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Interviews (7)

Rue Morgue (CA) August 2011, Iss. 114, pg. 16-24, by: April Snellings, "Fright Night: Right Next Door to Hell"
Rue Morgue (CA) October 2010, Iss. 105, pg. 23, by: Stuart F. Andrews, "Back to the Bates Motel"
Fangoria (US) May 1996, Iss. 152, pg. 32-37, by: Rodney A. Labbe, "Tom Holland's Opus"
Fangoria (US) April 1996, Iss. 151, pg. 19-23 & 82, by: Rodney A. Labbe, "Big Trouble in Thinner"
Fangoria (US) March 1993, Iss. 120, pg. 30-33, by: Kyle Counts, "Temporary Insanity"
Gorezone Magazine (US) 1988, Iss. 5, pg. 58-60, by: Kim Howard Johnson, "Tom Holland: Who Framed Chucky the Doll?"
Fangoria (US) June 1985, Iss. 45, pg. 20-24, by: Abbie Bernstein, "Tom Holland on Fright Night"

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