Studio71 To Forgo In-Person NewFronts Event In Favor Of Digital Presentation

The leadup to the 2017 edition of the NewFronts has been hectic, with major media companies like BuzzFeed, Fullscreen, and Yahoo opting out of the annual series of pitches to potential advertisers. Now, another participant has decided to switch up its spiel. Digital media company Studio71 has announced that it will stream its NewFronts presentation online rather than hosting an in-person gathering in New York.

Studio71’s NewFronts address will be filmed at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters and will be streamed privately for advertisers. For each view the broadcast generates, Studio71 will donate $1 to, which assists underprivileged youths around the world. During its presentation, Studio71 is expected to reveal new programs and initiatives built around its roster of partners, which includes top online video stars like Lilly Singh (pictured above) and Rachel Levin as well as Hollywood notables like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Rather than asking you
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Studio71 Hires Talent Manager Naomi Lennon, Adding Rachel Levin, Others

Studio71 -- the multi-channel network arm of German media giant ProSiebenSat.1 -- has added Naomi Lennon to its fleet of talent managers. Lennon, who has served as an independent manager within the digital space for the past eight years, will report to Studio71 president Dan Weinstein and work to build the company’s talent roster.

Lennon will bring six of her creators to Studio71, including beauty guru Rachel Levin, Aussie live-action combat channel The Racka Racka, comedy brothers Jesse and Mike, Dublin-based reaction channel VladTeeVee, L.A.-based actress ChloeEast, and popular podcast The Tasteless Gentlemen. Altogether, that represents roughly 18 million subscribers.

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Watch: Beauty Blogger Rachel Levin Confronts Her Negative Body Image in 'I Am Ugly'

One popular beauty blogger is warning against the detrimental effects of constant self criticism. Rachel Levin posted to YouTube a powerful video called "I Am Ugly," in which a younger version of herself points out the cruelty of her body shaming. "My lips are literally so small! My nose is so big! And my eyebrows are so bushy!" Levin says while staring at herself in a mirror and applying makeup. Then, a young girl appears in the woman's reflection, asking if Levin would say the same unkind words to her. "I'm you when you were little," the little girl begins,
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Hillary Clinton Chats With YouTube Stars At Town Hall Event In La

During this year’s Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton lost the youth vote in decisive fashion. As she moves toward the general election, she is now attempting to court the teens and twenty-somethings to her bloc. One way she is appealing to the millennial generation is through online video stars, who had a chance to ask her questions during a town hall event in Los Angeles on June 28th.

The event was curated by Beautycon, which organizes a yearly festival for beauty gurus and their fans. Beautycon brought several top creators in front of the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State for an hour-long question-and-answer session moderated by YouTube beauty star DulceCandy. In total, according to The Hollywood Reporter, 100 digital media personalities event. Participating creators included Rachel Levin, Alexa Losey, and Jenn McAllister, and the discussion touched on topics like immigration, Lgbt rights, and, of course, Donald Trump.

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5 Things to Know About Rachel Levin (aka, RCLBeauty101)

There's a reason Rachel Levin (aka, RCLBeauty101) has over 8 million YouTube subscribers. The 21-year-old's series contains everything a young woman needs, from beauty advice and tips to comedy skits and lifestyle videos. Whether she's teaching you how to make your own lipstick out of bubblegum or exposing what really goes on inside the girls' bathroom, Levin gives great advice while keeping things entertaining. Want to learn more about the YouTube star ahead of her appearance at VidCon this week? Read up on Rachel Levin below. 1. She started making YouTube videos when she was 15 years old. Levin published her first video
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Rachel Levin, Bethany Mota Rank as Top Social Media Stars Too Young to Drink

  • The Wrap
These top social stars can’t order a beer yet, but their audience influence could push the major Hollywood stars they trounce to start drinking. Beauty and lifestyle YouTubers Rachel Levin and Bethany Mota top a new ranking of highest-engagement stars, with scores that trump major broadcast celebrities, according to a new list measuring their online influence. The ranking was developed by Zefr, a company that helps brands manage their intellectual property on YouTube and other sites. It developed its trending engagement data to measure how much fan interaction an influencer will drive on future posts. “All the 20 under 21 had
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PewDiePie Hits 40 Million YouTube Subscribers, Adds 18,000+ Subs Per Day

Another week. Another inconceivable online video milestone is surpassed by PewDiePie. Less than two months after the twentysomething Felix Kjellberg became the first individual on Earth with a YouTube channel to receive more than 10,000,000,000 views, the Swede’s online video repository for Let’s Play videos, weekly-or-so personal vlogs, charitable campaigns, and high-pitched irreverence also became the first YouTube channel with more than 40 million subscribers.

PewDiePie crossed the 40,000,000 subscriber mark sometime on Saturday, October 24. The biggest channel on YouTube hit 39 million subscribers back on Monday, August 31. That means it took PewDiePie 55 days to recruit the latest million members to his Bro Army, which equals out to more than 18,180 new subscribers per day, 757 new subs per hour, 12 new subs per minute, and roughly one new subscriber every 4.75 seconds.

