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Film Review: ‘Stella’s Last Weekend’

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Film Review: ‘Stella’s Last Weekend’
Some parents pull strings to enroll their kids in their alma mater. In Hollywood, celebrity parents have been hammering together family showcases for their progeny — backyard plays elevated to the screen — and taking their own bows as writer, director, producer, or co-star. Earlier this summer was “The Year of Spectacular Men,” Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch’s salute to their daughters Madelyn and Zoey, and the most recent endowment is “Stella’s Last Weekend,” by actress-turned-filmmaker Polly Draper, which stars her sons Nat and Alex Wolff as two brothers dragged across the threshold of maturity over a dramatic weekend with one virginity loss, one fraternal betrayal, and one dying dog, the Stella of the title.

It’s inaccurate to consider “Stella’s Last Weekend” merely an expensive gift from Draper to her sons. Nat and Alex are both sought-after young actors who, since their days together on Nickelodeon’s “The Naked Brothers Band,
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Lea Thompson Reveals She Missed Out on a Role in Steel Magnolias: 'That One Hurt'

Lea Thompson Reveals She Missed Out on a Role in Steel Magnolias: 'That One Hurt'
Lea Thompson might have struck gold as the leading lady in the classic Back to The Future trilogy, but the actress recently revealed her biggest career regret: missing out on a role in 1989’s female-centric drama, Steel Magnolias. That movie went on to star Sally Field and a young Julia Roberts.

“I didn’t get Steel Magnolias,” she said during a “Mamarazzi” event in Los Angeles to promote Thompson’s upcoming role in the animated film, Luis And The Aliens. “That one hurt.”

The actress, 57, who played the titular character in the 1990s NBC sitcom Caroline in The City, has a star-studded family.
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If You Didn't Know Zoey Deutch's Mom Is Hollywood Royalty, You Need to Read This

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Image Source: Getty / Frazer Harrison

If you've watched Netflix's sweet romantic comedy Set It Up, you might wonder why the frazzled aspiring journalist played by Zoey Deutch reminds you of someone you already know from Hollywood. In fact, she looks a lot like the mother in the Back to the Future trilogy and Tom Cruise's love interest in All the Right Moves. Well, that's because Deutch's mother is none other than, drum roll please, the iconic Lea Thompson!

Thompson has been in so many shows and movies over the years that it's hard to keep track of her highly productive career. Before movies and TV shows, her interest in the arts started with professional ballet training. After Thompson devoted years to the craft, a ballet instructor told her that she was good, but just "too stocky."

Thompson then switched gears to acting. She made her big-screen debut in
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The Best American Actors Under 30 — IndieWire Critics Survey

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday.

This week’s question: Who is the best American actor / actress under 30, and why?

Lindsey Romain (@lindseyromain), Freelance for /Film, Vulture and Thrillist

I’ve never felt so fully attuned to a young actor than I have to Timmy Chalamet, who – even before breakthroughs in “Lady Bird” and “Call Me By Your Name” – was impressive as hell in smaller projects like “Homeland” and “Miss Stevens.” I knew right away that he was insanely and specifically talented, could recognize that raw talent, and can’t wait to see it flourish beyond his current constraints.

Kristen Lopez (@Journeys_Film), Freelance for Culturess, The Young Folks

In this landscape of increased diversity and a desire to elevate different voices I wanted to find an actor or actress who wasn’t the go-to person for this type of question.
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‘Year Of Spectacular Men’, ‘Eating Animals’ Among Weekend Bows – Specialty Box Office Preview

‘Year Of Spectacular Men’,  ‘Eating Animals’ Among Weekend Bows – Specialty Box Office Preview
Natalie Portman takes narration duties in Christopher Dillon Quinn’s documentary Eating Animals, based on a memoir by Jonathan Safran Foer. The IFC Films release, which examines dietary choices, opens with two exclusive engagements in New York before heading to L.A. next week. Lea Thompson makes her feature film directorial bow with The Year of Spectacular Men, written by her daughter Madelyn Deutch and starring Zoey Deutch. The trio appeared at the New York premiere of the film in New York for the Cinema Society Wednesday night ahead of its bow in a dozen cities this weekend via MarVista Entertainment. Rock band Deer Tick is at the center of Abramorama doc Straight Into a Storm by William Miller. And Mike Tyson stars in Cleopatra Entertainment’s China Salesman by Chinese filmmaker Tan Bing.

