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People Are Raving About This Short Because It Fakes “One Continuous Shot”

People Are Raving About This Short Because It Fakes “One Continuous Shot”
There’s a new short film that’s making waves because some writers who write about film, but don’t actually understand it, are claiming it’s one continuous shot. It’s not. Still, Nathan Crooker’s “Playback” is good enough that it deserves a play by horror fans. In fact, it’s pretty fuckin’ cool. The short asks, what happens when […]
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This Horror Thriller Short Playback Was Shot in a Single Take

I’ve got a horror thriller short film for you to check out today called "Playback." It was created by Nathan Crooker, who says that it's a throwback to the classic films of director John Carpenter. The movie was shot in a single take, and the story shows us what happens when someone interferes with another person's fate. This thing has a pretty intense build-up. It's a fun and simplistic thriller that I hope you enjoy.
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El Monstro Del Mar Wins Best of Fest At Royal Flush

El Monstro Del Mar, the Australian underground monster movie directed by Stuart Simpson that’s been making waves on the festival circuit this year, has won the Best of Fest award at NYC’s Royal Flush Festival, which was held at the world-famous Knitting Factory on Oct. 11-18.

The film, which was recently reviewed on Bad Lit, is a modern-ized throwback to the classic grindhouse cinema of Russ Meyer and Roger Corman. Three female hired killers hide out in a sleepy seaside village, only to awaken a monstrous creature that rises from the ocean’s depths to feast on human blood.

The Royal Flush Festival is a nine-day music and film event held in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory. The fest was originally conceived as the E. Vill City Film Festival in 2005, but joined forces with the magazine Royal Flush and rechristened itself just this year.

In addition to Best of Fest,
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Jake Silbermann As You've Never Seen Him Before

Brian Geldin is a publicist based in New York City, having led media relations for independent films, film festivals, and other arts, media, and entertainment organizations. Brian is also the founder and Chief Notetaker of, a fun and informative resource for everyone from film professionals to cinephiles where notes are shared from film panel discussions, filmmaker Q&As, and more. And he was introduced to the world of daytime serial dramas way back in 1986, and has been a loyal viewer of his favorite soap, One Life To Live, ever since.

Jake Silbermann As You've Never Seen Him Before

By Brian Geldin

Guest Editorial

Since departing the unfortunately canceled long-running daytime drama, As The World Turns, Jake Silbermann, much remembered for his portrayal of Noah Mayer, Luke's first love, has been busy. He can now add one more thing to his resume - film festival winner! Stuffer, a short film that Silbermann wrote,
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2010 Royal Flush Festival: Official Film Lineup

From out of the ashes of Evil City (2005-07) rises the Royal Flush Festival, presented in conjunction with Royal Flush magazine. This is a week-long celebration of music, film, art and good times that runs Oct. 11-18 at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan.

Films run Oct. 13-17, beginning with the NYC No Wave documentary Downtown Calling by Shan Nicholson and ends with the raucous Australian underground hit El Monstro Del Mar! by Stuart Simpson, which was recently reviewed on Bad Lit.

In between, they’re also screening the nunsploitation short flick Thy Kill Be Done by Greg Hanson and Casey Regan, also recently reviewed on this site. Plus, there’s more feature films, including The Vinyl Frontier documentary on killer toys, the Prayer to a Vengeful God revenge flick, and newspaper reporter Robert Patton-Spruill desperate attempt to get the Kinks to reunite in the film Do It Again.

If music’s your thing,
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