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Exclusive ‘The Row’ Trailer Continues the Tradition of Sorority Slashers

Sorority slashers are a horror staple. From Bob Clark’s definitive Black Christmas (and it's less definitive 2006 remake) to The House on Sorority Row (and its 2009 remake), Wes Craven’s under appreciated slasher sequel Scream 2, and most recently, Blumhouse’s clever Happy Death Day, sorority sisters just can’t seem to escape the wrong end of a murder. The latest film to carry on that tradition is the aptly titled The Row, which comes with the ultimate in straightforward taglines: "A killer stalks and terrorizes a sorority on a college campus." Yep, that sounds about right. …
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Hollywood Pays Tribute to Margot Kidder: ‘Your Legacy Will Live on Forever’

Hollywood Pays Tribute to Margot Kidder: ‘Your Legacy Will Live on Forever’
Celebrities took to social media to mourn the death of Margot Kidder, the actress best known for portraying Lois Lane in the original “Superman” movies. Kidder died in her sleep on Sunday.

“On-screen she was magic. Off-screen she was one of the kindest, sweetest, most caring women I’ve ever known,” Mark Hamill wrote on Twitter. “I’ll miss you Margot Kidder. Your legacy will live on forever.”

On-screen she was magic.

Off-screen she was one of the kindest, sweetest, most caring woman I've ever known.

I'll miss you #MargoKidder.

Your legacy will live on forever.

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) May 14, 2018

Kumail Nanjiani highlighted Kidder’s performance in Bob Clark’s “Black Christmas,” writing, “It introduced some elements that are now genre tropes and she’s fantastic in it.”

Rip Margot Kidder. One of my favorite movies of hers is the original Black Christmas. It introduced some
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Margot Kidder Has Passed Away

She soared in the sky with Superman, her wits and determination as a journalist every bit as admirable as the superpowers of Clark Kent's true identity. She stood between her kids and powerful evil in The Amityville Horror and carved a spot in viewers' hearts from her unfiltered performance in Black Christmas (1974). Margot Kidder was as versatile as she was talented, and we're very sad to share the news that the actress has passed away at the age of 69.

Multiple sources, including The Hollywood Reporter, report that Kidder's representative, Camilla Fluxman Pines, has confirmed the news that Kidder has passed away. The cause of her death is not known at this time.

Many film fans knew Kidder as Lois Lane, the fearless reporter at Metropolis' Daily Planet newspaper. Through four Superman films (beginning with 1978's Superman), Kidder's iconic character showed Superman how to live, love, and laugh on a planet as tumultuous as Earth.
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Impressions: Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror On Film And Television

While we may already be a few months past the Christmas season, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of gifts to unwrap in the recent book Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television, which features essays and interviews from an authoritative collective of writers who dig deep into everything we love about festive frights and seasonal scares. There are definitely several expected titles featured in Yuletide Terror, like Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night, but there are quite a few surprising topics that are included here as well that I really enjoyed because I knew little to nothing about them, resulting in a reading experience that was highly enjoyable and informative to boot.

Yuletide Terror starts off with the proverbial one-two punch of essays on the two aforementioned Christmas-themed horror films (I’d argue that both Bob Clark’s original Black Christmas and Silent Night,
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Blockers Review

  • HeyUGuys
Could a post- #TimesUp teenage sex comedy signal a revolutionary new era in female representation on the big screen? Or could Kay Cannon’s brilliantly self-aware directing debut Blockers be a momentary, yet very welcome, glitch in the Hollywood Matrix?

Written by Brian Kehoe and Jim Kehoe, and staring Leslie Mann, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz as three parents trying to stop their teenage daughters from losing their virginity on prom night, Blockers offers up a simple, yet hugely effective idea, which despite presenting all the signs of yet another cliche-ridden gross-out comedy, still manages to impress with its incredibly progressive and “gender positive” narrative.