Gotti starring starring John Travolta as mob boss John Gotti is among other limited releases opening this weekend.
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Film Review: ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’

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Film Review: ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’
The “spectacular” in Lea Thompson’s “The Year of Spectacular Men” is meant to be taken with a grain of salt — or rather, several shots of tequila, which is how Izzy Klein winds up tumbling into bed with dudes who don’t respect her. In an opening montage, the guys tell us who she is: insecure, neurotic, depressive, and “sexy in a goofy Special Olympics way.” They’re jerks. But she convinces herself each one is Prince Charming because she wants her fairy tale happy ending on page one. This un-spectacular recent college grad would rather kiss creeps than fix her flaws, which means the film’s plot is basically hurdling relationships on a treadmill. Izzy’s going nowhere but she’s always about to fall flat on her face. And it’s as exhausting for the audience as it is for her.

Thompson’s theatrical directing debut works best
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Lea Thompson Gushes About Her Career, Family, and Making Movies With Her Daughters! (Exclusive)

If you think 1985’s blockbuster hit Back to the Future had the biggest impact of any film on Lea Thompson’s life, think again. "I’d have to say Some Kind of Wonderful did, because I met my husband [the film’s director Howard Deutch, 67]," Lea exclusively told Closer Weekly in a new interview. "Our 29th wedding anniversary is on July 23, and he gave me my two kids." And now, Lea’s making her big-screen feature directorial debut with those kids. The Year of Spectacular Men, out June 15, was written by her daughter Madelyn Deutch, 27, and stars her younger daughter, Zoey Deutch, 23. "We worked for four years on it, so even though it’s hugely collaborative with Maddie and Zoey, it’s really the first thing I’ve created, the first that feels like it’s my own," Lea said. Now, in a candid interview with Closer, Lea opened up about her marriage, surviving her parents’ divorce,
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10 Pretty in Pink Facts You Never Knew

10 Pretty in Pink Facts You Never Knew
"Blane? His name is Blane? That's a major appliance that's not a name!" Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Andrew McCarthy, Annie Potts, James Spader, the late Harry Dean Stanton, a script from John Hughes and those killer songs by Omd and Psychedelic Furs? It's Pretty in Pink, one of the greatest teen dramadies of all time. Here, we'll take a look at 10 things you never knew about Pretty in Pink.

The other Andie.

John Hughes wrote Pretty in Pink specifically for Molly Ringwald after the pair made Sixteen Candles together. But the studio, Paramount, wanted the producers to look for a bigger name. Executive producer and screenwriter Hughes and director Howard Deutch offered the part to Flashdance star Jennier Beals, who turned it down. Thankfully, the pair went back to their original choice. Incidentally, Andie awesome thrift store aesthetic was based on Ringwald's real life personal style.

The other Blane.

Charlie Sheen
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Review: Flower, A Fresh Cut Above the Rest

Meet Erica. She's in high school, and lives with her mom. Her hobbies include atmospheric punk music, running around with her friends, and fellatio. Yes, you read that last bit correctly. Erica (Zoey Deutch, the radiant and talented daughter of director Howard Deutch and Lea Thompson) is a willful young free spirit who even more freely offers her services to men she deems in need of relief. She just likes it. She considers herself a proud expert. For her, it's not slutty, it's not shameful; “It's called feminism,” she explains. An interesting take, if also, from the perspective of this 44-year-old male critic, alarming. And while Erica's notions of feminism are probably in need of some refinement, her 'win-win' propositioning frequently, but not always, has...

[Read the whole post on]
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‘Love, Simon’: Witty, Touching, Finally

The teen movie scene of the 1980s, the time when pioneers like John Hughes cranked out now iconic stories on a yearly basis depicting what the current generation was struggling to put reason and understanding to. From Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the Hughes written, Howard Deutch-directed Pretty in Pink, he understood the dilemma of being a teenager and gave it a powerful voice that rings loud and true today. Now imagine what an unparalleled shock (and career staller) it would be, especially considering the time period, had Ferris Bueller, John Bender or even “Farmer Ted” uttered these two life-changing words: “I’m gay.” That’s how far we’ve come when a movie like Greg Berlanti’s Love, Simon, based on Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed Ya novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, gets a major release from one of
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Lea Thompson’s Feature Directorial Debut “Year of Spectacular Men” Acquired by MarVista

“The Year of Spectacular Men”

Back to the Future’s” Lea Thompson has made her way to the director’s chair. Her directorial debut, “The Year of Spectacular Men,” premiered at last year’s La Film Fest. According to Variety, it has now been picked up by MarVista Entertainment for a June theatrical release.

