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Disney Classics Double Feature Part II: The Jungle Book

Throughout the year, Thn will look at 53 Walt Disney Animated Classics, from Snow White to Wreck-it Ralph, through the obscurity of Fun And Fancy Free to the second Golden Age of Beauty And The Beast. These are the films the Walt Disney company are most proud of, the ones that hold a special place in our hearts, the ones that still cost a fortune to buy on DVD.

In the second part of this week’s double hitter, we look for some bear necessities with The Jungle Book.

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman

1967/ 78 minutes

The Jungle Book marked a return of sorts for Walt Disney; after only being partially involved in One Hundred And One Dalmatians and The Sword In The Stone, the latter’s disappointing performance led Disney to take a more active role in the film’s story. He threw out storyman Bill Peet’s original script, which closely
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Review: The Halloween Tree

  • Comicmix
When a literary giant dies, there’s a rush to rediscover the author’s works, delighting in old favorites or finally reading a work you have somehow missed. The passing of Ray Bradbury has prompted such a journey in print and in other media. Warner Archive, to their credit, has just released The Halloween Tree, the 1993 animated adaptation of his 1972 fantasy.

The 90-minute feature was adapted by Bradbury and directed by Mario Piluso, featuring the voices of Leonard Nimoy, Annie Barker, Darleen Carr, Lindsay Crouse, Alex Greenwald, and Bradbury himself as the narrator.

A small group of four children are out trick-or-treating one Halloween when one of them, Pip, goes missing. Checking his house, they learn he has been rushed off for an emergency appendectomy. Instead of making their rounds without him, they determine to visit him instead at the hospital. Instead, they wander off their intended path and get lost.
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