From the groundbreaking Porky’s (Bob Clark, 1981), to more recent classics such as Superbad (Greg Mottola, 2007) and Bad Neighbours (Nicholas Stoller, 2014), teenage boys have had their fair share of onscreen representation and haven’t had to look too hard to find dozens of teen comedies which celebrate,
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Review: "Blame It On Rio" (1984) Starring Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna And Michelle Johnson; Kino Lorber Blu-ray Special Edition

  • CinemaRetro
By Todd Garbarini

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The 1980s were a decade of many cultural phenomenon such as the teen angst film, the splatter horror film, the zombie films, and of course the teen sex comedy. Bob Clark’s Porky’s (1981) was a huge success both financially and artistically. To this day it’s still one of the funniest movies ever made. Many of today’s best-known actors cut their teeth in such fare: Tom Hanks attended an out-of-control Bachelor Party (1984) and even Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow checked into a Private Resort (1985). Stanley Donen, best known for directing Singin’ in the Rain (1952), Funny Face (1957), Charade (1963), and Arabesque (1966), followed up the boring and disastrous Saturn 3 (1980) with Blame It on Rio, a peculiar entry in his otherwise illustrious career. Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) is a pulchritudinous seventeen-year-old who lusts after her father Victor’s (Joseph Bologna) best friend
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Beauty vs Beast: Ebbing Through Awards Season

Jason from Mnpp here with this week's post-Globes edition of "Beauty vs Beast." And let's just get this out of the way right up front: Frances McDormand is, in the wise parlance of Groundhog Day, if not The God, A God. Every second she's on screen at any awards show ever is a gift - for the lovers, the memers, and me. I'm one of the ones who kind of can't with Three Billboards (although I fall more in the middle than most) and I don't even think Franny's doing anything near her best work in it, but trot her out in a stately pilgrim sack and have her scowl at the camera-man and my heart sings. I'll just pretend they're still giving her awards for Olive Kitteredge (while pouring one out for Sally Hawkins).

All of that is to say that if we're going to do Three Billboards for
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Now on Blu-ray: A Merry Black Christmas To The UK From 101 Films

Several years before John Carpenter struck gold with his low budget marvel Halloween, Canadian journeyman Bob Clark created the template for what would become known as the slasher film with 1974's Black Christmas. This horror film was among the first to follow the now familiar pattern of the slasher genre that went on to dominate early '80s horror cinema. Black Christmas utilized the unseen killer knocking off nubile coeds in their sorority house one at a time in search of vengeance for some unknown slight committed against him. Director Clark, who would go on to even greater acclaim as the director of one of the most famous Christmas films of all time, A Christmas Story, created what has become one of the most iconic films...

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It Came From The Tube: And All Through The House (1989)

Happy Horrordays, Boils and Ghouls! ‘Tis the season to be…murdered, perhaps? Okay, I’ll stop with The Cryptkeeper puns because: A) I’m terrible at them, and B) see A. But it is the season when we focus on blood dripping from the tinsel-laden tree, and there are more than enough solid to great Xmas goodies to help cope with a visit from that racist aunt who’s pleasantly surprised Idris Elba speaks so eloquently. (Don’t pretend you don’t have one.) Mining the Vault of Horror comics, HBO’s Tales from the Crypt delivered their holiday cheer in Season One’s second episode, And All Through the House. If you’re looking to get the kiddies into horror but they still have an affinity for Old Saint Nick, this is not the place to start.

Originally broadcast on Saturday, June 10th, And All’s programming is certainly
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Corpse Club Member-Exclusive Black Christmas Audio Commentary Celebrates Bob Clark’s Classic Holiday Horror Film

  • DailyDead
Before he told A Christmas Story on the big screen, filmmaker Bob Clark introduced viewers to a Black Christmas. Over 40 years after its initial release, the influential horror film still sends chills down horror fans' spines on cold winter nights, and as a special seasonal treat for members of our Corpse Club membership system, we're giving the gift of a new audio commentary to Clark's hair-raising holiday horror film.

Recorded by Corpse Club podcast co-hosts Heather Wixson and Scott Drebit, our new Black Christmas audio commentary is an exclusive present for Corpse Club members to unwrap this holiday season. From the killer's point of view opening to the obscene phone calls and the haunting (and shocking) final shot, you can now experience Black Christmas like never before, as Heather and Scott offer their insights on the characters, scares, and many memorable moments of Clark's masterful movie.

Corpse Club members at
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Canon Of Film: ‘A Christmas Story’

In this edition of Canon Of Film, we take a look at Bob Clark‘s holiday classic, ‘A Christmas Story‘. For the story behind the genesis of the Canon, you can click here.