The film follows college graduate Izzy (Madelyn Deutch) as she navigates dating, family, and adulthood. As she sees her sister and mother battle their own respective relationship issues, she turns to them whilst learning the importance of honesty and vulnerability.

The Year of Spectacular Men” is, interestingly enough, a project led by a spectacular family. Thompson acts alongside her daughters, Zoey Deutch (“Before I Fall”) and Madelyn Deutch; Madelyn Deutch wrote and scored the film; and Thompson’s husband, Howard Deutch, and Zoey Deutch are among the film’s various producers.

MarVista CEO Fernando Szew emphasized that,
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7 Female-Centric Coming-of-Age Movies to Watch If You Loved ‘Lady Bird’

7 Female-Centric Coming-of-Age Movies to Watch If You Loved ‘Lady Bird’
It’s the honesty of Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” that really makes the Saoirse Ronan-starring coming-of-age movie sing. Yes, it’s very funny and filled with enough genuinely great performances that it’s actually debatable which supporting star turns in the best work (it’s Laurie Metcalf, or maybe Beanie Feldstein, or possibly Tracy Letts), but what makes Gerwig’s movie such a gem is the honesty that infuses every part and every scene. Ronan’s ChristineLady Bird” McPherson is a work-in-progress, but she’s also kind of a jerk, and Gerwig never shies away from showing the angstier, angrier side of growing up.

So often, high school-set features tend to lean into the more fun side of those four years, building up to the big dance or the big test or the big graduation, and while Lady Bird is consumed with getting to the next step,
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Greta Gerwig Reveals Inspirations for ‘Lady Bird,’ From ‘American Graffiti’ to ‘Carrie’ and More

Greta Gerwig Reveals Inspirations for ‘Lady Bird,’ From ‘American Graffiti’ to ‘Carrie’ and More
Later this week, fans of Greta Gerwig’s wholly charming brand of cinema are in for a very big treat when her solo directorial debut “Lady Bird” arrives in limited release. Already lauded on the festival circuit and considered something of an Oscar contender in a slew of categories, the film draws much of its inspiration from Gerwig’s own coming-of-age in suburban Sacramento. Featuring Saoirse Ronan as the eponymous Lady Bird (sure, her birth certificate says “Christine,” but the whipsmart high school senior doesn’t have much time for such restrictions), the film follows the restless teen as she comes to grips with the push-pull of home, family, friends, and boys, all as she’s about to go enter full-scale adulthood.

While Gerwig has been a bit cagey on the exact parallels between Lady Bird and herself (at a recent New York Film Festival press conference, the filmmaker said,
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Quad Cinema to screen Harry Dean Stanton retrospective by Anne-Katrin Titze - 2017-09-17 18:35:34

Wim Wenders with his Paris, Texas stars Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski Photo: Wim Wenders Foundation

The Quad Cinema in New York this Friday will kick off their retrospective, Also Starring Harry Dean Stanton, which has an impressive list of 21 films. Some of the highlights include Bertrand Tavernier's Death Watch; John Huston's Wise Blood; Ridley Scott's Alien; John Carpenter's Escape From New York and Christine; Alex Cox's Repo Man; Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas; Robert Altman's adaptation of Sam Shepard's Fool For Love; Howard Deutch's Pretty In Pink; Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation Of Christ; David Lynch's The Straight Story, and Twister, directed by Michael Almereyda.

Bertrand Tavernier's Death Watch stars Romy Schneider, Harvey Keitel, Max von Sydow, and Harry Dean Stanton Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

Bill Norton's Cisco Pike, starring Kris Kristofferson in the title role with Gene Hackman,
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Harry Dean Stanton’s Best Performances: An IndieWire Tribute to ‘Paris, Texas,’ ‘Pretty in Pink,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ and More

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Harry Dean Stanton’s Best Performances: An IndieWire Tribute to ‘Paris, Texas,’ ‘Pretty in Pink,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ and More
Harry Dean Stanton stole more scenes than most other actors even appeared in. Over his six-decade career, the late, great actor managed the improbable feat of being as recognizable from his highbrow fare (like “Paris, Texas”) as he was from his high-school movie (“Pretty in Pink”) — and that was just in the mid-‘80s.

Stanton also worked with David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, John Carpenter, and Monte Hellman, among many others; he left his indelible mark on all their movies, as he did on those who watched them. Here are some of our favorites.

