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Doc NYC Lifetime Achievement Awards announced by Anne-Katrin Titze - 2018-10-12 16:50:45

Wim Wenders to be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award and will present Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word at Doc NYC Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

At the fifth annual Doc NYC Visionaries Tribute luncheon, Wim Wenders (Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word in the Short List program) and Orlando Bagwell (A Hymn For Alvin Ailey in Docs Redux) will be presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin (Free Solo in Short List) will receive the Robert and Anne Drew Award for observational filmmaking.

Free Solo and Meru directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi with Tom Brokaw at 21 Club Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

Among those on the host committee are Jon Alpert, Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, Barbara Kopple, Dan Cogan, Michael Moore, Chris Hegedus, Da Pennebaker, Sheila Nevins, Andrew Rossi, Dawn Porter, Tom Quinn, and Roger Ross Williams.

Last year’s honorees were Errol Morris,
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‘Free Solo’: Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi could collect Oscar Iou for ‘Meru’

‘Free Solo’: Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi could collect Oscar Iou for ‘Meru’
Three years after making “Meru,” a documentary about a trio of mountain climbers, the risk averse husband and wife directing team of Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi are back with “Free Solo.” Their new film chronicles one man’s attempt to climb Yosemite’s El Capitan unaided. Free solo means no ropes, no safety harnesses, nothing. Alex Honnold, 33, is set on scampering up three thousand feet of nooks, crannies, edges and in places, flat slippery rock with seemingly nothing to grab onto.

“Meru” made the Oscar short list of 15 for Best Documentary. Unfortunately, despite a number of industry luncheons — one in New York was moderated by fan Tom Brokaw — the film met a mountain it couldn’t climb. It was denied an Oscar nomination. The audience award at Sundance didn’t matter to the academy.

At the recent New York premiere of “Free Solo,” fans like Ben Stiller (he
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Why NBC News Can’t Shake Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Story

  • Variety
NBC News was in October of 2017 where most news outlets want to be: sitting on a juicy scoop. Now its decision to let journalist Ronan Farrow take that exclusive to a rival has developed into a tremendous pain in the rear – and one that isn’t likely to subside.

New scrutiny of the situation sparked last night after Rich McHugh, NBC News’ former supervising producer of investigative reporting, accused top NBC News executives in an interview with The New York Times of trying to block him and Farrow from reporting on sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Farrow’s work was eventually printed in The New Yorker and awarded a Pulitzer. NBC News faced similar opprobrium in the fall of 2016 when it was scooped by The Washington Post on the existence of a tape from “Access Hollywood” — a show that is part of its parent, NBCUniversal – featuring a younger Donald
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NBC News Faces New Accusations It Blocked Weinstein Reporting

  • Variety
NBC News generates dozens of news items each day, but there’s one story that the NBCUniversal unit simply can’t bring to an end.

NBC News’ handling of allegations of sexual harassment against powerful men is once again under scrutiny after Rich McHugh, the unit’s former supervising producer of investigative reporting lambasted top management for failing to follow through on a credible probe of accusations levied against Harvey Weinstein. NBC News faced similar opprobrium in the fall of 2016 when it was scooped by The Washington Post on the existence of a tape from “Access Hollywood” – a show that is part of NBCUniversal – that depicted a younger Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women and acknowledging he would grab them by their genitals.

“Is there anyone in the journalistic community who actually believes NBC didn’t breach its journalistic duty to continue reporting this story? Something else must have been going on,
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After 40 Years, Bob Costas Is Ready To Say Goodbye To NBC

Over the past four decades, there has been one sports commentator for NBC who has stood out above the rest, and that's Bob Costas. Unfortunately, Bob has surprised a great many people by asking the network for an early release from his contract, which isn't due to expire until 2021. In an interview with USA Today, he commented, "There was a very long period of time when NBC’s programming suited my interests and abilities very well, from [late-night talk show] Later, to the news magazines, to baseball, the NBA, and the Olympics. And after deciding on my own to leave the Olympics after having done a dozen of them, you just look around and say, ‘What was once a perfect fit no longer fits that description.’" He added to The New York Post, "Sometimes you get to a point where it is not a fit anymore. It doesn’t mean that anyone is angry or upset.
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Hollywood & Beltway On Summit: Schwarzenegger Calls Donald Trump “Little Wet Noodle, Little Fan Boy” – Update

Refresh for updates Even for Twitter. Even for Hollywood. Even for Beltway pundits and Democratic politicians – the social media response to President Donald Trump’s apparent siding with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over United States intelligence agencies has been nearly as astounding as Trump’s history-making words.

