Eddie Murphy Turned Down Bill Cosby Impression on 'SNL' Anniversary

Eddie Murphy Turned Down Bill Cosby Impression on 'SNL' Anniversary
Update: Bill Cosby has released the following statement in regard to Eddie Murphy's decision not to lampoon him on SNL 40 (via NBC News): "I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions."

In a Twitter monologue that gave remarkable insight into what it was like backstage at the all-star SNL 40 special, Norm Macdonald, the former Weekend Update host and the man known as Turd Ferguson, spent two hours and over 100 tweets detailing his experience from the reunion. Macdonald covered everything from writing the "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketch
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A Midwinter Night's Dream For Charity

A Midwinter Night’s Dream is an annual charity fundraiser held by the Northport High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. The event supports Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Als or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research and is unique in that it is run entirely by high school students, ranging in age from 15 to 17. Each year the students produce a full-scale charity dinner at the beautiful Oheka Castle, complete with live and silentauctions and celebrity guests.

Celebrity guests in the past have included athletes such as Curt Schilling, Nick Swisher, Sarah Hughes and David Cone, and actors such as Edie Falco, Caroline Rhea and Richard Kind.

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DVD Playhouse--May 2009

DVD Playhouse—May 2009

Paramount Centennial Collection Paramount Studios releases two more classic titles from its library on special edition DVD: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is John Ford’s last masterpiece (although he would go on to direct two more very good films) from 1962: about an Eastern lawyer (James Stewart) who travels west only to find primal brutality in the form of sadistic bandit Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin, great as always) and pragmatic brutality in local rancher Tom Doniphon (John Wayne), each two sides of a coin that represent a way of life slowly dying out as Stewart’s modern brand of civilization tames the West. A perfect film, period. Howard HawksEl Dorado is essentially a remake of his earlier classic Rio Bravo, with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and a young James Caan as lawmen joining forces against corrupt cattle barons. Great fun. Two disc sets.
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Books: Review: The Yankee Years

Though the majority of the pre-release buzz surrounding The Yankee Years has been about the way Yankee ex-manager Joe Torre criticizes former players, the book itself is no Ball Four-like exposé. Sports Illustrated reporter Tom Verducci has written an anecdotal history of Torre’s 11 years at the helm of baseball’s most storied (and problematic) franchise, to which Torre has contributed extensive, juiceless quotes. Given that Torre isn’t the most introspective guy in the world—and given that Verducci gets more insight and cooperation from other ex-Yankees, like pitcher David Cone—calling Torre the co-author of The ...
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