New Ghanaian Romcom 'Contract' Making A Splash In West Africa & The UK (Trailer)

Scheduled to open in Nigerian cinemas this Friday is a new romantic comedy titled Contract, directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso, and starring Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro, South African actor Hlomla Dandala, and Nigerain actor Joseph Benjamins. The film's plot, which is described as an unsuspecting rom-com with unusual twists, is detailed as follows: Successful Businessman Peter Popolampo is the ultimate alpha male. He is 40 years old, rich, and a staunch bachelor. Despite his mother’s persistent attempt to find him a woman, Peter sticks to his rule of non-committal casual dates, freedom and controlling his life until a yearning to have a child arises. In his quest to find the woman who...
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Ascension: A Tom Hooper Profile (Part 1)

Following his Academy Award nomination for Best Director on The King's Speech, Trevor Hogg profiles the career of British filmmaker Tom Hooper in the first of a two-part feature...

“I fell in love with directing at the age of twelve, at prep school in Highgate,” stated British filmmaker Tom Hooper who as a student came across the book How to Make Film and Television. His career ambitions were fueled further when an uncle gave the London native a cast-off clockwork 16mm Bolex camera which allowed him to make his debut effort, a short film called Runaway Dog. Later, during the year between Westminster and Oxford University, Hooper produced a fifteen minute project about a painting that terrorizes its creator (Philip Rosch). Costing $16,000, Painted Faces (1992) was broadcast on Channel 4’s First Frame and received extra financial support from commercial director Paul Weiland which allowed it to be screened at the 35th London Film Festival.
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South Africa's Eternity brings Vampires out of the Darkness and into the Daylight!

Eternity is a thriller from South African director Christopher-Lee Dos Santos. This is a vampire styled film, which puts bloodsuckers on the streets in daylight. A new vaccine allows a Johannesburg coven of neck-biters to stalk the living, without fear of the sun. Now, a trailer is available below and the film will debut in South Africa December 24th, with a North American release upcoming. Have a look at the action packed trailer below, which seems to be displayed as a music video; also, hang in there till the one minute mark, where a flurry of frantic action takes place!

The film's plot breakdown is here:

"Billy is a vampire who falls in love with a human girl named Jenny. Jenny’s father happens to be a scientist working on a cure for HIV/AIDS who, accidentally, creates a serum that allows vampires to daywalk. The discovery sets off a
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