One Cool Group debuts with Soi Cheang thriller

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A collective of Hong Kong companies, under the banner One Cool Group, launched their debut slate of productions at Filmart yesterday, which includes as as-yet-untitled crime thriller to be produced by Soi Cheang.

Jonathan Li Chi-jun will direct the project which interweaves the world of the internet and reality. Soi Cheang’s credits include The Monkey King and upcoming action drama SPL2: A Time For Consequences.

One Cool Group’s debut slate also includes an untitled youth love story to be produced by Sam Lee and directed by Sam Leong Tak-sam; an untitled crime mystery to be directed by Cash Chin Man-kei; and an untitled drama about a soccer coach inspiring his team to be directed by Lam Chi-chung.

Sam Lee and Lam Chi-chung are both well-known Hong Kong actors – Lee regularly works with Fruit Chan, while Lam starred in Stephen Chow’s Kung-fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.

The slate also includes two horror movies – Get Outta
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The 33D Invader (2011) Movie Review

With “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” having won over audiences at home and abroad, the revival of that most noble and worthy of genres, the Hong Kong category III sex film, continues with “The 33D Invader”. Another alluring epic overflowing with nudity and less than coy performances from its eye candy cast, the film was directed by Cash Chin, a long standing and highly respected veteran of the form who has a sterling track record that includes the likes of “Sex and Zen 2” and “Naked Poison”, as well as recent classic “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks”. The film continues the recent trend of casting top Japanese Av talent, this time Kato Taka and Yoshizawa Akiho, who are joined by a Mainland model Macy Wu in the titular lead role, along with Hong Kong bikini model Monna Lam, Taiwan’s Hsueh Ya Wen and a variety of other clothes-shy starlets.
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English-Subtitled Trailer for the Goofy Chinese Flick The 33D Invader

Chinese cinematic eroticism does absolutely nothing for me. That having been said, I am a little curious about softcore veteran Cash Chin’s upcoming science fiction epic “The 33D Invader” (aka “The Fruit is Ripe 33D”), a silly little picture about space aliens looking for sexual healing. The first half of the embedded trailer looks like your typical low-budget genre flick, complete with wonky special effects and plenty of cheesy dialogue. The second half, however, reminds me of the stuff Cinemax used to show during their “Friday After Dark” lock. If you’re a guy and you’re over 30, don’t pretend like you didn’t watch it. “The 33D Invader”, which stars Akiho Yoshizawa, Monna Lam, Wu Qing-Qing, and Kato Taka, opens in China on September 29th, 2011. “Sex and Zen”, I blame you for this. The aforementioned clip rests below. Keep in mind that it’s not safe for work.
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Meet The 33D Invader, Hong Kong's Erotic Riff On The Terminator

Brace yourself for an explosion in Hong Kong Category III sexploitation films. With Christopher Sun's 3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy doing fantastic business around the globe other producers and directors are wasting no time at all jumping on the gravy train.First out of the gate is Cash Chin, himself a veteran of the Sex And Zen franchise, with his erotic riff on The Terminator, The 33D Invader.The story revolves around Wu Qingqing, a woman from the future - 2046 to be precise - who travels back in time on a mission to discover the best male seed. Which she collects with vigor. Also coming back in time, however, are a pair of villains determined to stop her in her quest.Technically a revival of...
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