Standing next to Putin in Helsinki today, Trump was asked by reporters about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as outlined Friday in Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian military officers.

Said Trump: “My people came to me, Dan Coates came to me and some others, they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be….But I have — I have confidence in both parties.”

By early afternoon Eastern Time, the No.1 trend worldwide on Twitter was #TreasonSummit.
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Three Identical Strangers – Review

Okay, this is a tad unusual for the frothy, escapist entertainment of Summer. After just a week, it’s time for another venture into the world of documentaries. Last week the film that opened was another “show-biz personality” doc all about the life of Whitney Houston, just a few weeks after the box office smash (for a doc) profile of the late Fred Rogers, Won’T You Be My Neighbor? Like those films, this week’s release has been collecting praise and awards at several festivals around the country. And though it touches on the perils of publicity, it’s roots are more in the investigation type of non-fiction film, so much so that it’s no wonder that one of the producers is CNN Films (whose other great recent theatrical releases include Life Itself and Blackfish). This also focuses on universal themes of family, even though the subjects siblings are really Three Identical Strangers.
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Comcast Boss Taken To Task Over NBC’s Matt Lauer Probe

  • Deadline
The leaders of two advocacy groups are calling on Comcast and its board to take a deeper look at the company’s culture in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations leveled against longtime anchor Matt Lauer.

An investigation by NBCUniversal’s legal team last month exonerated NBC News management of any wrongdoing in connection with Lauer’s workplace conduct, though advocacy groups criticized the company’s decision not to have an outside law firm conduct the review.

“There is clearly something wrong with a work environment reluctant to hold high-status employees accountable,” UltraViolet and the National Organization for Women in New York City in an open letter to Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts published ahead of Comcast’s annual shareholder meeting on June 11.

The report found “no evidence” suggesting that NBC News executives, Today show leaders or human resources staff received any complaints about Lauer’s behavior prior to Nov.
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Sun Valley 2018 Guest List Includes Shari Redstone, Leslie Moonves, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Sun Valley 2018 Guest List Includes Shari Redstone, Leslie Moonves, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg (Exclusive)
Things could get awkward at Sun Valley, the annual gathering of moguls and media barons taking place next month in Idaho.

Shari Redstone and Leslie Moonves, currently locked in a fierce battle for control of CBS that has them trading legal jabs and corporate put-downs on a daily basis, have both been invited to the one-percent confab. By the time Sun Valley takes place in July, Moonves may have succeeded in his plan to dilute the Redstone family’s control of CBS and prevent a shotgun merger with Viacom. If he fails, he could be out of a job.

Viacom CEO and Redstone favorite Bob Bakish’s name does not appear on the list.

Redstone and Moonves aren’t the only big names gassing up the private jets and hitting Idaho for Allen & Co.’s annual media conference. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon head Jeff Bezos, General Motors CEO Mary Barra,
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Ashleigh Banfield Blasts Sherita Dixon-Cole Over Sexual-Assault Accusation Against Cop: ‘You’re Not Helping’

Ashleigh Banfield Blasts Sherita Dixon-Cole Over Sexual-Assault Accusation Against Cop: ‘You’re Not Helping’
The woman who accused a Texas state trooper of sexual assault could soon face criminal charges, after body cam video revealed no evidence of misconduct.

But before she deals with the legal system, Sherita Dixon-Cole was read the riot act by Ashleigh Banfield … on live national television.

“Dear Sherita,” Banfield said directly to the camera Thursday, reading from an open letter she wrote to Dixon-Cole, “you’re not helping.”

Also Read: Ashleigh Banfield Fires Back at Aziz Ansari Article Author Who Insulted Her Looks (Video)

“If you hadn’t noticed, the rest of the country is wrenching and turning and churning through a movement that, when resolved, may just yield a lot of sunshine and goodwill among men and women who are all just trying to get along,” Banfield continued. “Your false accusations of rape against that cop, your viral cry wolf, just brought a dark cloud to our national therapy session,
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  • Variety Tops All Entertainment News Publications in Audience Size was the most popular website among all entertainment-news publications in April, including Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, according to ComScore. reached nearly 21.5 million unique visitors in April, eclipsing both Vanity Fair and THR, according to ComScore’s monthly worldwide multiplatform measurement, not to mention other websites focused on popular culture including EW, The New Yorker and The Daily Beast.