‘A Christmas Story’ (1983)

Director: Bob Clark

Screenplay: Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown & Bob Clark based on the novel ‘In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash,’ by Jean Shepherd

I know there’s a lot of people out there who regret the commercialization of ‘A Christmas Story‘ and sure, it’s totally out-of-hand. There’s a live televised version of ‘A Christmas Story‘ that happened on TV recently, which is one of the more benign examples to occur. I’d be remissed if I didn’t bring up the egregious straight-to-dvd sequel they made a couple years ago to widespread scorn; if for no other reason than the fact that there already was a sequel to ‘A Christmas Story‘ out there!
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Beauty vs Beast: A Black Christmas Story

Jason from Mnpp here wishing you a Happy Season with this week's ho ho holiday edition of our "Beauty vs Beast" series. If you ask me there is but one undisputed Movie King of Christmas - no it's not Frank Capra with his wingless angels and suicide bridges, nor is it Tim Burton with his antihero cat-people and scissor-handed freaks. No the Lord of Cinematic Hollies Jollies is Mr. Bob Clark, who gave us the ever-festive duo of 1983's A Christmas Story in 1974's Black Christmas. Nostalgia & Homicide - spells Xmas to me.

So this week to celebrate we'll be facing down two representational totems, one from each film - from A Christmas Story we have the infamous Sexy Leg Lamp that Ralphie's Dad buys (and that Ralphie's Mom destroys). And from Black Christmas comes the Crystal Unicorn that is used to murder the film's greatest character, drunken and acid-tongued
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Average fans of A Christmas Story likely don’t know that director Bob Clark had once made creepy horror pictures with Alan Ormsby, but this independent shock effort of the early ’70s still casts a spell of dread. Although Vietnam is never mentioned, the war’s shadow strikes deep into the heart of a small-town family. John Marley and Lynn Carlin lead a fine cast.


Blu-ray + DVD

Blue Underground

1974 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 88 min. / Dead of Night, The

Night Andy Came Home, Night Walk, The Veteran, Whispers / Street Date November 28, 2017 /

Starring: John Marley, Lynn Carlin, Richard Backus, Henderson Forsythe,

Anya Ormsby, Jane Daly, Michael Mazes.

Cinematography: Jack McGowan

Film Editor: Ronald Sinclair

Original Music: Carl Zittrer

Written by Alan Ormsby

Produced by Bob Clark, Peter James, John Trent

Directed by Bob Clark

This gem comes back every ten years in an improved transfer. Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby’s Canadian-financed
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Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror On Film And Television Book Tour to Include Screenings, Lectures & Other Live Events

  • DailyDead
Featured in Heather Wixson's holiday gift guide, the new book Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television could be the perfect stocking stuffer for the horror fan in your life this holiday season, but Spectacular Optical is giving you the chance to take your gift one step further with their interactive book tour this December that includes screenings, lectures, and other live celebrations tied to the book's seasonal themes:

Press Release: For many, Christmas is an annual celebration of goodwill and joy, but for others, it’s a time to curl up on the couch in the dead of winter for a good old-fashioned fright. The festive holiday season has always included a more somber side, and scary tales of child-stealing demons to ghost stories told ‘round the fireplace go back to pre-Christian celebrations. These long-standing traditions have found modern expression in the Christmas horror film, a unique
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Oh Fudge! A Christmas Story Screening at Schlafly Bottleworks December 21st

“Only I didn’t say fudge… I said The Word. The big one. The queen mother of all dirty words… the F-dash-dash-dash Word!!!!”

A Christmas Story (1983) is screening at 7:00pm Thursday December 21st at Schlafly Bottleworks – 7260 Southwest Ave St Louis, Mo 63143. Doors open at 6:30pm. It’s a fundraiser by the A Film Series for Helping Kids Together. This is the A Film Series 5th year in a row hosting everyone’s favorite Christmas movie! The screening is sponsored by Karl & Beckie Heinz and will be introduced by We Are Movie Geek’s own Tom Stockman!

I used an air rifle I got one Christmas growing up, but I never had a mail-in decoder ring which required me to consume mass quantities of Ovaltine, I never ran into bullies with yellow eyes, and I never took a dare to stick my tongue to an aluminum pole in the middle of winter.
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November 28th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Misery Collector’s Edition, Super Dark Times, M.F.A., Creep 2

  • DailyDead
We may only have several home entertainment releases for this Tuesday, but as the saying goes, “quality over quantity,” because this bunch of Blu-rays and DVDs are a stellar lot of films. One of my favorite horror films of 2017, Mark DuplassCreep 2, makes its way home on November 28th courtesy of The Orchard, and Scream Factory has given Rob Reiner’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery the Collector’s Edition treatment (and deservedly so).

