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Burt Reynolds movies: 12 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Deliverance,’ ‘Boogie Nights,’ ‘Smokey and the Bandit’

Burt Reynolds movies: 12 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Deliverance,’ ‘Boogie Nights,’ ‘Smokey and the Bandit’
In the 1970s, Burt Reynolds was arguably the biggest movie star in the world. He had made his name through television, appearing as a regular for 50 episodes on the hit series “Gunsmoke,” then headlining his own series, “Hawk” and “Dan August.” But then Reynolds got his big break in feature films, co-starring in the John Boorman classic “Deliverance” (1972).

Though Reynolds was soon starring in such box-office hits as “The Longest Yard” and “Smokey and the Bandit,” he never abandoned television, utilizing such talk shows as “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” (where he was one of the funniest guests ever) to hone his image, strutting on as a sex symbol and then acting like an utter goofball once he sat the guest’s chair. The contrast between the Cosmopolitan centerfold and the delightful talk show guest endeared Reynolds to moviegoers.

In between his more serious films, such as 1979’s “Starting Over,
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They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

One of the best pictures to come out of Hollywood in the late 1960s, Sydney Pollack’s screen version of Horace McCoy’s hardboiled novel is a harrowing experience guaranteed to elicit extreme responses. Jane Fonda performs (!) at the top of an ensemble of stars suffering in a Depression-Era circle of Hell – it’s an Annihilating Drama with a high polish. And this CineSavant review ends with a fact-bomb that ought to start Barbara Steele fans off on a new vault search.

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?


Kl Studio Classics

1969 / Color / 2:35 widescreen 1:37 flat Academy / 120 min. / Street Date September 5, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, Susannah York, Gig Young, Red Buttons, Bonnie Bedelia, Bruce Dern, Allyn Ann McLerie.

Cinematography: Philip H. Lathrop

Production Designer: Harry Horner

Film Editor: Fredric Steinkamp

Written by James Poe, Robert E. Thompson from the novel They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
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Flipper Season One

Back in 1964 a lot of people still thought dolphins were fish, but by the time this TV show was finished, we all knew that our happy undersea friend was smarter than the average bear and lives in a world full of wonder. Ivan Tors’ grandly successful Florida-shot family show kept a lot of seagoing movie veterans in green seaweed, including both original ‘Creature’ Gill Men.

Flipper, Season One


Olive Films

1964-65 / Color / 1:33 flat TV / 780 min. / Street Date August 29, 2017 / available through the Olive Films website / 39.95

Starring: Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden.

Cinematography: Clifford H. Poland Jr., Lamar Boren

Original Music: Henry Vars, song by

Written by: Jack Cowden, Ricou Browning, Peter L. Dixon, Laird Koenig, Stanley H. Silverman, Orville H. Hampton, Lee Erwin, Art Arthur, Jess Carneol, Key Lenard, Ivan Tors, Alan Caillou, Arthur Richards, Robert Sabaroff.

Produced by Ivan Tors, Ricou Browning, Leon Benson, Andrew Marton

Directed by: Ricou Browning,
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Exclusive: Tamar Braxton Breaks Down During Confrontation With Her Father in New 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek

Exclusive: Tamar Braxton Breaks Down During Confrontation With Her Father in New 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek
Bring out the tissue!

During a heated family discussion, Tamar Braxton -- along with her three older sisters, Toni Braxton, Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton -- confront their father, Michael Conrad Braxton, in a highly anticipated face-to-face sit down for their reality show, Braxton Family Values.

Exclusive: 'Braxton Family Values' Introduces 'The Other Mrs. Braxton' in New Drama-Packed Supertease

In Et’s sneak preview, the sisters find out that that their father intentionally did not attend Trina’s wedding and that it had nothing to do with his current wife, Wanda Braxton.

“It still hurts my feelings,” Trina explains during a confessional. “My dad didn’t come to my wedding and walk me down the aisle, not because he was dead, but because he made a choice not to. That’s hurtful.”

As the discussion heats up, their father tries to mend the situation.

“I can’t go back and change that. You can’t change
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Tamar Braxton Talks New Single 'My Man,' Opens Up About Forgiving Her Father for Cheating On Her Mother

Tamar Braxton Talks New Single 'My Man,' Opens Up About Forgiving Her Father for Cheating On Her Mother
Tamar Braxton is getting candid about forgiveness.

On her new single, "My Man," Braxton chronicles the infidelity that led to an emotional breakup of a marriage, though she isn’t sharing her own personal story. Instead, the happily married singer pulled inspiration from her parents’ divorce.

