Funny Cow review – grit and wit

Maxine Peake is magnificent in Adrian Shergold’s unflinching drama about a standup on the 70s northern club circuit

There are several moments in this astringently uncomfortable tragicomedy – which boasts a blistering central performance by Maxine Peake – that will leave audiences squirming and divided. Funny Cow follows the changing fortunes of a standup comic finding her feet in the northern working men’s clubs of the 70s. It has been described by writer and co-star Tony Pitts as “an unblinking obituary” and “unsentimental commentary” on the culture in which he grew up. Some will be shocked by Peake’s “Funny Cow” (we know her only by her stage name), winning round hostile audiences with un-pc gags that were once the backbone of the British club circuit. Others will simply nod in resigned recognition at this hard-knocks world in which “it’s not about being funny, it’s about surviving”.

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Paul Kaye interview: Dennis Pennis, Game Of Thrones, Zapped

Louisa Mellor Oct 19, 2017

We chatted to actor Paul Kaye about playing wizards, the musical Matilda, and his move from celebrity satire to serious drama…

Main image credit: Jordan Katz-Kaye

“Bitterness, really” is Paul Kaye’s explanation of what drove his satirical red-carpet interviewer Dennis Pennis in the nineties. “I’d hit thirty, I’d sort of failed as a musician, I’d failed as an artist I felt at the time.” Ambushing Hollywood’s elite in the persona of a brash, punk nuisance wasn’t Kaye’s first choice for stardom, he admits. “It wasn’t how I expected to forge a career. Of all the things I thought I’d end up doing, it wasn’t that.”

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Trained in theatre design, in his twenties Kaye worked as an illustrator
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Andy Serkis: Underappreciated Genius

Helen Murdoch on the underappreciated genius of Andy Serkis

When the actor Andy Serkis’ name is mentioned in a conversation you’re tend to either hear “who’s that?” or “is that the motion cap guy?”. The fact that Serkis isn’t a household name is in my mind a travesty. With the final part of the new Planet of the Apes trilogy being released this month I thought we should celebrate this tremendous and revolutionary actor.

Starting his acting career back in 1989, Serkis spent much of the 90s in an array of soap operas, dramas and mini-series. With the release of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings in 2001 and the subsequent two films in 2002 and 2003 everything changed. As the motion capture created Gollum, Serkis gave us a performance like nothing we’d ever seen before. Whilst CGI characters had existed before, none had ever felt as real
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Andy Serkis interview: War For The Planet Of The Apes

Ryan Lambie Jul 12, 2017

We sit down with the great actor and performance capture pioneer Andy Serkis to talk about his work in War For The Planet Of The Apes...

The process of capturing a performance and applying it to a precisely-rendered digital simian has now been refined to such a degree that the effect is now seamless. The brilliance of Andy Serkis's lead turn in the three Planet Of The Apes films to date has been a series highlight; as a feat of technology and acting, Caesar, the leader of the apes, is an astonishing creation.

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In War For The Planet Of The Apes, Caesar takes centre stage, as his personal vendetta against a human military leader - the ruthless Colonel McCullough (Woody Harrelson) - takes him on a mythical journey across a post-apocalyptic landscape. As an older Caesar,
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Trailer for the new BBC comedy series White Gold from The Inbetweeners co-creator

Ahead of its series premiere later this month, the BBC has released a trailer for White Gold, the upcoming comedy series from the award-winning co-creator of The Inbetweeners Damon Beesley, which stars Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Joe Thomas (Fresh Meat), James Buckley (The Inbetweeners), and Lauren O’Rourke (This is England 90); check it out below…

Set in Essex in 1983, the series perfectly captures the atmosphere of the era through the inner-workings of a double-glazing showroom, led by Vincent Swan (Westwick), a smart, handsome, charismatic salesman who will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale. His team include Fitzpatrick (Buckley), a smarmy reprobate who can charm the life savings out of anyone, and Lavender (Thomas), a failed musician whose crippling politeness and moral backbone has a habit of getting in the way of a sale.

