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NBC Gives Series Orders to Dramas ‘For God and Country’ and ‘Rise’

NBC Gives Series Orders to Dramas ‘For God and Country’ and ‘Rise’
NBC has given its first new series orders for the 2017-18 season to dramas “For God and Country” and “Rise.”

Both shows hail from Universal Television.

For God and Country,” from Keshet Studios, revolves around an elite team of military operatives who use advance surveillance techniques to help execute dangerous missions around the world to save innocent people from harm. Dean Georgaris wrote and exec produced the pilot. Brad Anderson directed and is an exec producer along with Keshet’s Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan.

The ensemble cast includes Anne Heche, Mike Vogel, Sofia Pernas, Tate Ellington, Natacha Karam, Demetrius Grosse, Noah Mills and Hadi Tabbal.

Rise,” exec produced by Jason Katims, centers on a dedicated teacher, played by Josh Radnor, who takes over a flagging theatrical program at a school in a working-class city. Rosie Perez, Marley Shelton, Auli’i Cravalho, Damon J. Gillespie, Amy Forsyth, Rarmian Newton
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Michael Pitt-Brit Marling Film ‘I Origins’ Is Actually a Prequel to a Sequel That Doesn't Exist Yet

  • The Wrap
Michael Pitt-Brit Marling Film ‘I Origins’ Is Actually a Prequel to a Sequel That Doesn't Exist Yet
Over the last decade, major Hollywood studios have hurried to build a fleet of franchise films, push them into international waters and bet that the export to distant shores will return the fresh riches of eager moviegoers who don't mind dubbed-over voices scattered amid triumphant, digital action scenes. Prequels and sequels rule the corporate industry, leaving it to independent filmmakers like “Another Earth” writer/director Michael Cahill to provide the original, vital ideas that refresh the medium. With “I Origins,” a film pondering the co-existence of science and faith, Cahill continues to do just that — even if “I Origins,” which.
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Karlovy Vary Film Fest to Open With Mike Cahill's 'I Origins'

Karlovy Vary Film Fest to Open With Mike Cahill's 'I Origins'
Michael Cahill's Sundance award winning film I Origin will open the 49th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on July 4, organizers announced Wednesday. The movie, which will be introduced by Cahill and its stars, Michael Pitt and Astrid Berges-Frisbey, tells the story of a young scientist researching the human eye. Photos: Cannes: THR's Photo Portfolio With Cate Blanchett, Channing Tatum, Kristen Stewart He discovers a strange link between the human physiognomy and psyche, with implications that border on the mystical. Cahill picked up the Alfred P. Sloan prize for films focusing on science at Sundance for the movie --

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Sundance: In ‘I, Origins,’ Michael Pitt Peers Into the Soul, Through the Eye

  • The Wrap
Sundance: In ‘I, Origins,’ Michael Pitt Peers Into the Soul, Through the Eye
In “I, Origins,” Michael Pitt plays a scientist obsessed with the significance of the eye. Is is a window to the soul? Is there a soul? If so, can it be scientifically proven, or systematically measured? Writer-director Michael Cahill is deeply interested in where the spirit meets the physical, as “I, Origins” is his second film in a row to deal with metaphysics, on the heels of “Another Earth,” which also debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011. “I’m fascinated by the question, ‘Where do atoms stop and the spirit begin in a human being?” asked the lanky, long-haired Cahill.
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Person of Interest 1.15 'Blue Code' Review

Person of Interest 1.15 'Blue Code' Review

An undercover cop is in danger as he tries to bring down the crew of smugglers he’s been on the inside of on last night’s Person of Interest. The show used this and Det. Fusco’s current situation to examine how truly capable of living on both sides of the law someone can be once they’ve walked in the dark. As Reese immersed himself into the same crew to keep Michael Cahill aka Officer Daniel Tully safe from harm, we were also given a few more glimpses into Reese’s own past during his time with the CIA. This meant the return of both Agent Stanton, Reese’s former partner, and of Agent Snow the man who tried to gun down Reese earlier in the season.