Exclusive: Tamar Braxton Isn't Thrilled With Husband Vince's Slim Down in 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek

The 40-year-old singer recently dished on how she forgave her father, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., for cheating on her mother, Evelyn Braxton, to Hip Hollywood.

"You have to realize it is not your relationship," she said of maintaining a strong bond with her father. "And it doesn’t have anything to do with you. It's not your business. Although you are the product of the relationship, it’s not your relationship."

She even previewed "My Man" for her dad, and he loved it.

"Listen, I was I not going to put out this
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Exclusive: The Braxton Sisters React to a Family Vacation Bombshell in 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek!

Exclusive: The Braxton Sisters React to a Family Vacation Bombshell in 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek!
Vacation drama could be brewing for the Braxtons!

In Et's exclusive sneak peak of Thursday's episode of Braxton Family Values, sisters Toni, Tamar, Towanda, Trina and Traci Braxton invite their father out to dinner, but things get heated when talk turns to their upcoming family trip.

"I think we need a family trip," Toni says of heading to Mexico. "I think that's the problem. We need to all get together and bathe in the sun and eat and drink and giggle... That's going to unite us again."

Related: Tamar Braxton Isn't Thrilled With Husband Vince's Slim Down in 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek

In the name of family unity, the sisters even want their divorced parents, Evelyn and Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., to come along for the getaway.

The plan quickly turns tense, however, when Michael Sr. reveals that he wants a special guest to join him in Mexico. The family
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Exclusive: 'Braxton Family Values' Introduces 'The Other Mrs. Braxton' in New Drama-Packed Supertease

Exclusive: 'Braxton Family Values' Introduces 'The Other Mrs. Braxton' in New Drama-Packed Supertease
Braxton Family Values returns in March for the conclusion of their “most scandalous season yet.”

While the Braxton girls -- Grammy-winning singer Toni; Dancing With the Stars alum Tamar; sisters Traci, Towanda, Trina, and their mother Evelyn, a.k.a. "Ms. E” -- have had plenty of drama in five seasons of their reality show, Et’s exclusive look at the second half of season five shows that things are about to be taken to a whole new level.

Exclusive: Toni, Tamar and the Braxton Sisters Argue Over Their Mom's Health in Dramatic 'Braxton Family Values' Premiere

The supertease spotlights arrests, proposals, custody drama and even social media spats between the sisters -- but it’s a figure from their past that’s bringing the most drama to the family.

Flashbacks from earlier seasons show the Braxton sisters’ tumultuous relationship with their father, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., who, according to Toni
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Twin Peaks to Cracker: your favourite TV episodes of all time

With seminal moments in everything from ER to Boys from the Blackstuff, our readers nominate their top hours of television drama ever – and most of it was even made before the year 2000

The Game of Thrones episode Battle of the Bastards has won a record seven Emmys, which prompted a Guardian article on six of the best hours of TV drama ever made.

Some of you agreed; quite a lot of you, not so much. Many of you couldn’t even agree on the best episodes of the series listed.

Related: What was the best hour of television ever?

I'm desperate father.

Call me Dan.

I'm Desperate Dan.

Doctor Who's own Heaven Sent - Peter Capaldi's masterful one-hander. Simply sublime.

The last episode of Twin Peaks. Bold, bewildering, brutal, beautiful. Nothing like it before or since.

As I once said, only David Lynch would have his protagonist walk
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Clive James: adventures in box sets, from The West Wing to Weeds

Clive James loves to read, but nothing beats a box set binge. He salutes his greatest passions

It seems an age ago now, and it was. Between 1972 and 1982, I wrote a weekly column about television, and by the end of my stint I preened myself as being fairly clued up on the subject. I signed off with a confident prediction that the droll sarcasm of the desk sergeant Phil Esterhaus (Michael Conrad) in Hill Street Blues was about as clever as American television would ever get. For a couple of decades it looked as if I might be right – and then the cable channels, arising out of nowhere, suddenly outflanked the networks, which, in their turn, were obliged to raise their game.

Since my polite but insidious form of leukaemia was diagnosed in early 2010, it has been more often dormant than not. Early on, a programme of chemo sent it
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It Came From The Tube: Satan’S Triangle (1975)

No, this title doesn’t refer to being the last one to arrive in music class and getting stuck with the lamest of instruments to play. Satan’s Triangle (1975) is a creepy, seafaring TV tale of supernatural mystery with an ending that absolutely kills. You may think the title tells all, and the journey can’t quite supplant the destination, but oh boy, what a destination. You’re going to need your sea legs for this finale.

