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2015 True/False Film Fest: “Something Better To Come” on Day 1

It must be said how nice it is to be free of the bone chilling cold which I’ve been enduring these last few months back in Buffalo. Stepping onto the tarmac in 30 degree weather after touching down in Columbia, Mo last night was sadly a mild improvement, but today, with all the sunshine and contagiously good spirits that are pervading the small college town streets that play host to True/False Film Festival, my frozen heart has been gratefully thawed. And let’s not forget the films, bands and food that have been making my stay thus far quite a delight. I was greeted bright and early by one of the many lovely Q queens that help keep the reasonable, yet respectable lines that file through alleys and indoor corridors in order, plus that keyboard key covered Buffalo sculpture stationed in the lobby of The Globe made me feel right at home.
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Daily Briefing. Godard and Design

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In a piece for Design Observer on "The Enduring Influence of Richard Hollis," Rick Poynor suggests that the graphic and book designer, writer and lecturer "is probably best known for his books Graphic Design: A Concise History (1994) and Swiss Graphic Design (2006)," but I'd imagine that most of us first encountered Hollis's work the day we first picked up a copy of John Berger's Ways of Seeing (see, too, of course, the recent roundup on the television series). The impact of that layout, with the opening lines of text beginning right there on the cover, incorporated as a visual component, and the way that, in turn, as Hollis himself notes, "images behave almost as text" is unforgettable: "This is an attempt to replicate the experience of the television viewer, who looks and listens at the same moment."

Back to Poynor:

In 1981, working at a book production company called Reproduction Drawings,
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