During the flashback to 2008, it plays out like your typical CIA drama. People in a
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Another Earth (review)

I like the concept: A mirror to our homeworld appears in the skies... and it appears that we all have doppelgangers on this other Earth. Neat-o, if entirely outlandish. What’s even more intriguing is that this isn’t a “let’s send a rocket to the other Earth and explore” sort of action film (though the planning for that is happening in the background) but a “let’s use this as an opportunity to reconsider our lives and what our other selves might have done differently” sort of deeply personal indie film. The problem is, screenwriters Brit Marling and Mike Cahill -- she also stars; he also directs -- don’t know where to take it beyond that initial premise. Rhoda Williams (Marling) was a teenager on course for MIT and greatness before she caused the terrible traffic accident that killed a woman and her small son and put her husband and his father,
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Another Earth – review

There's a good idea at the heart of this low-key sci-fi yarn about our 'mirror' planet, but unfortunately it doesn't really go anywhere

A strange, gloomy, moderately acted damp squib of a movie. It's a low-key high-concept indie sci-fi – a little like Lars von Trier's Melancholia but without the master's twinkly eyed chutzpah. First-time feature director Mike Cahill has undoubtedly got hold of a reasonable idea to start off with. Right out of the blue, one day, a new planet appears really close to Earth. It looks exactly like Earth: same-shaped continents and oceans, and when our scientists make contact, it becomes worryingly apparent there is an exact double of everyone down here, up there, on the planet they're calling "Earth 2". (But as someone points out, that's not what they call themselves; they call us "Earth 2".) Co-screenwriter Brit Marling takes the lead acting role as Rhoda, who
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Éric Rohmer's "Le Rayon Vert" (and More)

"Though Éric Rohmer's breakthrough film stateside was the lustrous black-and-white, winter-set My Night at Maud's (1969), the New Wave architect may be cinema's greatest chronicler of the summer vacation," suggests Melissa Anderson in the Voice. "Among the director's many holiday-set movies, Pauline at the Beach (1983) and A Summer's Tale (1996) explore both the languid pleasures and the romantic anguish of time off during the hottest season. Rohmer's 1986 masterpiece (being re-released with its original French title, which translates as 'The Green Ray'), Le Rayon Vert centers on those themes, too, but delivers something much richer: an absorbing, empathic portrait of a complex woman caught between her own obstinacy and melancholy."

"As Delphine, the lonely but defiant Paris secretary at the center of Le Rayon Vert, Marie Rivière creates an emotionally rich portrait of a young woman disappointed in love who transfers her energies into an anxious quest for the ideal summer vacation.
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Trailer - Another Earth

  • Reelartsy
Writer/director Mike Cahill's intriguing sci-fi drama about a duplicate version of earth was picked up by Fox Searchlight after garnering buzz at last year's Sundance. It's a great premise and the haunting trailer has definitely peaked my interest. Fyi the song used is 'That Home' by The Cinematic Orchestra. It will screen at this year's Los Angeles Film Festival, which starts June 16th.
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First Trailer for Sci-Fi Drama Another Earth

The first trailer for co-writer and director Mike Cahill's (not to be confused with the Mike Cahill that directed King of California) new movie, Another Earth, is now online. Described by Cahill as "part sci-fi, part complex love romance, and 100% poetry meets science," the movie debuted to acclaim at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Dramatic Competition division, with a reviewer for THR declaring it "science fiction at its best."

Next Showing:

Link | Posted 4/22/2011 by BrentJS

William Mapother | Brit Marling | Another Earth
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Check Out Deadline’s 2011 “Directors To Watch” From Sundance Film Festival

It isn’t uncommon to start hearing names of directors attached to big films we do not know anything about. Every year new directors spout up after some amazing film at Sundance or Tiff or even Cannes. Deadline.com has been covering the festival really well and they put out a list of really cool names of directors, and the films they did may makes waves in the upcoming year. Sundance has launched new directors’ careers for decades, most famously Steven Soderbergh with his 1989 sex, lies, and videotape. In recent years, helmers including Ryan Fleck (2006’s Half Nelson) and Cary Fukunaga (2009’s Sin Nombre) broke through at the festival. Two years ago it was 500 Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb who has broken through the threshold, now he has the keys to the Spider-man franchise.