For those not familiar with The Bermuda Triangle, aka The Devil’s Triangle, it is an area of water loosely configured between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida that was privy to many disappearances – boats, planes, and people. And back in the ‘70s, long before the internet, the only information to go on about this and other phenomena (Hey Bigfoot!) was provided by speculative quasidocumentaries, scientific journals dispelling the myths, and TV fodder such as Satan’s Triangle.
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Happy 80th Burt-day to Burt Reynolds! – Here Are His Ten Best Movies

Article by Jim Batts, Dana Jung, Travis Keune, and Tom Stockman

Burt Reynolds, one of We Are Movie Geeks favorite actors, turns 80 today. Happy Birthday Burt!

On February 11th, 1936, Reynolds was born in Waycross, Georgia, before his family moved to Jupiter Florida, where his father served as Chief of Police. Young Burt excelled at sports and played football at Florida State University. He became an All Star Southern Conference halfback (and was earmarked by the Baltimore Colts) before injuries sidelined his football career. He dropped out of college and headed to New York with dreams of becoming an actor. There he worked in restaurants and clubs while pulling the odd TV job or theater role. Burt was spotted in a New York City stage production of Mister Roberts and signed to a TV contract and eventually had recurring roles in such shows as Gunsmoke (1955), Riverboat (1959) and his own series, Hawk
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Review: "Monte Walsh" (1970) Starring Lee Marvin And Jack Palance; Blu-ray Release From Kino Lorber

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By John M. Whalen

When the “hardware widow” (Allyn Ann McClerie) asks Monte Walsh (Lee Marvin) if he’d gotten used to the idea of his long-time partner Chet Rollins (Jack Palance) and her being married, Monte says: “I never had so many things to get used to in my whole life, as now.” That line of dialogue in the middle of William Fraker’s “Monte Walsh” (1970) pretty much sums up this first and best film adaptation of Jack Schaeffer’s novel about the end of the Old West in general and the cowboy life in particular. It’s a true classic and even though it features two of the toughest tough guy actors of the sixties and seventies, it’s not a melodramatic shoot-em-up, full of violence, sound and fury. Rather it’s an elegiac portrait of the way it must have really happened, presented in a style as
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‘Blacula: The Complete Collection’ Blu-ray Review

Urban action and fatal attraction give rise to a groove from beyond the grave in this funkadelic, fangadelic blaxploitation double-bill from Eureka Entertainment, which sees the eternally cool William Marshall put a fresh spin on the age-old legend of the vampire, condemned to wander the earth with an insatiable lust for blood as Blacula.

Produced at the height of the blaxploitation era, the Blacula movies are the perfect blend of genre and social film making, the types of which hadn’t been seen before… or since!

Blacula (1972)

Stars: William Marshall, Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicholas, Thalmus Rasulala, Gordon Pinsent, Charles Macaulay, Emily Yancy, Ted Harris, Rick Metzler | Written by Joan Torres, Raymond Koenig | Directed by William Crain

In 1780, African Prince Mamuwalde (Marshall) pays a visit to Count Dracula in Transylvania, seeking his support in ending the slave trade. Instead, the evil count curses his noble guest and transforms him into a vampire!
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Aaron Paul is first ever 3-time Emmy winner as Drama Supporting Actor

Aaron Paul is first ever 3-time Emmy winner as Drama Supporting Actor
With his Emmy victory Monday night, Aaron Paul is now the first person to ever win three times as Best Drama Supporting Actor. His previous two wins were in 2010 and 2012. -Break- Paul has only lost twice before for "Breaking Bad." Michael Emerson ("Lost") defeated him in 2009. He was not eligible in 2011 but suffered another loss in 2013 to Bobby Cannavale ("Boardwalk Empire"). On the AMC drama, he played Jesse Pinkman, a young drug dealer and meth manufacturer working for his former science teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston). He submitted the episode "Confessions" to the Emmy judging panel. In this show, he is warned to leave town and completely disappear. The episode ends with him in a rage, spreading gasoline all over Walt's house. Watch our video chat with Anna Gunn ('Breaking Bad') Paul was previously tied with two wins in this category with four men: Michael Conrad ("Hill Str.
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Review: 'Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series' on DVD

