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T.J. Hooker: Producer Wants TV Cast in the Movie; Is Shatner In?

Last week, we reported that work is underway on a feature film based on T.J. Hooker, the 1980s TV show that stars William Shatner, Adrian Zmed, Heather Locklear, James Darren, Richard Herd, and Hugh Farrington. While the original series is a drama, the plan is to make this new movie a comedy.

Movie producer Ryan Heppe told Variety, "The series was the poster child for cop TV shows in the 1980s with great stunts, so we think there's a fun movie to be made from it."

The concept seems tailor made to include actors from the television show in some capacity and Heppe agrees. He told the New York Post, "We absolutely want to try and get the original cast in the movie."

He cautioned though that they want to make sure it makes sense, saying, "It's all about finding the right story motivations to include their characters so we're
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T.J. Hooker: Cop Series to Get Big Screen Treatment; Will Shatner Be In It?

Yet another William Shatner TV series is heading to movie theaters. This time, it's T.J. Hooker, the cop show executive produced by Aaron Spelling during his legendary run on ABC. Shatner didn't get to be in the recent Star Trek reboot, will he be in this movie?

T.J. Hooker revolves around a veteran cop (Shatner) who, after his plainclothes partner is killed in the line of duty, returns to the streets as a patrol sergeant. He's assigned to train academy recruits and is partnered with a young, headstrong rookie named Vince Romano (Adrian Zmed). Others in the series include Heather Locklear, James Darren, Richard Herd, and Hugh Farrington.

The series ran for two seasons on ABC as an hour-long drama before the alphabet network cancelled it. CBS then picked it up for two more seasons but assigned it to the late night "Crime Time After Prime-Time" schedule, running opposite The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.
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