on in our house and a lot of fun.
I'm happy with the idea of being a mum first and an actress second - I'm perfectly content for people to think of me as a stay-at-home mum, rather than an actress, if that is their perception.

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