Read More:Harry Dean Stanton Dies at 91 “Alien

“Right.” Harry Dean Stanton doesn’t say much else in “Alien,” but he doesn’t need to. Along with Yaphet Kotto’s Parker, his Brett provides some much-needed levity aboard the Uscss Nostromo — it may be true that in space no one can hear you scream,
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Exclusive: Carrie Preston Previews 'Ballsy' 'Claws' Finale and 'Big Cliffhanger' -- Watch a Sneak Peek!

Exclusive: Carrie Preston Previews 'Ballsy' 'Claws' Finale and 'Big Cliffhanger' -- Watch a Sneak Peek!
Claws is ending its first season with a bang.

On Sunday's finale of the addictive TNT drama, nail salon owner Desna (Niecy Nash) is on the run from Roller (Jack Kesy), the once-presumed dead drug dealer, and her Nail Artisans gang is fearing for the worst. In Et's exclusive sneak peek of the action-packed finale, Desna's motley crew -- Polly (Carrie Preston), Virginia (Karrueche Tran), Ann (Judy Reyes) and Dean (Harold Perrineau) -- race around town to find and rescue Desna.

"There's such a fierce loyalty between all of Desna's divas and the crew will go to the mat for her and for each other, and the thought that she's in peril kicks them all into high gear. Each of them drops everything they're doing and throws all their muscle behind trying to find her and rescue her," Preston tells Et of the finale sneak peek.

With 10 episodes under her belt as everyone's favorite con artist, Preston
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Exclusive: A Convo About Pickles and Sex With Lea Thompson and Madelyn Deutch

Exclusive: A Convo About Pickles and Sex With Lea Thompson and Madelyn Deutch
It’s a cliché to start an interview by describing what the subject is eating, but for this story, it feels necessary.

Writer-actor Madelyn Deutch has been coming to Art’s Delicatessen in Studio City for all 26 years of her life. She ate her first pickle here and made a face that her mother, actor Lea Thompson, who’s been in Hollywood classics like Back to the Future, Some Kind of Wonderful and All the Right Moves, describes by squishing her whole face inward. Thompson started frequenting Art’s 35 years ago, when she first arrived in Los Angeles from suburban Minnesota.

“Can I have some old pickles?” Deutch asks a server she seems to know from her many visits to the restaurant. “They’re saltier,” she says to explain the request. “I'm a real weirdo because I come here to get the old pickles and a chocolate egg cream, which is chocolate milk and seltzer mixed together
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Claws Star Dean Norris on Playing a Bisexual Crime Boss, Wild Funerals — and a Better Call Saul Cameo?

Claws Star Dean Norris on Playing a Bisexual Crime Boss, Wild Funerals — and a Better Call Saul Cameo?
There are all kinds of TV shows out there these days… but there’s nothing quite like Dean Norris’ new TNT series Claws.

“It’s odd that, in a world of 450 shows, you can find something that actually kind of feels different,” the actor tells TVLine — and “different” is the right word for it. A colorful blend of drug-trade drama and girl-power comedy set in the swampy Florida suburbs, Claws (premiering this Sunday at 9/8c) stars Niecy Nash as an ambitious nail-salon owner who stumbles into a side job laundering money for the Dixie Mafia, thanks to her gangster boyfriend.
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Kevin Hart signs up for the remake of John Hughes’ The Great Outdoors

Author: Zehra Phelan

John Hughes is pretty much a legend to those who grew up through the 80s. He was the man responsible for coming-of-age classics such as Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and many more including one of which is getting a remake, The Great Outdoors which originally starred Dan Aykroyd and John Candy.

Almost twenty years after the Howard Deutch directed original was released, it has now been confirmed that a remake is in the works with the pint-sized force of silly comedy nature, Kevin Hart well and truly attached to star. In what capacity of character, we don’t know as yet, but we dread to think which character he could possible ruin.

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Hughes penned the original but Randall Green has been brought on board to give the script a 21st century make-over, the synopsis for
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Kevin Hart to headline The Great Outdoors remake

Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures has tapped Kevin Hart to lead the cast of a reboot of the 1988 comedy The Great Outdoors, which has been scripted by Randall Green (Billions).

The original film was directed by Howie Deutch from a script by John Hughes, and starred John Candy as a Chicago family man whose hope for a peaceful lakeside vacation is imperiled when his annoying in-laws, led by Dan Aykroyd, decide to crash the holiday.

In addition to starring, Hart will also serve as a producer alongside Michael De Luca (Fifty Shades of Grey).
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