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Gabrielle Carteris Re-Elected President of SAG-AFTRA, But “Loyal Opposition” Makes Major Gains In La

Update: SAG-AFTRA presidential candidate Matthew Modine has conceded defeat, sort of. The election was marred by some mudslinging from each side, and in a statement Modine appears to be keeping options open if the election is scrutinized.

“I am proud of our campaign for transparency and the goal of uniting all 160,000 members of SAG-aftra,” Modine said. “It has been an honor to stand with you. I congratulate all of our MembershipFirst candidates on winning important victories tonight. Each will be instrumental in forming a more perfect union. It appears there has already been a challenge from outside of the political groups with allegations of impropriety and possible Federal election law violations. Therefore, as a matter of principal it is important to withhold judgment until it is determined that the election was held fairly and in compliance with the labor code. If it is determined that the election was
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Gabrielle Carteris Re-Elected as SAG-aftra President

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Gabrielle Carteris Re-Elected as SAG-aftra President
Gabrielle Carteris has been re-elected president of SAG-aftra, fending off challenges from Matthew Modine and three other contenders.

Carteris won handily with 13,537 votes, or 44% of ballots cast, to 10,682 for Modine and 5,048 for Jane Austin, 1,096 for Queen Alljahye Searles and 367 for Abraham Justice.

The results were announced early Thursday morning at 4 a.m. following one of the most bitter election campaigns in memory, including multiple accusations of misconduct.

Camryn Manheim won the secretary-treasurer post with 16,047 votes, or 53%, as Carteris’ running mate. She defeated Modine ally Jodi Long, who garnered 10,251 votes, followed by Chuck Slavin with 2,204 votes and Rob Stats with 1,790. The union mailed a total of 145,700 ballots, so the participation level was about 21%.

Carteris, best known for playing Andrea Zuckerman on “Beverly Hills 90210,” has been president since 2016. She and her allies in the moderate-leaning Unite For Strength and United Screen Actors Nationwide have been in control of SAG-AFTRA and SAG for a decade.
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Jane Austin, Indie Candidate for SAG-AFTRA President, Backing Board Candidates From Both Slates

As SAG-AFTRA’s two factions threaten to fracture the guild further – now they’re threatening to see each other – independent presidential candidate Jane Austin has embarked on a campaign to unify the 160,000-member union in advance of next year’s negotiations for a new film and TV contract.

Saying that “the two-party slate system represents an antiquated system that no longer effectively serves the interests of the membership,” Austin now is rolling out her endorsements for board candidates from both parties – incumbent president Gabrielle Carteris’ Unite for Strength slate and challenger Matthew Modine’s Membership First opposition slate. Austin, currently the guild’s national secretary-treasurer, was elected to that post two years ago on the Membership First slate.

“Based on the board candidates’ statements, and my experience working with them, I’ve chosen to support these specific candidates no matter what slate they’re on because I know
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Gabrielle Carteris Threatens Suit Over SAG-AFTRA Election Allegations

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SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris and seven of her supporters are threatening to file a lawsuit against their opponents over recent allegations of misconduct by Carteris.

United Screen Actors Nationwide, which endorses Carteris, issued the threat Thursday against presidential challenger Matthew Modine and 19 of his allies running on the Membership First slate, including Ed Asner, Diane Ladd, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Martin Sheen.

Pamela Jeffrey of the New York firm of Levy Ratner wrote a cease-and-desist letter in response to a July 29 threat from attorney Robert Allen to file a lawsuit on behalf of unnamed members if Carteris was not removed from the ballot. Allen accused Carteris of allegedly using insider information to take credit for SAG-aftra’s new deal with Netflix and alleged that she has been using union resources to promote her candidacy via official SAG-aftra videos.

Jeffrey called the allegations baseless and accused the 20 members — many
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Attorney For SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris’ Slate Sends “Cease And Desist” Letter To Challenger Matthew Modine & Slate Over Lawsuit Threat

SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris and members of her slate are fighting back against Matthew Modine and his slate’s threat of a “frivolous” lawsuit over her alleged use of guild resources, including “insider and highly confidential information,” to advance her candidacy — a claim she vehemently denies. Modine’s team even demanded that Carteris be removed from the ballot in the upcoming election.

In a letter to Modine and his team, Pamela Jeffrey, an attorney representing Carteris and her slate, wrote:

“Our clients demand that you immediately cease and desist from using costly litigation at the expense of SAG-aftra and its members as a tool to advance your own personal political agenda,” wrote “If you do not publicly retract or disavow in writing the threat of a frivolous and unwarranted lawsuit and other demands, my clients have informed me that they will consider other appropriate action to protect the
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Membership First Unveils Full Slate Of Candidates For SAG-AFTRA Elections

Membership First, the “loyal opposition” at SAG-AFTRA, has unveiled its slate of candidates in the upcoming elections. Patricia Richardson is running for president of the guild’s Los Angeles local, and Frances Fisher and David Jolliffe are vying for two local vice president slots. As previously reported, Matthew Modine heads the slate in his bid to unseat Gabrielle Carteris as president of SAG-aftra, and Jodi Long is running for national secretary-treasurer.

Richardson, who is the La local’s first vp, was defeated by incumbent Ken Howard four years ago in the race for president of the 160,000-member union — “We have the largest local, half the union’s members,” Richardson said in her campaign statement. “Our building, doubling as national headquarters and our home, now a construction site rented at $6,000,000 a year, is inadequate for our needs. We still have to rent other spaces for any large meetings. Thanks to Membership First,
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Stunt Performers Air Their Concerns At Meeting With SAG-AFTRA Officials

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David White, SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director, met Tuesday night with some 80 stunt performers to hear their concerns about safety, pensions and contract issues. Stuntwoman Jane Austin, who’s the union’s national secretary-treasurer and president of its Los Angeles local, also attended the meeting, which was held at the offices of Stunts Unlimited in Chatsworth, CA.

Safety is the chief concern of all stunt professionals – an issue that was highlighted when two stunt performers were killed on the job last year: Joi Harris on Deadpool 2 in Vancouver and John Bernecker on The Walking Dead in Atlanta.

One of the safety issues on last night’s agenda was a proposal that SAG-AFTRA should demand in the next round of contract talks that ambulances be required on set when major stunts are performed, and that emergency medical technicians should be required on set for all stunts, according to
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