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Network announce 2nd volume of ‘Terrahawks’ on Blu-ray

From the iconic creator of Thunderbirds, the second volume of the classic British children’s sci-fi series Terrahawks is to be released on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Network Distributing.

Gerry Anderson, the hugely influential creator of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, made a spectacular return to puppet animation in the early 1980s with an exciting new series co-created with Christopher Burr. Thrilling yet another generation of children and adults, Terrahawks introduced a new elite force to defend 21st century Earth against a host of alien invaders.

Led by the heroic Tiger Ninestein, the Terrahawks crew consists of Captain Mary Falconer, his acting second-in-command; fighter-pilot and former pop star Kate Kestrel; the poetically inclined Lieutenant Hiro; and Lt. Hawkeye – the gunner with computer-enhanced vision. Assisted by a legion of charismatic spherical robots known as the Zeroids, they battle a cabal of evil adversaries – none more terrifying than android crone Zelda, the
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Movember: the best TV moustaches

Need some ideas for a Movember moustache? Get inspiration from clips of TV stars such as Mr Bronson of Grange Hill, The Magic Roundabout's Zebedee and The Joker from Batman

Things are going to get hairy. They always do in Movember, the charity sprout-a-thon that has somehow made moustaches not only respectable but also aspirational. So if you're thinking about taking part and are looking for a bristling example on which to model yourself, here are some of the most notable 'staches from TV history. Think of it as the Tufty Club.

Thomas Magnum Pi

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Every list of eminent moustaches (on TV or otherwise) always begins or ends with one man: former Navy Seal turned Hawaiian housesitter Thomas Magnum. In a show packed with memorable signifiers – lurid shirts, lush scenery, a goddamn Ferrari – Magnum's luxuriant moustache still dominated, setting off
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Is it wrong for a person to change their accent?

So David and Victoria Beckham have been caught polishing their vowels for American audiences. Insufferable pretension or acceptable aspiration?

Quentin Letts, columnist and sketch writer at the Daily Mail

Good on David Beckham for poshing up his accent. Since moving to America the footballer has reportedly gone upmarket in the way he speaks. Some will accuse a good Essex boy of selling out, of ditching his glottal stops for something more dollified and grand, but what is wrong with that? One of my heroines is Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) from TV's Keeping Up Appearances. She is socially ambitious and, all right, laughably snobbish, but one woman's snobbery is another's aspiration. Aspiration is essential to good manners and social mobility.

Margaret Thatcher poshed up her accent. The sometime Lincolnshire yellowbelly Margaret Roberts ended up sounding like a female Norman St John-Stevas (with perhaps a hint of Windsor Davies). Wonderful! It showed
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Community season 4 episode 4 review: Alternative History Of The German Invasion

Review Emma Matthews 3 Mar 2013 - 20:40

Has the once-brilliant Community lost its identity? Here's Emma's review of the latest episode...

This review contains spoilers.

4.4 Alternative History of the German Invasion

It’s week four of the new order and the new school year at Greendale, and after a wobbly few weeks since the beginning of term, the show needed a comedically strong, confident episode, not just to set our minds at rest, but to settle the team’s new year nerves. How sad then, that rather than raise the bar, along with our hopes for the season, Alternative History of the German Invasion settled into what is looking more and more like a slow decline into comedic white noise.

Set around a pointless battle for the group’s study room – a room, it turns out, that other people are in fact allowed to use despite evidence to the contrary – ostensibly
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Top 10 Mustaches On TV – Movember Special

This month is Movember. Not November, but Movember. The month when blokes grow some outstanding facial hair to raise awareness and a few quid for men’s health charities. The key messages of Movember are such things as check your nuts for lumps. I am myself growing my Mo and raising some dough for a good cause so have a read of my top 10 moustaches on TV and whether you agree or not please give generously to charity by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

10. Garth Knight (David Hasselhoff) – Knight Rider

In at number 10 is the terrible tash sported by Garthe Knight off of Knight Rider. It’s complicated as to how and why Garthe Knight came about, but the jist is that the guy who ran the team that created Michael Knight had an estranged son who became a villain. Michael Knight’s face was reconstructed
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Donald Hewlett obituary

Actor best known as Colonel Reynolds in It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Donald Hewlett, who has died of pneumonia aged 90, was already in his mid-50s and had a long career as a screen character actor behind him when he was cast as Colonel Reynolds, commanding officer of a second world war Royal Artillery concert party, in It Ain't Half Hot Mum (1974-81). In public, he found people recognising not just his face, but also his voice.

While Battery Sergeant Major Williams (Windsor Davies) tried to instil discipline into Bombardier "Gloria" Beaumont (Melvyn Hayes), the singer Gunner "Lofty" Sugden (Don Estelle), the pianist "Lah-de-Dah" Gunner Graham and others, Colonel Reynolds enjoyed the easy life, lounging around, sipping gin and conducting an affair with Daphne Waddilove-Evans (Frances Bennett), whose husband was away in the Punjab.

The sitcom was written by the Dad's Army creators David Croft and Jimmy Perry. Perry himself
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Watched any good books lately?

What are they reading in Mad Men, The Sopranos, True Blood and Skins - and what does it mean? We read between the lines

Further reading: what titles would you choose for your favourite characters?

In the same way that Captain Kirk never took a loo break, the depiction of reading on TV has traditionally been considered anathema. Who turns on their telly to watch someone buried in a book? Remember that moment in Seinfeld when the characters pitch "Jerry", their (anti)-sitcom-within-a-sitcom to NBC? George stresses that one thing the characters will be doing a lot of is reading. "Reading?" shoots back the network exec in disbelief, as shocked as if George had suggested masturbating; reading is, after all, the very antithesis of drama, of getting out and doing stuff. It's an almost morbidly introspective thing for telly folk to be doing and not terribly exciting for the viewer,
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