A Decade with Takashi Miike. Miike On Stage: "Demon Pond" (2005)

"I think that human beings are under some sort of spell. I want to be released from that."

Takashi Miike

Since he is frequently places his camera at a distance from the characters—giving them a roomy frame to act in—it comes as no surprise that, in putting together a play, Takashi Miike would use an oversized stage. It's gigantic, about twice as wide and three times as deep as it probably should be. And it's not that the stage has to be large to fit the set: there's only the suggestion of a house on the right, some steps leading to a door that remains closed on the left and a chalky painted stream that runs down the middle.

A large stange is more amorphous. It allows the actors to remain equally in conversation while standing next to each other or while thirty feet apart, and to allow
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