The Furniture: Camelot, a Silly and Furry Place

"The Furniture," by Daniel Walber, is our weekly series on Production Design. You can click on the images to see them in magnified detail.

Back in August, I wrote about two dramatically different ways of portraying Arthurian Legend on screen. To recap: the bright silliness of Knights of the Round Table (1953) looks like psychedelic compared to the bland grit of King Arthur (2004) and the gruff, imperial fantasia of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017). But even these at least share a mild interest in engaging with English historical design. Camelot (1967), on the other hand, is a flighty fantasy of utter nonsense.

Of course, this is why it’s such a delight to watch. It’s a furry, oversexed epic that sends its glamorous cast out into magical forests to sing Lerner and Loewe songs at the top of their extravagantly-adorned lungs. The film won Oscars for production designer John Truscott,
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Rewind: The Top 5 James Bond Oscar Nominations That Weren't

So, um, as you probably already know, Skyfall—the acclaimed 23rd James Bond film, which has already raked in more than $1 billion worldwide—wasn't nominated for Best Picture as some of us 007 die-hards had not-so-secretly hoped and/or pipe-dreamed it might. It was, however, nominated in five other categories (Best Original Song, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Cinematography), which is more than you can say of any previous Bond adventure: over the course of a half century, the Bond series has only garnered 7 total nominations, with just 2 wins in technical categories.

Previously… The Oscars To Feature A 50th Anniversary James Bond Tribute

Why no love for the world's greatest secret agent? I'm guessing The Academy has been secretly infiltrated by the dastardly criminal masterminds of Spectre and that, as we speak, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is evilly petting his white cat, cackling over this year's nominees.
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