For you cult film fans, both Death Laid an Egg and Deathdream (aka Dead of Night) get the HD treatment this week, and other notable releases this Tuesday include M.F.A., Rememory, Super Dark Times, Woodshock, and Trailer Trauma 4: Television Trauma.

Creep 2 (The Orchard, DVD)

Sara, a video artist primarily focused on creating intimacy with lonely men, thinks she may have found the subject of her dreams after coming across a stranger’s online post.
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Full List of Special Features & New Promo Video for Blue Underground’s 2K Restoration Blu-ray of Bob Clark’s Deathdream

  • DailyDead
The late, great Bob Clark will forever be synonymous with the holiday season thanks to his films Black Christmas and A Christmas Story, but before he brought those stories to life on screen, he gave horror fans the gift of Deathdream, aka Dead of Night (read our own Scott Drebit's Drive-In Dust Offs article on the film here). Over 40 years after its initial release, Deathdream is being revitalized in a 2K restoration Blu-ray from Blue Underground, and we have a look at a new video showing off the film's enhanced visuals.

Blue Underground will release their new Blu-ray/DVD of Deathdream on November 28th, and you can get an idea of what to expect in the full list of special features and videos below:

Deathdream Blu-ray: "Something Unspeakable Has Come Home

In this shattering variation on “The Monkey’s Paw,” grief-stricken suburban parents (Academy Award® nominees John Marley
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Horror-Rama Toronto IV Panels to Include Night Of The Living Dead & Remembrances of George A. Romero & Bob Clark

  • DailyDead
This weekend Toronto horror fans will have plenty of opportunities to celebrate the genre's past as well as its present at Horror-Rama IV, with panels including a look back at Night of the Living Dead with co-writer John A. Russo and remembrances of both George A. Romero and Bob Clark:

Press Release: (Toronto) Horror-Rama is thrilled to welcome actress Ashley C. Williams to her Canadian convention debut!

Ashley found instant cult infamy for her tragic turn in director Tom Six's notorious black-comic horror masterpiece The Human Centipede where she was stitched rear-to-mouth as the middle segment of a mad scientist's insane experiment. In 2015 she received acclaim for her blistering turn in director Matthew A. Brown's psychological horror film Julia and both she and Brown (who will also be attending Horror-Rama 2017) will screen their masterpiece and meet their fans.

Ashley joins previously announced special guests: John Harrison (Creepshow,
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Halloween 2017: Hack, Slash, Stream: 13 Slashers to Watch on Shudder

  • DailyDead
Of all the many sub-genres in horror, the slasher is probably my favorite. There aren’t many good ones, but even the bad ones tend to deliver exactly what we want from the formula. They’re horror movie comfort food, and Shudder is offering an entire buffet this October.

Black Christmas (1973, dir. Bob Clark) In many ways the first modern slasher film, Bob Clark’s holiday horror movie is, to this day, a genre masterpiece. From its chilly Canadian atmosphere to the disturbing obscene phone calls being made to a sorority house, Black Christmas is brilliantly constructed and hugely influential. It’s not just one of my favorite slasher movies, but one of my favorite horror movies of any type, full stop.

Blood Rage (1987, dir. Bruce Rubin) There are slasher movies that are tense and scary and stylish. Blood Rage is not one of them. Shot in 1983 but not released
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‘A Christmas Story': Live Fox Musical Casts Its Ralphie

  • The Wrap
‘A Christmas Story': Live Fox Musical Casts Its Ralphie
Fox’s “A Christmas Story Live!” has found its Ralphie Parker. The three-hour live musical production will star 11-year-old Andy Walken from Seattle, Wash. More than 350 applicants were in the mix for the coveted part in the project that airs Dec. 17. Walken joins previously announced cast members Matthew Broderick, who narrates, and Maya Rudolph, playing Ralphie’s mother. Also Read: 'The Little Mermaid' Live Musical Postponed by ABC “Christmas Story Live” is based on the 1983 film and subsequent Tony-nominated Broadway adaptation. Peter Billingsley originated the role of Ralphie in director Bob Clark’s movie that has become a holiday staple.
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