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Classic Movie Review: Exotica, a Canadian thriller from 1994!

Sexplortation drama is a very difficult movie subject to take serious, for example Demi Moores movie "Striptease" from 1996 did everything wrong with a story about strippers life but poorly executed with uncomfortable actors and actresses. But 2 years before that, one movie from Canada manage to do everything right. "Exotica" from 1994 with a superb director from Egypt Atom Egoyan, and a great Star Trek actor Bruce Greenwood on the cast list, Exotica not only makes a sexplortation but an exiting thriller and a heart feeling drama and the story is not told but added in like a puzzle piece by piece. Story: Francis Brown (Bruce Greenwood) is a Tax Auditor, who lives a lonely life. He is visiting a strip club named Exotica...

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Will The Dark Knight Rises Be Over 3 Hours Long?

President of MediaWorks, Roger Nail, yesterday tweeted that his wife, Francie Brown, was headed off to see a big summer movie. Based on the clue of "The Dark one" most of us assume he meant The Dark Knight Rises. Would you like another reason why we believe it's for the new Batman movie? I'm glad you asked. See, his wife Francie Brown is a dialect coach. She has worked with Christian Bale on eight films and her husband even tweeted in August that she was working with Marion Cotillard in Pittsburgh. In the past Francie has also been quoted as saying that part of her job is going over the final cut of a film. The quote below is from 2007, and is about her working with Christian Bale on 3:10 to Yuma. "I very often will review the finished cut and look for places where there are slips, so that
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‘A Fan’s Notes’ Eyes TV Series Adaptation

Producer Gary Pearl is putting together a TV series project based on Frederick Exley Jr’s semi-autobiographical novel A Fan’s Notes. The 1968 book deals with alcoholism, shock therapy and sports fandom and chronicles a man’s life lived in abject failure while seeking fame and driving himself and all those around him down a path of destruction. “It’s a brilliantly written parable, a diary for our time about self-destruction in pursuit of personal celebrity and ultimate fame, the kind that lasts beyond one’s lifetime,” said Pearl, who is producing with Jeffrey Shane and David Burton Morris. It took Pearl several years to track down and secure the rights to the book, and the he spent time trying to make it into a feature film before deciding that a series adaptation would work better, something to which Exley’s twin sister Francis Brown agreed. (A Fan’s Notes
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The Contender

If Christian Bale wins an Academy Award next year—and his odds are good—the first person he should thank is his daughter. It was at an event for her school that Bale ran into Mark Wahlberg, whose daughter is a fellow student. Wahlberg had spent years developing a movie called "The Fighter," which tells the true story of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his offbeat, often overbearing family. Wahlberg knew he needed the perfect actor to portray Ward's half-brother and trainer, Dickie Eklund, a once-great pugilist who had lost his career to a crippling addiction to crack. "The first time I saw Christian," Wahlberg recalls of their chance encounter, "I was like, 'Holy fuck. I've figured it out.' " Before long, Wahlberg and Bale were spending time in the town of Lowell, Mass., where Ward and Eklund still live, learning about the brothers' lives and getting to know the family.
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