  • Hitfix
Review: 'Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series' on DVD
Late in the DVD commentary for the pilot episode of "Hill Street Blues," actor Joe Spano marvels at the show's impact on the medium. "It's extraordinary," he says, "the repercussions of this 48 minutes of television." The cop drama's co-creator Steven Bochco follows by suggesting, "It's sort of a family tree, and if you look at the branches of the tree, you'll see 25 years of television." Bochco is, if anything, underselling the importance of "Hill Street," which is on the short list of the most influential TV shows ever made. Whether through shared actors, writers, directors or through stylistic and thematic complexity, its DNA can be found in nearly every great drama produced in the 30-plus years since it debuted. The show was only occasionally interested in the legal trials of the criminals in its unnamed fictional city, but the complete series DVD set (it arrives in stores on Tuesday, for
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'Glee' says goodbye to Cory Monteith: Here's how other TV shows handled a star's death

'Glee' says goodbye to Cory Monteith: Here's how other TV shows handled a star's death
After last night’s Glee, an emotional tribute to Finn Hudson (without revealing his cause of death but rather focusing on his life), we decided to look back at how other television shows have handled a death in the family. The scenario can be traced back to Dan Blocker’s unexpected death before filming began on Bonanza’s final season. As a result, Bonanza was one of the first (if not the first) television show to address an actor’s death, and it did so by killing off Hoss, Blocker’s character. Many shows have followed that same path, while
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Emmys inside track: Who'll win Best Supporting Drama Actor?

Emmys inside track: Who'll win Best Supporting Drama Actor?
In the Emmy race for Best Supporting Drama Actor, there are two past champs (Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage), two former nominees (Jonathan Banks, Jim Carter) and two men new to the category (Bobby Cannavale, Mandy Patinkin). Paul already won a pair of Emmys for "Breaking Bad" (2010, 2012), tying the record for most wins in this category along with Michael Conrad ("Hill Street Blues"), Larry Drake ("L.A. Law"), Stuart Margolin ("The Rockford Files") and Ray Walston ("Picket Fences"). Paul may be en route to his third thanks to having a curious advantage in this category -- he competes against a costar (Banks). Since Emmy judges view a sample episode submitted by each nominee, that means they see two episodes of "Breaking Bad." Paul benefits from getting extra screen time on Banks' submission and vice versa. In his episode this year, Paul has a great arc as his character Jesse decides to leave t.
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Day to Rejoice: Deneuve Is Today's TCM Star

Catherine Deneuve: Style, beauty, and talent on TCM tonight A day to rejoice on Turner Classic Movies: Catherine Deneuve, one of the few true Living Film Legends, is TCM’s "Summer Under the Stars" star today, August 12, 2013. Catherine Deneuve is not only one of the most beautiful film actresses ever, she’s also one of the very best. In fact, the more mature her looks, the more fascinating she has become. Though, admittedly, Deneuve has always been great to look at, and she has been a mesmerizing screen presence since at least the early ’80s. ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg’: One of the greatest movie musicals ever Right now, TCM is showing one of the greatest movie musicals ever made, Jacques Demy’s Palme d’Or winner The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964), in which a very blonde, very young, very pretty, and very dubbed Catherine Deneuve (singing voice by Danielle Licari
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Emmy fun facts and trivia: Drama Supporting Actor

Emmy fun facts and trivia: Drama Supporting Actor
Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) could become the first person to ever win as Best Drama Supporting Actor three times. He is currently tied with Michael Conrad (“Hill Street Blues”), Larry Drake (“L.A. Law”), Stuart Margolin (“The Rockford Files”), and Ray Walston (“Picket Fences”) with two wins each. No nominee in this category is a rookie at the Emmys. Bobby Cannavale (“Boardwalk Empire”), Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”), Mandy Patinkin (“Homeland”), and Paul are past winners while Jonathan Banks (“Breaking Bad”) and Jim Carter (“Downton Abbey”) are previous nominees. Cannavale is a double nominee this year. He also has a bid as Comedy Guest Actor for “Nurse Jackie.” Carter is married to Imelda Staunton, an Emmy nominee this year as TV Movie/Miniseries Supporting Actress for “The Girl.” It...
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9 Shows That Went On After Star Died

  • newser
Tragic as Cory Monteith's death is, the show will go on: Glee will continue , though USA Today reports that its season premiere will be delayed one week, to Sept. 26. It's not the first television series to deal with the death of a star. Time rounds up nine more: Dallas: As Jim Davis, who played Jock Ewing, was struggling with multiple myeloma, he was often shown in a wig to hide the chemotherapy effects. He died after the fourth season ended, and in the fifth season viewers learned his character died in a helicopter accident. Hill Street Blues: Michael Conrad,...
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