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Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in First Trailer for Crime Drama 'Wetlands'

"Keep to yourself, mind your own business, because this is the last stop for you." A trailer has arrived for an indie crime drama titled Wetlands (not to be confused with the German sex comedy of the same name), which is hitting theaters in a few weeks. From first-time director Emanuele Della Valle, this stars Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (from Get Rich or Die Tryin', G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Thor: The Dark World, Trumbo, Suicide Squad) as a top cop from Philly who finds himself working in a precinct in the Wetlands, the no-man's land surrounding Atlantic City, New Jersey. There he mixes with locals before the infamous hurricane arrives and threatens to destroy lives. The full cast includes Heather Graham, Jennifer Ehle, Anthony Mackie, Christopher McDonald, Rob Morgan, Lauren Lavera, Sean Ringgold, Louis Mustillo, Tyler Elliot Burke, Pamela Dunlap, and Barry Markowitz. This looks solid, but not sure. Take a look.
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‘Mad Men’ Season 5, Episode 4: ‘Mystery Date’ – ‘New’ Don Vs. ‘Old’ Don (Sort Of)

Mad Men has never been about happy endings. Or even happy lives. Things are shit all around. Either you have to deal with it or pretend that everything is rosy. A lot of people prefer the latter, which is pretty much leads us to Don Draper (Jon Hamm), The King of Illusions. In “Mystery Date”, his illusions crash into his reality and things think a dark, nasty turn. And though it may have been (Spoiler Alert!) completely fake, we finally get to see his inner monologue, courtesy of a Sopranos-like fever dream.

One of the biggest illusions during the Mad Men-set era — and in every era — is the illusion that violence solves everything. Particularly violence committed by men. It’s a means to an end that never gets the full results one is looking for. Does it actually do away with a perceived threat? Does it make a man more of a man?
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Vanessa Becknell: 'Is Don Draper Gonna Have to Choke a B***h?' Mad Men Channels Chappelle's Show and It's Awesome

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Vanessa Becknell: 'Is Don Draper Gonna Have to Choke a B***h?' Mad Men Channels Chappelle's Show and It's Awesome
Caution: If you haven't caught last night's Mad Men yet, don't proceed without knowing this is chock full of spoilers. Ok, you've been warned...

I'm still trying to get over my summer breakup with The Walking Dead, and this video sent to me by one of my readers is helping to ease the pain and facilitate the transition from Twd to Mad Men. I think I've watched it three times now, so hilarious!

I missed last week since I was in Vegas and San Diego, so we've got two weeks to rehash, and we learned that producers decided to make Betty Francis fat in order to hide January Jones' super secret pregnancy. I'll tell you why this bothers me -- Betty Francis? Hyper-controlled, freakishly frigid Betty (Draper) Francis? I'm not buying it. I saw her going more the other route -- getting addicted to uppers or something -- that
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‘Mad Men’ Season 5, Episode 4: ‘Mystery Date’ Recap

Taking a cue from a singular, horrific event that captivated the country in 1966, Mad Men threads the murder of eight student nurses in Chicago into the overall narrative of ‘Mystery Date,’ and creates an undercurrent of paranoia throughout the episode.

As Pauline Francis (Pamela Dunlap) describes her upbringing to Sally (Kiernan Shipka), in which she was kicked across the room by her father and later told, “That was for nothing, so look out,” it largely sums up the feeling that part of being an adult is waiting for horrible things to happen, and having a certain amount of preparedness to combat them. But the horrible things don’t just come in the form of mass murder; they come as any number of grievances issued from one person to another. Which is why when a sick and feverish ...

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Mad Men 5.04 "Mystery Date" Review

Mad Men 5.04 "Mystery Date" Review

Control and fear are at the center of this episode of Mad Men as a nightmare crime has gripped the attention of a nation that is already facing a summer of unrest, both on the home front with riots and internationally as the war in Vietnam rages on. These events have both an indirect and direct impact and certain big decisions are reached by the end of "Mystery Date."

Don (Jon Hamm) is sick with what appears to be the flu; he is so sick that he has to put out a cigarette after taking one drag because he is coughing so much. One problem that Don faces in mid-town is that the chances of bumping into a former flame are rather high, a fact that Megan (Jessica Paré) is happy to remind him of when this occurs in the elevator up to work with
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Mm@M: Live From Times Square

TV's greatest show has a love affair with the movies. So we have a love affair with TV's greatest show. We call it Mad Men @ The Movies.

The world premiere party for Mad Men Season 4 kicked off in Times Square a few hours before the show on Sunday night. I was honored to be invited so I must give thanks to the wonderful Lipp sisters of Basket of Kisses who always keep me in the swing of things when it comes to Sterling Cooper, excuse me, Scdp (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce). It's always good to hang with the vivacious Lipps and I also got to chat with other Mm fans including the adorable talented Carol Hannah of Project Runway fame.

The VIP crowd got Barbies. I managed to procure a Don & Betty set. (More on these dolls here. They retail for $75)

Left: Me (the hat was with the gift bag); Right: Girl from costume contest.
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