“Moth City” Brings Thrillbent Up To Five Days A Week

We’ve been lax in telling you about the new stuff coming from Thrillbent, and with Tim Gibson bringing his stunning comic Moth City to Thrillbent starting today, we have our story hook.

Moth City is a compact manufacturing island given to an American tycoon, Governor McCaw, by the Chinese Nationalist government. In exchange, McCaw is to outfit the government’s vast army as it attempts to destroy the Communists and unite the world’s greatest nation. Now, after a brazen and brutal murder, McCaw must unravel the island’s secrets before everything he has built is wiped out by the warring factions. New issues will be posted on for free, every Tuesday. Here’s a video preview:

Click here to view the embedded video.

And here’s the first chapter:

Tim spent three years illustrating worlds, characters and monsters for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, with film credits including Tintin,
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Mediacom’s Hiranthi Jayaweera moves to Marketing Sciences Australia

Former Mediacom national head of direct Hiranthi Jayaweera has been appointed to Marketing Sciences Australia’s national head of direct response. Marketing Sciences Australia is specialist analytics division of Mediabrands Australia.

The announcement:

The recently appointed managing director of Marketing Sciences Australia, Chris Carr, has made his first major hire with the appointment of Hiranthi Jayaweera as national head of direct response.

Marketing Sciences Australia is the specialist analytics division of Mediabrands Australia and was recently renamed ahead of a planned expansion into multiple areas of analytics not confined to the media industry.

Announcing Jayaweera’s new role, Carr said the focus of the new role was to provide Mediabrands clients with bespoke direct response solutions and in turn improved effectiveness of their media investments.

“Direct response analysis can provide accurate and actionable assessments across both offline and online media and understanding the relationship between the two is imperative when investing in media” said Carr.
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CommBank data chief Chris Carr joins Mediabrands

Interpublic’s media agency group Mediabrands has appointed CommBank’s head of analytics Chris Carr to run its own analytics unit.

Chris Carr joins as MD of Mediabrands Analytics, the research and data arm of Mediabrands, which houses media agencies Initiative and Um.

He starts on 2 April and replaces Clare Fernando, who moves to a new client-facing role as the division’s executive director.

Mediabrands boss Henry Tajer said in a press release: “Analytics is an area of intense importance to our future, how competitive we are as a group and for our clients’ businesses. In this area we compete with a raft of professional service firms, research companies and creative agencies to name a few, as well as the expected competition from media agencies in their various forms.

“Chris’ appointment is designed to place us directly in competition with the best businesses in this complex field, because as we
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‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York,’ Season 2, Episode 2, ‘Go Get Your Man’: TV Recap


In which sister Khloe tells Kim to go to her man in Minnesota, and encourages Kourtney to spend time with Scott. The episode takes place in Minnesota and in the Hamptons, at Scott’s parents’ house. No naked yoga instructors, nobody shaves anybody’s armpits. It’s a pretty dull episode. Everybody but Khloe seems really juvenile. Even Mason seems more reasonable than his mom.

We open at the Gansevoort. Kris has gone back to Minnesota. Kim tries to
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