DVD Review - The Brigand of Kandahar (1965)

The Brigand of Kandahar, 1965.

Directed by John Gilling.

Starring Ronald Lewis, Oliver Reed, Duncan Lamont, Yvonne Romain and Katherine Woodville.


A mixed race lieutenant joins the rebel Bengali tribesmen in an offensive against the British forces in India.

Afghanistan’s a tough one. Hard to know what to make of it all, whichever way you look at it. Whether by design or by happy accident, The Brigand of Kandahar has a lot in common with its wild, war-torn setting. The blurbs and the captions call it the North West frontier of India, but for anyone with a map or even a smudge of an inkling of what the British Raj got up to in the 1850s, that translates directly to the borders of that same country the British Army are still trying to tame a century and a half later.

A blast of heroic trumpet fanfare and we’re already in Ripping Yarns territory.
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Hammer Classics DVD Giveaway - The Scarlet Blade and The Brigand of Kandahar

January 16th sees the first ever DVD release of two classic historical adventures from the revered Hammer Film Productions - The Scarlet Blade and The Brigand of Kandahar - both of which are directed by John Gilling and feature the legendary British star Oliver Reed. To celebrate the release, we have a copy of each DVD to give away to our readers courtesy of the lovely folk at StudioCanal.

Read on for details of how to enter this competition...

The Scarlet Blade

An unlikely romance blossoms between two people from opposing camps - one from the Roundheads, the other from the Cavaliers. Colonel Judd (Lionel Jeffries; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), a villainous anti-royalist loyal to Cromwell, is bewildered by his daughter Clare's (June Thorburn; Tom Thumb) Royalist sympathies. Judd's right-hand man Captain Sylvester (Oliver Reed) is an enforcer for Cromwell's parliamentarians and also June's boyfriend. Much to the consternation of Judd and Sylvester,
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Win The Brigand Of Kandahar on DVD

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To mark the release of The Brigand Of Kandahar (1965) on DVD for the first time on 16th January, Studio Canal have given us three copies of this Hammer classic movie to give away on DVD. The film stars Ronald Lewis, Oliver Reed and Duncan Lamont and is directed by John Gilling.

1880. British India. Robert Case (Ronald Lewis: Sardonicus), a mixed race lieutenant, is unjustly discharged from the British Army. He joins the rebel Bengali tribesmen offensive led by Eli Khan (Oliver Reed: The Three Musketeers) against the colonial enemy. They capture a foreign journalist and Case recounts his story of false accusation on trumped-up charges, instigated by the bigotry and racism of his commanding officers. Following a successful attack by the British against the rebels, Case is brutally shot by Colonel Drewe (Duncan Lamont: Quatermass and The Pit), his accuser. The journalist returns home determined to report the true story of The Brigand of Kandahar.
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