It’s a story of dodgy shenanigans, scams and petty rivalries – alongside free-flowing drugs,
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Insπred: The Collective Works of Mel Croucher arrives on Indiegogo

The genius that is Mel Croucher has been dubbed as the “father of the UK gaming industry” and he has been creating titles since the glory days of the Sinclair ZX80. Quite possibly his most well known game is Deus Ex Machina released in 1984 which appeared on the Zx Spectrum, this featured the vocal talents of Ian Dury, Jon Pertwee, Donna Bailey and Frankie Howerd. This game took players on a bizarre path through the “Seven Ages of Man” and it recently saw a re-release – on Steam – for its 30th Anniversary.

One thing that has been a constant throughout Mel’s career is, where possible, music has followed. Take Deus Ex Machina from 1984, in-truth this game – or piece of art – wasn’t everybody’s “cup of tea” yet if you ask anyone about the accompanying spoken and musical piece that ran in conjunction with the game, people sing its praises.
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Mike Gold: Face-Off At The Donut Shop!

This week’s heart-stopping controversy revolves around the question “is it ever okay to punch a Nazi in the face?” Such an occurrence happened during the Trump Coronation in Washington last Friday and of course it was captured by news outlets and smartphoners alike. And of course the footage went viral – much as the Nazis themselves did in the 1930s.

Comic books have been beating on Nazis since the invention of the staple, so one might think there wouldn’t be much controversy within our particular donut shop. During WWII, there was no greater Nazi-beater than Captain America – it pretty much was his raison d’être – so it is slightly surprising that the current writer of Captain America (indeed, both Captains America), Nick Spencer, said beating on Nazis is wrong. “… cheering violence against speech, even of the most detestable, disgusting variety, is not a look that will age well.”

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The Weekend Warrior 10/28/16: Inferno, Gimme Danger and More

Welcome back to the Weekend Warrior, your weekly look at the new movies hitting theaters this weekend, as well as other cool events and things to check out.

This Past Weekend:

In one of the busier weekends of the month, two of the movies did better than I predicted and two did worse. The real winner of the weekend was Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween, which did far better than anyone thought with an opening weekend of $28.5 million in just 2,260 theaters or $12,611 per theater. It ended up completely demolishing Tom Cruise’s action sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which opened in almost 1,500 more theaters, but at least that ended up around where I predicted with $22.9 million. Ouija: Origin of Evil came out slightly below my prediction to take third place with $14 million, while the Fox comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses bombed even worse than I expected with $5.5 million in 3,000 theaters.
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Supersonic review – Oasis pop history lesson ignores battles

The excitement of Noel and Liam Gallagher’s rapid rise to pop stardom is well captured in Mat Whitecross’s documentary, but it is disappointingly coy on the band’s decline and breakup

Here is a watchable, intimate but oddly truncated history of Oasis, directed by Mat Whitecross, who gave us the recent Madchester drama Spike Island and the excellent Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Noel Gallagher is the film’s executive producer, and it should probably be entitled Oasis: The Golden Years, because it ends with the band’s colossal concert at Knebworth in 1996, almost implying they went up in a blaze of glory after that.

We don’t hear about the Cool Britannia tussle with Blur, or Noel’s strikingly explicit endorsement of Tony Blair and New Labour (“There are seven people in here who are givin’ hope to the young people of this country. Me,
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Maybe the Trailer for ‘Oasis: Supersonic’ Is Gonna Be the One That Saves You

Perhaps I just live in a bubble, assuming that everyone’s exhaustion with the Gallagher brothers had, among some other things — e.g. the sense that nostalgia was what mostly fueled their contemporary interest — made Oasis a thing of the past. At least not something that encourages a big distributor to buy a documentary. Yet here we are with Oasis: Supersonic, an A24-released look at the English band’s astronomic rise and gradual descent into inebriated, half-ironic karaoke renditions of their greatest hits — though the trajectory being put into those terms isn’t entirely expected.

A24 is making an event out of the release, putting the film into U.S. theaters for one night only (i.e. before the inevitable VOD release) on October 26. Mat Whitecross (of the Ian Dury documentary Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) has directed the picture, while Asif Kapadia (Amy, Senna) executive produces, and its first
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‘Victoria’ Trailer: New British Miniseries Follows Queen Victoria’s Early Life, From Her Throne To Her Courtship

‘Victoria’ Trailer: New British Miniseries Follows Queen Victoria’s Early Life, From Her Throne To Her Courtship
Though historical drama fans in the United States might have to wait a bit, their UK counterparts will be excited for the next big period drama to take over their TV. The upcoming eight-part miniseries “Victoria” follows the early life of Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman), from her ascension to the throne at the tender age of 18 through her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert (Tom Hughes). The series also features Rufus Sewell (“The Illusionist”) as Lord Melbourne, Peter Firth (“Equus”) as the Duke of Cumberland, Paul Rhys (“Vincent and Theo”) as Sir John Conroy, and many more.