PewDiePie’s subscriber acquisition rate is nothing short of incredible, though it’s no longer in a league of its own. Kjellberg's channel
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Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Worldwide • August 2015

Step aside, PewDiePie. A 20-year-old YouTube beauty and lifestyle guru had the most-subscribed YouTube channel in the world in August 2015. Rachel Levin added an incredible 702,000 subscribers to her RCLbeauty101 channel during the 31 days of the month, giving the Pennsylvania native and burgeoning force on YouTube the #1 spot on the worldwide chart. Felix Kjellberg's familiar PewDiePie channel is nearly 100,000 subscribers behind in second place, having added 609,000 subscribers to its Bro Army.

In a very, very close third place is fernanfloo. The El Salvadorian gamer almost beat out an international icon, adding more than 607,000 subscribers during the month. In fourth place is elrubiusOMG. The Spanish gamer saw a 5% increase in his subscriber acquisition rate, ending the month with more than 574,000 new subscribers.

And rounding out the Top 5 is One Direction. The British boy band that will soon disband released several new singles on its YouTube channel, which helped it to more than 510,000 new subscribers.
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Vogue, Karlie Kloss, Beauty Stars Take Over YouTube Space For NY Fashion Week

The annual New York Fashion Week returned to Manhattan on September 10th, and YouTube has stepped up to the runway in a big way. The world’s top video site has launched a large-scale collaboration that will bring fashion publication Vogue and supermodel Karlie Kloss to YouTube Space New York.

During Fashion Week, Conde Nast brands Vogue and Teen Vogue will take over YouTube Space NY, which sports a Chelsea location close to many of the featured events. As part of the collaboration, Kloss will join forces with a number of YouTube’s top beauty stars, including Amanda Steele, Fleur De Force, Chloe Morello, Ann Le and Rachel Levin. Kloss will challenge these hip influencers to recreate Fashion Week looks and show them off at the Teen Vogue Studio located within YouTube Space NY.

In order to promote the partnership, Kloss appeared in a video on the Vogue YouTube channel.
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YouTube, Vine Stars On Smoking Cigarettes: “It’s A Trap!”

A quartet of online video stars have a message for prospective smokers. Ryan Higa, Rachel Levin, Christian DelGrosso, and Jerry Purpdrank all appear in the Truth campaign’s latest video, which channels Admiral Ackbar and warns that “social smoking” is a trap.

In the video, the participating YouTube and Vine stars offer up various rationalizations for why it’s ok to smoke. As soon as the words leave their mouths, various image macro characters show up to deliver a recurring three-word response: “It’S A Trap!” The video certainly panders to its intended audience, but it also succeeds in getting its message across.

Truth, which has been active since the late 90s, has partnered with online video stars as part of its ongoing campaign to combat youth smoking. It previously enlisted several of the Internet’s most prominent influencers for an utterly ridiculous music video called “Left Swipe Dat,” which
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BroadbandTV Signs Deals With YouTube Stars DaveyWavey, Rclbeauty101

BroadbandTV, which now counts more than 4.7 billion views per month across 34,000 partner channels, call itself the fastest-growing major online video network on the Internet. In order to sustain its growth, Bbtv continually adds new partners to its network, and within the past few weeks it has signed deals with three notable names. YouTube personality DaveyWavey, electronic artist Major Lazer, and beauty guru Rachel Levin (aka Rclbeauty101) have all joined the BroadbandTV network.

Davey’s videos often discuss topics relevant to gay culture, and he frequently collaborates with his fellow YouTubers. Across three YouTube channels--one featuring sketches, a second serving as a home for vlogs, and a third showcasing workout tips--he has more than 1.3 million subscribers.

The vast majority of Levin’s YouTube presence, on the other hand, is concentrated on her primary channel, which we profiled in our YouTube Millionaires column earlier this year. To date, her array of makeup tips,
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Streep Nom #7-8: The Abundant Riches of 1987-88

We've been looking at each Meryl Streep Oscar nod and its competitive field. Previously: 78, 79, 81, 82, 83 and 85

Meryl Streep's first act was the Liberated Lady. The second was The Chameleon in which Meryl was always the lead, always had new hair, voice and body language and basically controlled Oscar's Universe. It was as if there was only 4 spots for Best Actress, one reserved for her in perpetuity. This second act ended with her intense immersion into notorious dingo-hating Lindy Chamberlain in A Cry in the Dark. [Editor's Note: Yes, I'll do a top ten performance list when "Streep at 60" wraps in mid July. I've heard your requests and I've been rewatching all the movies.]

Starting in 1989 Act III of Streep's career began but we'll get to that shortly. First, let's look at her competition in the last two years of her legendary Act II.


the nominees were...

Cher, MoonstruckGlenn Close, Fatal AttractionHolly Hunter, Broadcast NewsSally Kirkland, AnnaMeryl Streep, Ironweed

I've always loved that "Mary Louise" exchange. But is Cher rewriting history to claim Silkwood as her first movie or
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