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  • (1917 - 1957) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1917) Stage Play: Hitchy-Koo. Musical revue. Book by Harry Grattan, Glen MacDonough and E. Ray Goetz. Music by E. Ray Goetz. Lyrics by Harry Grattan, Glen MacDonough and E. Ray Goetz. Musical Director: William Daly. Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Featuring songs by William White and Albert von Tilzer. Featuring songs with lyrics by Bert Hanlon and Lew Brown [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by The Washington Square Players. Costume Design by Mme. Freisinger, Dazian, Willy Pogany, W.H. Matthews Jr. and Robert Locher. Directed by Leon Errol and Julian Mitchell. Cohan and Harris Theatre (moved to The Liberty Theatre from 27 Aug 1917 to Sep 1917, then moved to The 44th Street Theatre from 24 Sep 1917 to close): 7 Jun 1917- 15 Dec 1917 (220 performances). Cast: Florenz Ames, Helen Bond, Irene Bordoni, Florence Cripps, Leon Errol, William D. Galpen, Raymond Hitchcock, William Holbrook, Roy Hoyer, Teddy Hudson, Frank Keller, Dorothy Klewer, Grace La Rue, George Moore, Alfred Newman, William Rock, Felix Rush, Cissie Sewell, Eleanor St. Clair, Florence Ware, Frances White, Trixie Whiteford, Adelaide Winthrop. Produced by Raymond Hitchcock and E. Ray Goetz.
  • (1917) Stage Play: Words and Music. Musical revue. Music by E. Ray Goetz. Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz. Material by Raymond Hitchcock. Words said to be by William Shakespeare. Music said to be by Ludwig van Beethoven. Featuring songs by William White, Jean Schwartz, Albert von Tilzer and Harry Ruby. Featuring songs with lyrics by Lew Brown, Edgar Leslie and Bert Kalmar [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Leon Errol. Fulton Theatre: 24 Dec 1917- Jan 1918 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Edna Aug, Annette Bade, Elizabeth Brice, Martine Burnley (as "Chorus"), Richard Carle, Ellen Cassidy, Mildred Colby (as "Eve"), Wellington Cross (as "A Yogi, a Husband, a Lieutenant, and a Toy Soldier"), Jeanne Dare, Marion Davies (as "Gaby Delsys"), Lillian Davis (as "Lucretia Borgia"), Gordon Dooley (as "Whirlwind/Inbad"), Ray Dooley (as "Gazzolean/Whirlwind"), William Dooley (as "Al Radish/Whirlwind"), Flo Hart (as "Cora Pearl"), Ben Hendricks Jr. (as "A Famous Composer"), Dorothy Herman (as "Katie"), Evelyn Kerner (as "Lola Montez"), Dorothy Koffee (as "Madamella Pompadour"), Gladys Logan (as "A Commuter"), Maurie Madison (as "Chorus"), Frank Mayne (as "A Distinguished Playwright"), Evelyn Monte (as "Delilah"), Dot Quintette (as "Chorus"), Anna May Seymour (as "A Stenographer, an Usheress"), Harry Seymour (as "The Yogi's Assistant"), Harry Tanner (as "A Plain Clothes Man"), Edythe Whitney (as "Circe"), Jay Wilson (as "A Gambler"). Produced by Raymond Hitchcock and E. Ray Goetz.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Three Cheers. Musical comedy. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Book by Anne Caldwell (also lyrics) and R.H. Burnside. Additional music by Ray Henderson and Leslie Sarony. Musical Director: George Hirste. Globe Theatre: 15 Oct 1928- 13 Apr 1929 (210 performances). Cast: Edward Allan, Sally Anderson, Bub Baldwin, Regina Burke, Noreen Callow, Doris Carter, Jean Castleton, Charles Conkling, Peggy Cunningham, Anna May Dennehy, Thea Dore, Tanya Dumova, Maude Eburne, Alan Edwards, Jeanne Edwards, Richard Ellis, Floyd English, Ruth Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald (as "Ensemble"), Cynthia Foley, Helene Franz, Ottille George, Clara