Read More: ‘Doctor Who’s’ Jenna Coleman Embodies the Vivacious and Very Short Queen ‘Victoria’

The series is created by Daisy Goodwin, who previously produced on such British programs as the UK version of “The Apprentice,” the reality show “How Clean Is Your House?” the five-part documentary “Jamie’s Kitchen,” and Sharon Horgan’s comedy series “Pulling.
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The Top 100 Your Sinclair Zx Spectrum Games: #34 – Deus Ex Machina

Waving goodbye to I, Ball 2 we look to the future, crossing our fingers and hoping that our next title in the Your Sinclair Top 100 will be something quite frankly brilliant. Then to see that we have real life British music, film and television greats involved in our next release it can only mean that No.#34 must be great…right!? Then in enters Deus Ex Machina from Automata UK.

Deus Ex Machina was created by Mel Croucher, Andrew Stagg in 1984; this highly-original game starts in the final bowel movements of a dead mouse, and following this we see the fertilisation, gestation, birth, life and subsequent death of a human being (here known as a defect) within the Machine. The game was “played” to a rather excellent recorded musical narration of numerous stars which included Jon Pertwee, Ian Dury and Frankie Howerd amongst others.

I highlighted “played” above as in truth Deus Ex Machina
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How we made The Tube

Jools Holland: ‘When Rik Mayall vomited into a camera, one man in Northampton was so appalled he called the police.’

Tyne Tees Television were looking for presenters for this new pop show. I did my audition with Paula Yates and it was chaotic. Paula interviewed a youth and ended up getting so cross she tried to slap him. I interviewed someone who was supposed to be dead and dragged him across the floor. The TV people said that we were hopeless but that they couldn’t stop watching us.

After filming we all stayed in the same Newcastle hotel. Ian Dury, Chaka Khan... it was full-on

Jarvis Cocker was driven to the audition by his mum. Boy George wore a full wedding dress.

Continue reading...
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Oasis Music Documentary Attracts International Buyers

Andrew Orr’s Independent Film Sales has closed multiple distribution deals on the untitled documentary about the British band Oasis, which was introduced to buyers at this month’s American Film Market.

The film will document the band’s journey from 1991, when Noel Gallagher joined his brother Liam’s group. Oasis’ first album, “Definitely Maybe,” became the fastest-selling debut album in British history, and the band went on to sell 70 million albums. The filmmakers were given extensive access by the band, and also drew on never-before-seen archive material.

The territory sales that have been completed following negotiations at Afm include Ascot Elite (Germany), Lucky Red (Italy), Madman (Australia and New Zealand), and D Films (Canada).

Other buyers include Edko (Hong Kong), Ascot Elite (Switzerland), Cine Lux (Korea), Movie Matters (Thailand) and MovieCloud (Taiwan). A sale to Japan will be announced shortly.

These are in addition to the U.K. sale to eOne/Lorton Distribution,
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Independent to Launch Oasis Documentary at Afm

London — Independent is to handle international sales rights on Mat Whitecross’ as-yet-untitled documentary on the band Oasis, which it will introduce to buyers at the American Film Market this week.

The film will document the band’s journey from 1991, when Noel Gallagher joined his brother Liam’s group. Oasis’ first album, “Definitely Maybe,” became the fastest-selling debut album in British history, and the band went on to sell 70 million albums. The filmmakers were given extensive access by the band, and also drew on never-before-seen archive material.

