10 People You Won’t Believe Are Still Employed By WWE

The influx of new Superstars and Divas that has overtaken the pro wrestling industry over the last three years has led to a measurable excitement surrounding the current WWE product. Nxt is home to some of the brightest and best young talent on the planet while WWE has taken the steps necessary to build for the future, placing Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Rusev and Neville in high profile positions, not to mention the likes of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who have made tremendous impacts on Raw and SmackDown in recent weeks.

While that has created an intrigue and interest in the product, the introduction of new faces have allowed fans to forget about some of the Superstars who have maintained their employment with WWE, much to the surprise of the fans.

They are men and women who have found themselves off of television for so
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6 Shows WWE Network Should Produce

With the WWE network on the horizon in 2014, or anytime they feel like it, the biggest aspect to consider is the programming. To make it worth the monthly subscription price, they have to pull out all the stops.

The question is what will they show? A “Best of the Great Khali” match series? How about more unreleased footage from the debut of Akeem? I got it, how about a loop of the Vince McMahon Music video?? What about a year in review of 1995 WWE? No? Well ok, I tried.

According to the 50 Years of WWE documentary, the company possesses over 100,000 hours of vault footage from WCW, to Ecw, to Awa and much more. Surely they cannot just rotate matches or else it would just be the on demand service all over again. So if WWE is reading this, and I am sure they are, here are 6 show concepts based on reality that are marketable and,
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‘The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment’ Blu-ray Review

The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment begins with Vince McMahon getting out of his car at WWE headquarters in Connecticut and greeting employees as he makes his way to his office on the top floor of what was once known as TitanTowers.

The documentary portion of this release begins at the beginning, with information about Jess McMahon and Vince McMahon Sr, and how they began what we now know as WWE. Jess McMahon was a boxing promoter, his son Vince, turned it into a traditional regional professional wrestling promotion, and his son, the current head of WWE, Vince McMahon Jr, turned it into the multimedia conglomerate that we know today.

The talking heads are extremely relevant and well picked, it is nice to see the big names from wrestling’s history on here, talking about the history of WWE as a company and the wrestling business as a whole.
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Lilian Garcia Returning To WWE As Smackdown Announcer

WWE’s official website has announced that former Diva Lilian Garcia is to return to WWE as a full-time announcer on the SmackDown brand. have a new video on their site with Garcia that was taped backstage from last night’s Raw in Tampa, Florida.

Garcia then confirmed the news on Twitter;

“Yes! It’s true!! All happening so fast! I am returning to WWE as the SmackDown Announcer!! So excited!! And video trailer out tomro! Big wk”

Garcia debuted with the WWE in August 1999 and became a staple of the new WWE for the next decade and she was certainly easier on the eye than Howard Finkel!

By 2009, Garcia became the first WWE diva to stay with the company for a decade and on the 21st September edition, just one month after 10 years since her debut, she announced her last edition of Raw from Little Rock, Arkansas.
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WWE 12 – Full Roster Of Over 75 Wrestlers Revealed

WWE 12 will finally hit stores on Tuesday (in the U.S.) and on Friday (in the U.K.) and after some stellar reviews in the last few days, I don’t remember being this excited about a wrestling video game in years. IGN’s 9.0 scoring review mentioned the gameplay was ‘No Mercy like’ several times and there is actually a combat system here that makes sense and isn’t just a flashy presentation with no substance to the graphics. But then they still have the graphics and all the cool modes and the first time, Thq’s video game franchise feels like it belongs on the shelf alongside the mastered EA sports franchises of FIFA and Madden. IGN overall called it ‘amazing’.

Over the past few months, Thq have teased us as to what wrestlers will be included in the game and now on the eve of release we have a final figure.
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