I thought the list was really cool and can’t wait to see where some
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Sundance 2011 U.S. Dramatic Competition: Braden King, Sean Durkin and Jeff Nichols Among the 16 Selected

Let me toot my own horn a bit. Of the 16 selected films out of 1,102 submissions, I accurately predicted 12. Out of the four that didn't fly on my radar we find American New Wave 25 selected Sean Durkin, who will make it back to back years in Park City. He featured the marvelous, creepy Mary Last Seen there, and would start lensing Martha Marcy May Marlene in the summer...but my thinking was he was Cannes-bound with this one...he may still be, but Sundance is world preem launching pad for the pic. Sam Levinson's debut film, which formerly went by "The Reasonable Bunch" and now has a conflict of interest with the Aussie film by the same title (The Loved Ones) has plenty of star wattage -- but I think the real reason to be buzzed about the film in young actor Ezra Miller who broke out in Afterschool and
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Covert Affairs - Episode 1.02 - Walter's Walk - Recap

  • SpoilerTV - Recaps
So there's one question I had going into episode 2, could Covert Affairs keep up the momentum after its premiere last week? I think it does and I dare say, Covert Affairs might end up being one of the best written spy shows we have. This week's episode didn't have any new info about Ben but we did get a new character, Jai Wilcox, played by someone who had the name of Mohinder Suresh. Spoilers Ahead.

The episode starts with a flashback of Annie and Ben on the beach happy, then we see Annie fighting with that Russian assassin, his hands around her neck --Cut to Annie jumping out of her sleep. She went from a sweet dream to a nightmare.

That morning her sister wants her to sign papers that in case something happened to her would make Annie the guardian of her kids. Annie says she'll think about it.
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King of California: A straight-to-dvd jewel!

  • t5m.com
“Its still the middle of nowhere… there’s just more people here.” I am what the UK Film Council’s survey on ‘UK Audiences and Indicators of Commercial Viability’ would refer to as a film ‘aficionado’. The word sounds complimentary – perhaps it’s just the Hispanic twang – but it really means ‘devoted amateur’. This is essentially another way of saying that I am pretentious enough to watch foreign language and art house films, but I still need to have my opinions formed for me by critics and real ‘film buffs’. The thing I hate most about this typology is not that it is reductive… but that it is 100% accurate! I studied cinema for three years at university, and I am still working my way through the titanic backlog of films and filmmakers that I want to be well versed in. Every new film throws up five more that inspired, or were inspired by,
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Douglas in "Solitary"

Millennium Films has set Michael Douglas will play a car mogul in Millennium Films' "Solitary Man." According to reliable sources, Jenna Fischer, Susan Sarandon and funnyman Danny DeVito are in negotiations to co-star in the film. Direction is by duo David Levien and Brian Koppelman from the screenplay written by Koppelman with production rumored to begin sometime in November in the Big Apple. Douglas plays a man who owned a chain of car dealership who is left with a desimated marriage and career. Producing are Steven Soderbergh and Paul Schiff with Joe Gatta, Trevor Short, Avi Lerner, Moshe Diamant and Danny Dimbort in executive producer positions. Douglas was last in the Mike Cahill indie dramedy "King of California" alongside Evan Rachel Wood. He's in post-production phase for Mark Waters' "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. Additionally, he leads the cast of Amber Tamblyn,
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‘Twilight’ actress to star in ‘Summer’

Ashley Greene has signed on to star in Lee De Marbre’s upcoming indie horror thriller “Summer,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The only thing known about the film’s plot at this stage is that Green’s character will encounter a family of serial killers while she’s looking for the father she’s never met.

