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  • (1920 - 1932) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1921. Musical revue.
  • (1921) Stage Play: The Midnight Rounders of 1921. Musical revue. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Al Bryan. Music by Jean Schwartz. Musical Direction by Alfred Goodman. Additional music by Lew Pollack, Raymond Hubbell, Anton Dvorak, Johann Strauss, Jacques Offenbach, Chauncey Olcott [final Broadway credit], Ernest R. Ball, Haydn Wood and Ernesto DiCapua. Additional lyrics by Ernesto DiCapua, John Golden, Sidney Clare, Rida Johnson Young and Fred E. Weatherly. Choreographed by Cleveland Bronner. Scenic Design by William Weaver. Costume Design by Mme. Routon. Directed by Jack Mason. Century Promenade: 7 Feb 1921- 2 Apr 1921 (49 performances). Cast: Alemia Allen, Virginia Allen, Viola Bennett, Marie Booth, Cleveland Bronner, Anna Buckley, Virginia Calmer, Bessie Clifford, Olga Cook, Florence Darling, Elsie Davenport, Ethel Davis, Elinor Dell, Anna Maria DeMalita, LaVerre DeMarr, Arthur Donnelly, J. Francis Dooley, Dora Duby, Lou Edwards, Georgia Empey, Virginia Fallon, Alva Fenton, Ada Forman, Amy Frank, Elsie Frank, David Gardner, John Guiran, Loretta Harris, Helen Herendeen, Margaret Himes, Peggy Hoffman, Clare Hooper, Beatrice Jackson, Beatrice Jennings, Thelma Johns, Jewel Jordan, Kitty Kelly, Margaret Kerns, Grace Langdon, Phoebe Lee, Bobby Lester, Evon Linnard, Sally Long, Ted Lorraine, John Lowe, Muriel Manners, La Petite Marguerite, Margaret Menges, Phyllis Miller, Gladys Montgomery, Florence Moore, J. Harold Murray, Sidney Nelson, Anna Niebel, Bonna O'Dear, Tot Qualters, Nan Rainsford, Florence Rayfield, Edna Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Evelyn Rosewood, Corinne Sales, Ingrid Solfeng, Jean Troupman, Viola Votrouba, Gladys Walton, Helen Weber, Florence Wilde, Billie Williams, Jane Wyatt [not same actress as in films]. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Earl Carroll's Vanities. Musical revue. Music by Harold Arlen. Book by Jack McGowan. Lyrics by Ted Koehler. Additional dialogue by Eugene Conrad. Music orchestrated by Edward Powell. Featuring songs with lyrics by Edward Heyman, Haven Gillespie, Charles Tobias, Sidney Clare [final Broadway credit] and Will Fyffe. Musical Direction by Ray Kavanaugh. Additional music by Richard Myers, Henry Tobias, Andre Renaud, Peter Tinturin and Will Fyffe. Dances by Ned McGurn. Scenic Design by Vincente Minnelli. Dialogue Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor. Earl Carroll's Broadway Theatre: 27 Sep 1932- 10 Dec 1932 (97 performances). Cast: Audrey Arlington, Katheryn Becker, Milton Berle (as "Mortimer"), Hazel Brandt, Helen Broderick, Sylvia P. Brown, Helene Callahan, Claire Carter, The Celebrated Helen Jackson Girls, Earl Christie, Keith Clark, Andy Costello, Lester Crawford, Evelyn Crowell, Elizabeth Deignan, Betty Dell, Marcelle Edwards, Louise Estes, Rosalie Fromson, Will Fyffe, Kathaleen Gaughran, Mazie Gibson, Renee Goldberg, Dolores Grant, John Hale, Harriet Hoctor, Agatha Hoff, Ann Howard, Peggy Hunter, Josephine Huston, Flo Johnson, Eddie Jones, Evelyn Joslyn, Billy Joyce, Vivian Keefer, Elinor Keenan, Evelyn Kelly, Nelda Kincaid, Sybil Elaine Krinney, Fay Lytell, Martha Mackay, Ruth Mann, Helene Marano, Olive McLay, Cora Joyce Melnick, Ida Michaels, Jacqueline Mousette, Hazel Nevin, Gay Orlova, Betty Ann Pulis, Barbara Rand, AndrĂ© Randall, Hilda Regal, Andre Renaud, Lydia Resh, Lorna Rodionoff, Patricia Roe, Martin Roses, Ubaldo Russo, Bruno Sarti, Lillian Shade, Euna Sinnott, Phylis Ann Slattery, Ruth Snyder, Bill Spears, Edwin Styles, Betty Sundmark, Anna Taranda, Marion Volk, Max Wall, Beryl Wallace (as "Ray Kavanaugh's Vanities Band/Girl/Mourning Becomes Impossible/Beryl/Gossip"/Second Girl/The Hospital/Publisher's Daughter/A Street in Vienna/Spanish Girl"), Flo Ward, Teddy Wilson. Production Conceived and Produced by Earl Carroll.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Pleasure Bound. Musical revue. Music by Muriel Pollock. Book by' Harold Atteridge'. Lyrics by Max Lief, Nathaniel Lief and Harold Atteridge. Additional music by Phil Baker, Maurice Ruebens and Peter DeRose. Additional lyrics by Moe Jaffe, Sid Silvers, Charles Tobias, Irving Kahal and Sidney Clare. Musical Director: Harold Stern. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger and Archie Bleyer [credited as Archey Bleyer]. Choreographed by Busby Berkeley and Johnny Boyle [credited as John Boyle]. Directed by Lew Morton. Majestic Theatre: 18 Feb 1929- 15 Jun 1929 (136 performances). Cast: Jannie Adams (as "Ensemble"), Phil Baker (as "Phil Baker"), Virginia Barrett (as "Mazie"), Leonore Blair (as "Ensemble"), William Bonelli (as "Sheriff"), Betty Borden (as "Ensemble"), Betty Bowman (as "Marcella Standish"), Grace Brinkley (as "Betty"), Irene Brown (as "Ensemble"), Sheila Burke (as "Fourth Girl/Ensemble"), Adelaide Candee (as "Ensemble"), Tito Carol (as "Tito"), Mary Chandler (as "Second Girl/Ensemble"), George Clidd (as "Ensemble"), Preston Coombs (as "Ensemble"), Harold Crane (as "Mr. Westover, Sr."), Betty Dair (as "Ensemble/First Girl"), Lillian Darville (as "Ensemble"), Jack Dayton (as "Ensemble"), Marguerite De Coursey (as "Ensemble"), Adrienne DeSayles (as "Ensemble"), Gene DeViney (as "Ensemble"), Cicely Dodenham (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Drum (as "Jans/Ensemble"), Evaline Engers (as "Ensemble"), Rennie Evans (as "Ensemble"), Sherry Frayne (as "Ensemble"), Mary Gibson (as "Ensemble"), George Gilday (as "Detective"), Eleanor Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Harry Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Chester Herman (as "Eddie"), Fred Hillebrand (as "Bob Stewart"), Claire Hooper (as "Ensemble"), Roy Hoyer (as "Tom Westover"), Roland Hudson (as "Chief of the Revenue Officers"), Frank Jones (as "Pullman Porter"), Rosa Kay (as "Ensemble"), Georgette Lampsi (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Lauritsen (as "Ensemble"), Sam Lee (as "Packy"), Henrietta Livingstone (as "Pretty Girl/Ensemble"), Ralph J. Locke, Richard Lowell (as "Ensemble"), Neva Lynn (as "Ensemble"), Marilyn Mack (as "Ensemble"), Thomas MacMillan (as "Mr. Zill"), Jane Manners (as "Ensemble"), Lee Manners (as "Ensemble"), Isabelle Marsh (as "Ensemble"), Virginia May (as "Ensemble"), Beth Meredith (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Monte (as "Ensemble"), Rosita Morena (as "Pepita"), Paco Moreno (as "Senor Alvarez"), Vivian Morgan (as "Ensemble"), John Humphrey Muldowney (as "Specialty"), Eddie Murray (as "Ensemble"), Margot Nelson (as "Ensemble"), Hazzard Newberry (as "Ensemble"), Lucille Osborn (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Parker (as "Ensemble"), Jack Pearl (as "Herman Pfeiffer/Rudolph Fisher"), Irene Peck (as "Ensemble"), Agatha Phillips (as "Ensemble/Third Girl"), Marion Phillips (as "Ensemble"), Tommy Schmidt (as "Ensemble"), Mae Selden (as "Ensemble"), Al Shaw (as "Paisley"), Emily Sherman (as "Ensemble"), Kay Simmons (as "Ensemble"), John Slattery (as "Second Revenue Officer"), Allie Smith (as "Homely Girl"), Aileen Stanley (as "Lola Hopkins"), Bobbie Storey (as "Ensemble"), Dolly Thain (as "Ensemble"), James Thompson (as "First Revenue Officer"), Betty Van Allen (as "Ensemble"), Veloz and Yolanda [Veloz and Yolanda] (as "Dancers"), Rosalind Wishon (as "Dolly/Ensemble"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1921) Stage Play: The Mimic World [1921]. Musical revue. Book by Harold Atteridge, Jimmy Hussey [credited as James Hussey] and Owen Murphy. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge, James Hussey and Owen Murphy. Music by Jean Schwartz, Lew Pollack and Owen Murphy. Musical Direction by Alfred Goodman. Additional lyrics by Sidney Clare and Howard Johnson. Additional music by Archie Gottler. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Directed by Allan K. Foster. Century Promenade: 17 Aug 1921- 10 Sep 1921 (26 performances). Cast: Helen Armstrong, Bert Best, Gladys Blair, May Blair, Virginia Blair, El Brendel, Jane Brown, Peggy Brown, Flo Burt, Alice Burton, Marjorie Carville, Elaine Courtney, Jeanne Danjou, Gene Delmont, Ginnette Dorval, Cliff Edwards, Lou Edwards, Clarence Harvey, Ruth Hazelton, C.L. Henderson, Ed Hickey, Lebanon Hoffa, Portland Hoffa, Marjorie Hope, Frank Hurst, Jimmy Hussey, Gladys James, Thelma Johns, Jimmy Kirk, Estelle Lang, Zella Lenney, Mae LeRoux, Evelyn Martin, Frank Masters, Dorothy McCarthy, Margaret McCarthy, Miriam Miller, Anita Miramar, Gladys Montgomery, William Moran, Elizabeth Morgan, Helen Nelidova, Betty Palmer, Lucille Pryor, Hazel Rix, Madeline Smith, Beth Stanley, May Sullivan, Anna Toddings, Mae West, Vivien West, Albert Wiser, Margaret Wood. Produced by The Shuberts.

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