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Why 'Slap Shot' Captures the 1970s Better Than Any Other Sports Movie

Why 'Slap Shot' Captures the 1970s Better Than Any Other Sports Movie
Over the last few decades – thanks in part to movies and TV shows like Dazed and Confused, Boogie Nights, Anchorman and HBO's Vinyl – there’s been a pronounced pop cultural tendency to reduce the 1970s to little more than a fabulous parade of campy signifiers like mirrored disco balls, brightly-painted muscle cars, platform shoes, bellbottomed jeans, tube tops, Afro hairdos, pornstaches and piles of cocaine.

It's an understandable impulse, of course. (Who doesn't love Afros or piles of cocaine?) But taking such a superficial approach to the seventies means glossing over the grittier,
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Interview: Hanson Brothers to Introduce ‘Slap Shot’ in Chicagoland

Chicago – The legendary Hanson Brothers, those child-like ice hockey enforcers from the classic sports film, “Slap Shot” (1977), will be in the Chicago area January 24th-26th, introducing the movie, signing autographs and greeting admirers at the Hollywood Palms Cinema in Naperville, Ill., and the Hollywood Blvd Cinema in Woodridge.

The real life 1970s hockey players who portrayed the three brothers – Dave Hanson (Jack Hanson), Steve Carlson (Steve Hanson) and Jeff Carlson (Jeff Hanson) – were based on real brothers in Pennsylvania minor league hockey, the Carlson brothers. Jack Carlson was the brother of Steve and Jeff in real life, and they played together in those Pennsylvania leagues. Jack couldn’t do the movie, so Dave Hanson stepped in, and the filmmakers took his last name and re-christened the threesome to iconic status. The Hanson Brothers forever represent the free-wheeling nature of that brilliant film, starring Paul Newman (which he called his
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Horrorwood Babbles On: WonderFest - A Classic Monster-Fan's Beast Fiend!

In the classic-horror world that Forry Ackerman left behind for us, some consider the Triple Crown of fan events to be: Monster Bash, Comic-Con and WonderFest.

The Bash is an easy, intimate gathering – like a down-home family picnic. Comic-Con is a juggernaut of bone crushing intensity – like the NY Stock Exchange of Cons. Ah, Wonderfest! - an oasis of camaraderie and something-for-everyone programming – the 2-day cruise ship of horror cons. For those of us happily cursed to be a part of the horror community, Wonderfest is The Mecca of classic monster-fan's cream of the crop.

Genre literati, artists, craftspeople and their admirers all gather to share secrets, ogle the latest creatures (in model form) and to catch up on general comings and goings. If you prefer dude-ish sports analogies, let’s just say WonderFest could be considered the Nascar(E) of Horror events! The Kentucky Dirge(by)! The Spooker Bowl!
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Slap Shot Remake Gets Director

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Universal’s remake of the 1977 comedy classic Slap Shot is officially moving forward because it now has a director onboard. Dean Parisot, known for directing films such as the Jim Carrey comedy Fun with Dick and Jane, Home Fries, which starred Luke Wilson and Drew Barrymore, and sci-fi parody GalaxyQuest, will be the man in charge of the picture. The original starred Paul Newman as the fading player/coach of a minor league hockey team who, desperate to keep the team going, comes up with the idea to turn his team into a group of fighting hooligans. The Charlestown Chiefs put the Hanson brothers, played by David Hanson, Steve Carlson and Jeff Carlson, [...]
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Slap Shot Remake Gets a Director

Universal’s previously announced remake of the 70s comedy classic Slap Shot now has a director - Dean Parisot, who last helmed the Jim Carrey comedy Fun with Dick and Jane, will be the one bringing it to the screen. The original starred Paul Newman as the fading player/coach of a minor league hockey team. Trying to hype the Charlestown Chiefs for a possible move South, the coach ramps up interest by turning his team into a group of brawling thugs, know as the Hanson brothers – played by David Hanson, Steve Carlson and Jeff Carlson. Peter Steinfeld, whose credits include Drowning Mona, Analyze That, Be Cool and 21, is writing the screenplay. Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will produce. The film has also spawned two direct-to-disc sequels. One in 2002, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice, which starred Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey, and last year, Slap Shot 3: The Junior League,
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