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  • (1939 - 1958) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1939) Stage Play: Key Largo. Drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 27 Nov 1939- 24 Feb 1940 (105 performances). Cast: Paul Muni (as "King McCloud"), Evelyn Abbott, Richard Barbee (as "Mr. Wheeler"), Richard Bishop, Helen Carroll, William Challee (as "Osceola Horn"), Richard Cowdery, Crahan Denton (as "Gage") [Broadway debut], Charles Ellis, Alfred Etcheverry, John Fearnley, José Ferrer (as "Victor D'Alcala"), James Gregory (as "Jerry") [Broadway debut], Uta Hagen (as "Alegre D'Alcala"), Goldie Hannelin, Averell Harris, Ethel Jackson, Harold Johnsrud, Karl Malden (as "Hunk"), Ruth March, Norma Millay, Hudson Shotwell, Ralph Theodore, Frederic Tozere (as "Murillo"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1941) Stage Play: Liberty Jones. Musical. Music by Paul Bowles. Book by Philip Barry. Lyrics by Paul Bowles. Choreographed by Lew Christensen. Scenic Design and Costume Design by 'Raoul Pène Du Bois'. Directed by John Houseman. Shubert Theatre: 5 Feb 1941- 22 Feb 1941 (22 performances). Cast: Joseph Anthony (as "One of the Seven Friends"), John Beal (as "Commander Tom Smith"), Barbara Brown (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Eva Burton (as "Singer [The Five]/One of the Eleven Friends"), Alyce Carter (as "Singer [The Five]/One of the Eleven Friends"), William Castle (as "Singer [The Five]/One of the Seven Friends"), Lew Christensen (as "One of the Seven Friends/Dancer [The Two]"), Nancy Coleman (as "Liberty Jones"), Crahan Denton (as "Reporter [The Two]"), Constance Dowling (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Tom Ewell (as "Dick Brown"), Bedelia Falls (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Allan Frank (as "Doctor, Committee Member, Policeman [The Four]"), Howard Freeman (as "Harry Robinson"), Vincent Gardner (as "One of the Seven Friends"), Ruth Gibbs (as "Singer [The Five]/One of the Eleven Friends"), Don Glenn (as "Reporter [The Two]"), Honora Harwood (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Martha Hodge (as "Liberty's Aunt"), Roy Johnston (as "Singer [The Five]/One of the Seven Friends"), Helen Kramer (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Norman Lloyd (as "Doctor, Committee Member, Policeman [The Four]"), William Lynn (as "Liberty's Uncle"), William Mende (as "Doctor, Committee Member, Policeman [The Four]"), Craig Mitchell (as "One of the Seven Friends"), Ellen Morgan (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Murray O'Neill (as "Doctor, Committee Member, Policeman [The Four]"), Jack Parsons (as "One of the Seven Friends"), Louis Polan (as "A Shirt [The Three]"), Elise Reiman (as "One of the Eleven Friends/Dancer [The Two]"), Richard Sanders (as "A Shirt [The Three]"), Ivy Scott (as "Nurse Maggie"), Caryl Smith (as "One of the Eleven Friends"), Katherine Squire (as "Nurse Cotton"), Victor Thorley (as "A Shirt"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1954) Stage Play: Fragile Fox. Drama.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Bus Stop. Comedy. Written by William Inge. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Harold Clurman. Music Box Theatre: 2 Mar 1955- 21 Apr 1957 (478 performances). Cast: Anthony Ross (as "Dr. Gerald Lyman"), Kim Stanley (as "Cherie"), Albert Salmi (as "Bo Decker"), Elaine Stritch (as "Grace Hoylard"), Crahan Denton (as "Virgil Blessing"), Phyllis Love (as "Elma Duckworth"), Patrick McVey (as "Carl"), Lou Polan (as "Will Masters"). Produced by Robert Whitehead and Roger L. Stevens. Note: Filmed as Bus Stop (1956).
  • (1957) Stage Play: Orpheus Descending. Drama. Written by Tennessee Williams. Incidental music by Chuck Wayne. Incidental music arranged by John Mehegan. Music for "Heavenly Grass" by Paul Bowles. Lyrics for "Heavenly Grass" by Tennessee Williams. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Lucinda Ballard. Lighting Design by A.H. Feder. Directed by Harold Clurman. Martin Beck Theatre: 21 Mar 1957- 18 May 1957 (68 performances). Cast: R.G. Armstrong (as "Sheriff Talbott"), Virgilia Chew (as "Nurse Porter"), David Clarke (as "Dog Hamma"), Crahan Denton (as "Jabe Torrance"), Elizabeth Eustis (as "Dolly Hamma"), Mary Farrell (as "Sister Temple"), Nell Harrison (as "Eva Temple"), Albert Henderson (as "1st Man"), Warren Kemmerling (as "Pee Wee Binnings"), John Marriott (as "Uncle Pleasant"), Janice Mars (as "Woman"), Cliff Robertson (as "Val Xavier"), Joanna Roos (as Vee Talbott"), Jane Rose (as "Beulah Binnings"), Lois Smith (as "Carol Cutrere"), Maureen Stapleton (as "Lady Torrance"), Beau Tilden (as "Mr. Dubinsky"), Charles Tyner (as "2nd Man"), Robert Webber (as "David Cutrere"). Produced by The Producers Theatre and Robert Whitehead.
  • (1958) Stage Play: Winesburg, Ohio. Written by Christopher Sergel. Based on the book by Sherwood Anderson. Directed by Joseph Anthony. National Theatre: 5 Feb 1958- 15 Feb 1958 (13 performances).
  • (1960) [Unsold TV pilot] In 1960, he co-starred in an unsold pilot titled, "Mountain Man" about a Rocky Mountain fur trading station in the 1840s.

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