Independent’s Andrew Orr commented: “Oasis are without doubt one of the classic British rock bands, defining the sound of a whole era. At its heart are Liam and Noel Gallagher, two of the finest rock ‘n’ roll stars this country has ever produced. Mat’s sensibility and style are going to provide the perfect complement to this tale of the rise of one
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Questions&answers about Denis Leary's creepy comedy 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll'

  • Hitfix
Questions&answers about Denis Leary's creepy comedy 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll'
Questions I have after watching two episodes of "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll," the new FX comedy created by and starring Denis Leary, which debuts tomorrow night at 10: In what year does this show think it takes place? Leary plays Johnny Rock, former lead singer of The Heathens, a band that had a meteoric rise and abrupt fall in the early '90s. Dave Grohl appears early in the pilot to explain that The Heathens were a huge inspiration for Nirvana. But Johnny, in both past and present, sports a rooster haircut that hasn't been fashionable since Rod Stewart and Ron Wood abandoned it in the mid-'70s. The Heathens' signature song, which provides the show its title (albeit one borrowed from a much better song — also from the '70s — by Ian Dury) is catchy, but sounds like a mix of punk and glam rock that had little place
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Edinburgh Film Review: ‘Len and Company’

Edinburgh Film Review: ‘Len and Company’
Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are kept mostly offscreen in “Len and Company,” a semi-comic portrait of a music-biz burnout that concerns itself less with glittery debauchery than its mopey aftermath. In the prickly, unlovable role of a hermetic super-producer unnerved by a surprise visit from his college-age son, Rhys Ifans finds an unusually demanding showcase for his frayed, feckless screen persona. As a dysfunctional family drama, however, commercials director Tim Godsall’s debut feature takes far fewer risks, while offering a less-than-convincing glimpse into the modern-day pop factory. Unspooling at Edinburgh — though seemingly made with a view to Sundance — this modest diversion shares its cranky protagonist’s hostility to commercial appeal, despite a baffling third-act lunge into thriller territory.

“Just a rich old bastard with loads of f—ing T-shirts,” is how the eponymous Len (Ifans) describes himself to a classroom of bewildered schoolchildren at a disastrously ill-advised
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SXSW Film Review: ‘The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson’

SXSW Film Review: ‘The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson’
A terminal cancer diagnosis proves more liberating than traumatic for the historied rock-guitarist subject of “The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson.” Julien Temple’s characteristically playful, pop-culture-savvy approach to the documentary form might seem ill suited to the subject of mortality, but veteran English axman Johnson’s unexpectedly buoyant response to very bad news makes for a film about saying goodbye that is itself void of grief, fear or regret. The engaging result should do well as a broadcast item, particularly wherever its protagonist has a substantial fan base.

That would likely preclude the U.S., where the band Johnson is primarily known for never got a commercial foothold. Indeed, he left the British R&B “pub rock” movement leader Dr. Feelgood after just six years in 1977, later fronting his own band, playing with Ian Dury and others — though little of that later history is recounted here. Instead, the focus is
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Will Andy Serkis be playing a live-action role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Thomas Roach on Andy Serkis’ role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens…

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens being one of the most anticipated films of 2015 there is always going to be a great deal of speculation from fans. The film has wrapped production and the cast have all been sworn to secrecy in order to not ruin any of the story before its release this December, with Oscar Issac even going so far as to say that the theories from fans “couldn’t be more far off-base”.

With that said, I have been thinking about how Andy Serkis will fit into the film. We heard him do the voiceover in the trailer but we don’t know who he is portraying. While this may not be as exciting as his character’s name or whether he’s a hero or a villain, I believe that Serkis will
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8 amazing rock 'n' roll transformations: From Gary Oldman to Cate Blanchett

8 amazing rock 'n' roll transformations: From Gary Oldman to Cate Blanchett
The long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic All By My Side opens in cinemas today (October 24).

Andre '3000' Benjamin plays the iconic musician in the movie, which depicts Jimi's humble beginnings to becoming possibly the world's greatest guitarist.

This has inspired us to compile our own list of the greatest portrayals of musicians in rock 'n' roll biopics, often going above and beyond mere physical transformation:

1. Andy Serkis as Ian Dury

Andy Serkis was BAFTA nominated for his critically-acclaimed role - played to perfection - as charismatic '70s punk rock singer and songwriter Ian Dury in Mat Whitecross's 2010 biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

To portray Dury's physical condition - he contracted polio as a child - Serkis lost two stone and built up the muscle mass on the right-hand side of his body so the other side was weaker.

He added: "I had a body wax. It's the most
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