Two-Lane Blacktop Blu Ray Review

It's strange seeing the Universal Studios logo pop up at the head of Two-Lane Blacktop. The idea of a studio backing a movie like this is certainly a thing of the past. It was a time when "New Hollywood" films like Easy Rider and Vanishing Point piqued the interest of both audiences and studio execs, paving the way for an existential, countercultural brand of independent cinema that provided opportunities for filmmakers like Monte Hellman to make great films like Two-Lane Blacktop. Folk singer James Taylor and Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson play 'The Driver' and 'The Mechanic'; two friends whose relationship is built around their obsession with cars and a passion for racing. They frequent underground street racing circuits, regularly blowing opponents off the asphalt with their matte grey, supped up '55 Chevy. Along the way, they cross paths with 'The Girl' (Laurie Bird), a young and attractive nomadic hippie
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