Gillette, Louise Gillette, Evelyn Greer, Marjory Griffiths, Mabel Hall, Kathryn Hereford, Sadie Hudson, Irving Jackson, Queenie James, Mimi Jordan, Helen Kaiser, Patsy Kelly, Dick Kennedy, William Kerschell, John Lambert, Maxine Lorenz, Helen MacDonald, Geraldine Markham, Muriel Marlowe, Emily Martin, Tom McLaughlin, Cora Meary, Dolly Mosley, James Murray, Evelyn Nelson, Vera O'Brien, Blanche O'Donohue, Gladys Pender, Leonia Pennington, Florine Phelps, Irene Phelps, Dorothy Phillips, Bella Pilling, Nickie Pitell, Phyllis Rae, Oscar Ragland (as "The Duke"), Evangeline Raleigh, Mozelle Ransome, Wilbur Reviere, Phyllis Reynolds, Florence Rice, Anna Riley, Will Rogers (as "King Pompanola"), Dorothy Sabin, Joseph Shrode, Florence Stack, Jane Stafford, Jet Stanley, Dorothy Stone, Ralph Thomson, Frances Thress, Peggy Timmons, Andrew Tombes (as "George Mullins"), William Torpey, William Valentine, Janet Velie, Winthrop Wayne, Alice Wright, Doris Yates. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Manhattan Mary. Musical comedy. Music by Ray Henderson. Book by Billy K. Wells and George White. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh. Musical Director: William Daly. Costume Design by Max Weldy. Scenic Design by William Oden Waller. Additional Costumes by Schneider-Anderson Company and Juliette. Directed by George White. Apollo Theatre: 26 Sep 1927- 12 May 1928 (264 performances). Cast: Ed Wynn (as "Crickets"), Ona Munson (as "Mary Brennan"), George White (as "Himself"), Vada Alexander, Mae Clark (as "Viola Fay"), Harland Dixon (as "Bob Sterling, Stage Manager of Scandals"), Sue Elliott, Mary Farley, Suzanne Fleming, Paul Frawley (as "Jimmy Moore, Mary's Sweetheart"), Messrs. Goff, Kerr and Barth (as "Embassy Boys"), Lou Holtz (as "Sam Platz, a Bond Salesman"), Ray Hunt, Sam Ledner, Doree Leslie, The McCarthy Sisters, Victor Munro (as "Micky, A Hudson Duster"), Harry Oldridge (as "Police Sergeant/His Honor, the Mayor of New York City"), Amy Revere (as "Helen King, Premiere Danseuse of Scandals"), Marcel Rousseau (as "M. Max Duval, of the Folies Bergere, Paris"), The Scott Sisters, James Scott, Adele Smith, Paul Stanton (as "R.C. "Arcy" Black, a Bond Broker"), Dorothy Walters. Produced by George White.
  • Story: "Obey That Impulse" (filmed as Indiscreet (1931))
  • (1939) Stage Play: Yokel Boy. Musical comedy. Book by Lew Brown. Music by Lew Brown, Charles Tobias and Sam H. Stept. Lyrics by Lew Brown, Charles Tobias and Sam H. Stept. Choreographed by Gene Snyder. Scenic Design by Walter Jagemann. Directed by Lew Brown. Majestic Theatre: 6 Jul 1939- 6 Jan 1940 (208 performances). Cast: Judy Canova (as "Judy"), Buddy Ebsen (as "Elmer Whipple"), Charles Althoff (as "Grandpa Hawkins, Mayor"), Kalli Barton (as "Yokel Girl"), Bob Beh (as "Yokel Boy"), Lorraine Belore (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Jeanne Bergersen (as "Yokel Girl/Lady of the Ensemble"), James L.A. Burrell (as "Minute Man from Lexington'), Anne Canova [credited as Ann Canova] (as "Annie") [final Broadway role], Zeke Canova (as "Hank") [final Broadway role], Charles Clarke (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Ray Clarke (as "Assistant to "Punko Parks"), Pamela Clifford (as "Yokel Girl"), Helen Cole (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Muriel Cole (as "Yokel Girl"), Phil Crosbie (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Marguerite De Coursey (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Helen Dell (as "Yokel Girl"), Dixie Dunbar (as "Tiny"), Jane Everett (as "Yokel Girl"), Margaret Fitzpatrick (as "Yokel