Stephen McHattie, Barbara Niven and Peter Mooney recently boarded the project and will play the members of the murderous family.

Lee De Marbre is directing a script by Sean Hogan and Christine Conradt. “Summer” is the film’s current working title and may change at a later stage.

Green recently appeared in Mike Cahill’s “King of California.” She will next be seen as Alice Cullen in Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight.”

McHattie’s acting credits include “A History of Violence,” “300” and Zach Snyder’s upcoming “Watchmen.” Niven is known for TV’s “Pensacola” Wings of Gold,
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Cahill's 'King of California' moving to Tiff + Poster one sheet!

  • If you want to make your first film and need production money consider product placement or in this case – shooting your film in locations that Americans have made famous worldwide. The film which was featured at the Sundance film festival will also be shown at the Toronto film festival – a selection that so far has not been announced. First Look Pictures first picked up King of California during the Sundance film fest – I had noticed character posters for Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood
[/link] and Michael Douglas and now the merger of the two central characters is complete with the latest one sheet. Flp releases the film on the 14th of September. Michael Cahill’s directorial debut is about 16 –year-old Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood) who has already been abandoned by her mother, dropped out of school and has been supporting herself as an employee at McDonald’s while her father Charlie (Michael Douglas
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First Look buys pic fit for a ‘King’

  • As part of a serious refocus in acquistions, the folks at First Look picked up one more Sundance selection. Mike CahillMichael Cahill
[/link]’s directorial and screenwriting debut was produced by Alexander Payne, Michael London, Avi Lerner and Randall Emmett. The King of California is a dark comedy that stars Michael Douglas as a father who returns home after being released from a mental institution, much to the chagrin of his beleaguered 16-year-old daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). She reluctantly embarks on one of her father's long string of crazy schemes: a plan to unearth gold buried by Spanish missionaries in California....
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Sundance 2007 preview: Premieres

  • Quick Links  Complete Film Listing: Dramatic Comp  Documentary Comp World Dramatic Comp World Documentary Comp Spectrum Park City at Midnight: New Frontier Short Film Programs January 18 to 28, 2007 Counting Down: updateCountdownClock('January 18, 2007'); This year’s premiere selections give a couple of hot titles for the buyer’s market, satisfies a pair of indie distributors in Paramount Vantage and Lionsgate and rolls out the carpet for actor and director Sundance alumni. Paramount Vantage will showcase Craig BrewerCraig Brewer
[/link]’s Black Snake Moan and Mike White’s Year of the Dog while Lionsgate gets to showcase their Toronto film festival pick up in Sarah Polley’s Away From Her and the spring release of Marco Kreuzpaintner’s Trade. After the successful money maker of The Illusionist, the Yari Film Group might want to keep Rod Lurie’s Resurrecting the Champ for their own.Bidding wars should break out for Tommy O'Haver’s An American Crime,
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Sundance 2007 Preview

  • Here is the complete listing for this year's Sundance film festival which kicks off tomorrow!January 18 to 28, 2007 Counting Down: updateCountdownClock('January 18, 2007'); Premiere's section lineup:An American Crime (2007)An American Crime
[/link] - Tommy O'Haver Away From Her - Sarah Polley Black Snake Moan - Craig BrewerChapter 27 - Jarrett Schaefer Chicago 10 - Brett Morgen Clubland - Cherie Nowlan The Good Night - Jake Paltrow King of California - Mike Cahill Life Support - Nelson George Longford - Tom Hooper The Nines - John August Resurrecting the Champ - Rod Lurie The Savages - Tamara Jenkins Son of Rambow - Garth Jennings Summer Rain - Antonio Banderas Trade - Marco Kreuzpaintner Year of the Dog - Mike White Dramatic Competition:Adrift in Manhattan - Alfredo de Villa Broken English - Zoe CassavetesFour Sheets to the Wind - Sterlin HarjoThe Good Life - Steve BerraGrace Is Gone - James C. StrouseHounddog - Deborah Kampmeier Joshua
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