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Other Works

  • Essay: "Why Spy?", "Playboy" (USA), February 1988, p.104-105+148-154.
  • Article: "What We Get By Giving", "Playboy" (USA), December 1991, p.152-154+200.
  • Article: "Querencia", "Playboy" (USA), January 1993, p.98-100+182-184.
  • Article: "What I Know About Women", "Playboy" (USA), January 1994, p.82-84+273.
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Mongoose R.I.P." (1987)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Tucker's Last Stand" (1990)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "High Jinx" (1986)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "A Very Private Plot" (1994)
  • Book: "Up from Liberalism," 1959.
  • Book: "Gratitude: Reflections on What We Owe to Our Country," 1990.
  • Book: "God and Man at Yale," 1977.
  • Essay: "The Future Of Virtue", "Playboy" (USA), January 2000. p.99+256.
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Saving the Queen" (1976)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Stained Glass" (1979)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Who's on First" (1980)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Marco Polo, if You Can" (1982)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "The Story of Henri Tod" (1984)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "See You Later, Alligator" (1985)
  • Novel (featuring Blackford Oakes): "Last Call for Blackford Oakes" (2005)
  • Novel: "The Rake" (2007)
  • Novel: "Getting It Right" (2003)
  • Novel: "Nuremberg: The Reckoning" (2002)
  • Novel: "Elvis in the Morning" (2001)
  • Novel: "Spytime: The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton" (2001)
  • Novel: "The Redhunter: A Novel Based on the Life of Senator Joe McCarthy" (1999)
  • Novel: "Brothers No More" (1995)
  • Novel: "The Temptation of Wilfred Malachey" (1985)
  • Column, "The Guilt for My Lai May Hit Very Close to Home," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 12 December 1969.
  • Column, "What Israel Has Forgotten," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 8 January 1969.
  • Column, "Schlesinger Wouldn't Go Along With Hawky Statement on Israel," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 19 June 1967.
  • Column, "It's Probably Too Late to Save Vietnam, but Whose Fault Is It?," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 1 January 1965.
  • Column, "Accession of Johnson May Have Injured Goldwater's Candidacy," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 2 December 1963.
  • Column, "That Big March on Washington: Why Not One to Liberate Cubans?," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 19 August 1963.
  • Column, "Why Do Liberals Fail to See Perils of Left?," Published in "The Los Angeles Times," 6 May 1962.
  • Memoir, "Flying High: Remembering Barry Goldwater," New York City, NY, Published by Basic Books, 2008, ISBN0-465-00836-4.
  • (March 1 to April 8, 1989) His play, "Stained Glass," was performed in a Humana Festival production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with William McNulty (Count Axel Wintergrin); William Carden (Blackford Oakes); Adale O'Brien (Countess Wintergrin); Barbara Gulan (Erika Chadinoff); Donald Symington (Dean Acheson); William Swan (Allen Dulles); Edward James Hyland (Rufus); Mark Sawyer-Dailey (Roland Himmelfarb); James MacDonald (Jurgen Wagner); John Dennis Johnston (Andy Grossinger); George Gerdes (Alfred North (A.W.) Whitehead) and Andy Backer (Bolgin) in the cast. Steven Schachter was director.

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