Girl"), Miriam Franklyn (as "Yokel Girl"), Lew Hearn (as "Mr. Rubbish"), Jackie Heller (as "Spud"), Ralph Holmes (as "Jimmy Powell") [final Broadway role], Lois January (as "Mary Hawkins"), Roy Johnston (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Marjorie Johnstone (as "Yokel Girl"), Grace Kaye (as "Yokel Girl"), Glorianna King (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Dick Langdon (as "Doorman/Yokel Boy"), Kathryn Lazell (as "Yokel Girl"), Jeanette Lee (as "Yokel Girl"), Velma Lord (as "Yokel Girl"), Marion Lulling (as "Yokel Girl"), Alice Malteur (as "Yokel Girl"), Joan Mann (as "Yokel Girl"), Gloria Martin (as "Yokel Girl"), Mary Joan Martin (as "Yokel Girl"), Dorothy Matthews (as "Yokel Girl"), Maxine Moore (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), F. Richard Moors (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Eddie Murray (as "Yokel Boy"), Mortimer O'Brien (as "Yokel Boy"), Joseph Peterson (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Mark Plant (as "Blacksmith"), Frances Rands (as "Yokel Girl"), Ruth Rathbun (as "Marie/Yokel Girl"), Jack Richards (as "Another Gateman/Yokel Boy"), Tina Rigat (as "Yokel Girl"), Ralph Riggs (as "Cliff Hawkins"), Ben H. Roberts (as "Sheriff"), Renee Russell (as "Yokel Girl"), Louis Salmon (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Sid Salzer (as "Gateman/Yokel Boy"), Almira Sessions (as "Mrs. Hawkins"), Phil Shaw (as "Yokel Boy"), Donald Showalter (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Phil Silvers (as "Punko Parks") [Broadway debut], Helene Standish (as "Angelina Bouchet/Lady of the Ensemble"), Turnley Walker (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Harold Woodward (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Natalie Wynn (as "Yokel Girl"). Replacement actors: Irene Austin (as "Yokel Girl"), James Burrell [credited as James L.A. Burrell] (as "Spud") [final Broadway role], Peggy Conrad (as "Yokel Girl"), Evelyn Cooper (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Jessie Fullam (as "Yokel Girl"), Bubbles Gordon (as "Yokel Girl"), Mildred Hamilton (as "Yokel Girl"). Produced by Lew Brown. Note: Filmed as Yokel Boy (1942).
  • (1930) Stage Play: Flying High. Musical comedy. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. Book by John McGowan, Lew Brown and Buddy G. DeSylva. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Directed by George White and Edward C. Lilley. Apollo Theatre: 3 Mar 1930- 3 Jan 1931 (355 performances). Cast: Joanna Allen (as "Ensemble"), Andy Anderson (as "Ensemble"), Jack Bedford (as "Ensemble"), Walter Blair (as "Ensemble"), Hazel Boffinger (as "Ensemble"), Grace Brinkley (as "Eileen Cassidy"), Jane Brown (as "Ensemble"), Russ Brown (as "Sport Wardell"), Jack Bruns (as "Mr. Charles"), Bobbie Campbell (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Case (as "Ensemble"), Warren Crosby (as "Ensemble"), Charles Davis (as "Ensemble"), Dody Donnelly (as "Ensemble"), Bernie Dossitt (as "Ensemble"), Lois Eckhart (as "Ensemble"), George Ford (as "Ensemble"), Jane Gale (as "The Gale Quadruplets"), Jean Gale (as "The Gale Quadruplets"), Joan Gale (as "The Gale Quadruplets"), June Gale (as "The Gale Quadruplets"), Peggy Gallimore (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Hall (as "Judy Trent"), Elmer Hertel (as "Ensemble"), Beth Holt (as "Ensemble"), Rita Horgan (as "Ensemble"), James Howard (as "Ensemble"), Don Hudson (as "Ensemble"), Jesse James (as "Ensemble"), Renee Johnson (as "Ensemble"), Phil King(as "Ensemble"), Bert Lahr (as "Rusty Krause"), Barbara Lee (as "Ensemble"), Robert Lewis (as "Ensemble"), Bob Lively (as "Tim"), Fred Manatt (as "Major Watts, M.D."), Florence Marriner (as "Ensemble"), Edith Martin (as "Ensemble"), Vivian Mathison (as "Ensemble"), John McCahill (as "Ensemble"), Maurine McNeil (as "Ensemble"), Clarence Meyers (as "Ensemble"), Carol Miller (as "Ensemble"), Helene Miller (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Morgan (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Moseley (as "Ensemble"), William Murray (as "Ensemble"), James Notarro (as "Ensemble"), Pearl Osgood (as "Bunny McHugh"), Gladys Page (as "Ensemble"), Mickey Ray (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Ring (as "Ensemble"), Cornelia Rogers (as "Ensemble"), Charles Rose (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Sampson (as "Ensemble"), Gus Schilling (as "Ensemble"), Diana Seaby (as "Ensemble"), Len Shaw (as "Mr. Henry"), Oscar Shaw (as "Tod Addison"), Carolyn Sickle (as "Ensemble"), Robert Silva (as "Ensemble"), Kate Smith (as "Pansy Sparks") [final Broadway role], Jane Stafford (as "Ensemble"), Flora Taylor (as "Ensemble"), Benjamin Tilberg (as "Ensemble"), Betty Travers (as "Ensemble"), Al Vickers (as "Ensemble"), Daniel Wakeley (as "Ensemble"), Mildred Webb (as "Ensemble"), Henry Whittemore (as "Gordon Turner"). Produced by George White. Note (1): One of the few major post-crash hits on Broadway. (2) Filmed by MGM as Flying High (1931), directed by Charles Reisner with Mr. Lahr repeating his starring role.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Calling All Stars. Musical revue. Sketches by Lew Brown, A. Dorian Otvos, Alan Baxter, Home Fickett, Billy K. Wells and H.I. Philips. Music by Harry Akst. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek and Conrad Salinger. Dances and ensembles directed by Maurice L. Kussel. Scenic Design by Nat Karson. Costume Design by Billi Livingston. Lighting Design by Abe Feder. Strauss dances directed by Sara Mildred Strauss. Entire production supervised by Lew Brown. Directed by by Thomas Mitchell and Lew Brown. Hollywood Theatre: 13 Dec 1934- 12 Jan 1935 (36 performances). Cast: Edna Abbey, Janet Abbott, Eunice Altea, Alice Anderson, Alice Anthon, Arthur Auerbach, Phil Baker, Alice Bankert, Al Bernie, Babette Bissinger, Alice Blair, Anthony Blair, Mary Bolles, Patricia Bowman, George Brady, Ann Budnik, Emma Burke, Olga Burke, Dolores Campbell, Anne Canova [Broadway debut], Judy Canova [Broadway debut], Pete Canova [credited as Peter Canova], Zeke Canova [Broadway debut], Gloria Claire, Catherine Clark, Marie Cole, Irene Coleman, Nathalie Crandall, Marguerite De Coursey, Rena Dell, Anita Ferne, Pat C. Flick, Gladys Glancy, George Gordon, Roxy Green, Revalie Haber, Billy Hale, Marion Heemsath, Orchid Henson, Lou Holtz, George Hunter, Estelle Jayne, Eddie Johnson, Sel Jos, Iris Kingsley, Viola Lenn, Clark Leston, Ella Logan, Eleanor Low, Helen Mack, Ned Maisel, Joan Manners, Everett Marshall, Camilla Masters, Gloria Mausier, Mitzi Mayfair, Sara Mazo, June McGraol, Harry McNaughton, June McNulty, William Meader, Ann Metzger, Gertrude Michael, Elsie Mindell, Ruth Morgan, June Murphy, Gertrude Niesen, Rose Palmer, Grace Patterson, Harry Patterson, Ellen Pratt, Grace Pearce, Jean Rauley, Martha Raye [Broadway debut], D. Raymond, Grace Rochester, Sara Mildred Strauss Dancers, Munice Sich, Frances Sinclair, Polly Sturgeon, Jack Tally, Peggy Taylor and Her Dancing Pirates, Lorraine Teatom, June Tempest, Bobby Theiss, Cynthia Thompson, Emily Von Hoven, Marguerite White, 'Jack Whiting' (qv, Joan Whitney. Produced by Lew Brown.
  • (1928) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. Book by George White and Billy K. Wells. Musical Direction by William Daly. Featuring songs by Ballard MacDonald, Dave Dreyer, Ted Fio Rito, Abel Baer, J. Fred Coots and Neil Moret. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ballard MacDonald, Dave Dreyer, Richard Whiting, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Lou Davis, Edward G. Nelson and Harry Pease. Costume Design by Erté and Charles Le Maire. Musical Staging by George White and Russell Markert. Directed by George White. Apollo Theatre: 2 Jul 1928- 19 Jan 1929 (240 performances). Cast: Gladys Astor, Marjorie Barley, Bernice & Emily, William Blanche, Pearl Bradley, Barbara Bright, Mary Brown, Arthur Cardinal, Alvina Carson, Violet Carson, James Carty, Kathryn Cathcart, Marie Cole, Beryl Collinson, Jean Cutler, Marion Cutler, Rae Davis, Dorothy Dawn, Marion Dickson, Elsie Duffy, Lois Eckhart, Elm City Four, Jacqueline Feeley, Selma Freeman, Ednamay French, Ivy Gayner, Elise Gerndon, Dolly Gilbert, Marjorie Gilbet, Ruth Goodwin, Ivena Hall, Ann Hardman, The Hastings Twins, Mitzi Hayes, Mabel Hill, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Helen Howe, Renee Johnson, Arnol Johnson's Band, Marie Keve, Wynne Lark, Muriel LeCount, Georgia Lerch, Alice Lorraine, Frances Lyle, June MacCloy, Boots Mallory, Margaret Manners, Marion Martin, Laverta McCormack, Isabel Mohr, Harry Morrissey, Peggy Moseley, Gloria Murray, Catherine NaVarro, Jo Navarro, Louise Newman, William O'Neal, Gloria O'Neil, Belle Osborne, Margie O'Shea, Mildred Ott, Arthur Page, Sally Parsons, Tom Patricola, Ann Pennington, Rose Perfect, Edna Rabbe, Catherine Reynolds, Harry Richman, Florence Robinson, The Russell Markert Dancers, Lilyan Sabolis, May Slattery, Gertrude Smith, Elsie St. Clare, Dorothy Stewart, The George White Girls, Frances Williams, Geraldine Wright. Produced by George White.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Hot-Cha! Musical comedy. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Book by Mark Hellinger, H.S. Kraft, Ray Henderson and Lew Brown. Based on a story by H.S. Kraft. Musical Direction by Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by John Harkrider. Choreographed by Bobby Connolly. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor and Edward C. Lilley. Ziegfeld Theatre: 8 Mar 1932-18 Jun 1932 (119 performances). Cast: Iris Adrian, Louise Allen, Mary Ann, Nick Basil, Miriam Battista, Herman Belmonte, Leonard Berry, Virginia Biddle, Joan Burgess, Alice Burrage, Tito Coral, Mary Coyle, Jack Daley, Dorothy Day, Antonio de Marco, Renee De Marco, Louis Delgado, Alan DeSylva, Marion Dixon, Dody Donnelly, Betty Dumbris, Prudence Edgar, Georgia Ellis, Jules Epailly (as "Store Keeper, Manuel"), Harriet Fink, Marjorie Fisher, Dorothy Flood, John Fulco, Robert Gleckler, Pearl Harris, Patty Hastings, Florence Healy, Hernandez Brothers, Theo Holley, Jean Howard, Stanley Howard, Mercedes Hughes, Alfonso Iglesias, Dorothy Kal, Gloria Kelly, Tom Kelly, June Knight, Frances Kruger, Charles La Torre, Bert Lahr (as "Alky Schmidt"), Jane Lane, Rose Louise, Evelyn Lowrie, Neva Lynn, June MacCloy, Frances Markey, Edwin Marsh, Mary Joan Martin, Lorelle McCarver, Lou Ann Meredith, Rosalie Milan, Vic Monroe, Grace Moore, Pauline Moore, George O'Brien, Ethel O'Dell, Catherine O'Neil, Lester Ostrander, Lynne Overman (as "Hap Wilson"), Arthur Page, Sherry Pelham, Theo Phane, Lilyan Picard, Eleanor Powell (as "Dancer"), Basil Prock, Polly Ray, Carol Renwick, Mary Alice Rice, Wilburn Riviere, Buddy Rogers (as "Jack Whitney"), Alma Ross, William Ruppel, Mina Ruskin, Marion Santre, Roy Sedley, Gertrude Sheffield, Marie Stevens, Kay Stewart, Thomas Thompson, Lupe Velez (as "Conchita"), Veloz and Yolanda, Efim Vitis, Marion Volk, Molly Wakefield, Diana Walker, Lorraine Webb, Mildred Webb, Marjorie White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..

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