The milestone month marked the highest traffic levels in the history of the Penske Media Corporation-owned brand and the first time it topped all of its rivals in the same month.

Variety‘s peak performance was fueled by a broad-based array of stories ranging from an exclusive video featuring the alleged victim of NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw’s sexual harassment to the untimely death of music sensation DJ Avicii and the breakthrough success of “Avengers: Infinity War.”

“It’s gratifying to see the continued growth of Variety.
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Seth Meyers Tweaks NBC Over Matt Lauer, As NBC News Attempts to Save Face

Seth Meyers Tweaks NBC Over Matt Lauer, As NBC News Attempts to Save Face
A time-honored network upfronts tradition is when a late night star comes out to roast his network, and Seth Meyers didn’t disappoint. Meyers opened his portion of NBC’s upfront presentation on Monday morning with a Matt Lauer quip that both surprised and delighted the audience of advertisers.

“It’s not surprising for NBC to be dramatic, we are home to the number one drama on television,” Meyers said. “A show that each week gives us twists and turns, heartbreaking reveals, and this season the departure of a once beloved character. I’m talking of course of, ‘This Is the Today Show.'”

He added: “Hoda Kotb replaced Matt Lauer as co-anchor of the ‘Today Show’ this year and she has been incredible. Everyone here at NBC is so proud of Hoda. Although, I’m not sure Kathy Lee is happy about it. I saw her drinking at 10 a.
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Tom Brokaw Accuser: No Interest In Talking To NBC Unless Outside Counsel Investigates

  • Deadline
Tom Brokaw Accuser: No Interest In Talking To NBC Unless Outside Counsel Investigates
Linda Vester says she has no interest in speaking to NBCUniversal about her accusations against Tom Brokaw unless the company hires outside counsel to investigate its longtime anchor — apparently not thinking too much of the company’s NBC internal probe of Matt Lauer, results of which were released this week.

NBCU tells Deadline that it “has reached out to Ms. Vester via her attorney to discuss her allegations, and so far she has not accepted our offer.”

Vester has, however, given a detailed account of her claims to the Washington Post and Variety. And, Thursday morning, on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Vester says she is “not interested in a lawsuit” but intends to keep making her claims “because I want to try to help others” and “help continue this movement.”

In reports published late last month in WaPo and in our sister pub Variety, Vester claimed that Brokaw twice
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Tom Brokaw Accuser Rejects NBC News Internal Investigation

  • Variety
Tom Brokaw Accuser Rejects NBC News Internal Investigation
NBC has offered to look into sexual harassment and assault allegations against Tom Brokaw by former NBC correspondent Linda Vester. But Vester has declined the request at this point, because the network wouldn’t bring in outside counsel to run the investigation.

“We will not be participating in any investigation by NBC of NBC,” Ari Wilkenfeld, Vester’s attorney, told Variety. He added that he informed the news organization that his client would be “more than willing” to participate if there was an investigation commissioned by outside counsel.

Wilkenfeld says he has not heard back yet from NBC about his request.

NBCUniversal has reached out to Ms. Vester via her attorney to discuss her allegations, and so far she has not accepted our offer,” a spokesperson for NBCUniversal said in a statement to Variety.

After “Today” anchor Matt Lauer was fired last November over a series of sexual misconduct allegations,
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Tom Brokaw Accuser: Not All Sexual Harassers ‘Look and Act Like Harvey Weinstein’ (Video)

Linda Vester spoke about her accusations of sexual misconduct against NBC News icon Tom Brokaw, telling the set of “Good Morning America” Thursday that not all harassers look like disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“Some people might be tempted to believe all harassers look and act like Harvey Weinstein,” Vester told anchor George Stephanopoulos. “It’s not true.”

“Some of them look like cultural icons, like Tom Brokaw,” Vester continued. “And they can be decent during the day to a lot of people, and actually be really kind a lot of the time, and yet still have hidden behavior.”

Also Read: NBC Shares Findings From Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Investigation

The former NBC and Fox News journalist said she had no interest in speaking with reps for NBC News until they agreed to launch an outside investigation into her accusations.

“As soon as NBC News or NBC Universal hires outside counsel to do a proper thorough investigation, I would be glad to sit down with them,” she said. “I think it’s common sense. You can’t investigate yourself. You can’t. You just can’t. There’e an internal bias. That’s just how it works.”

Vester’s appearance is the second in a one-two broadside against the network in the wake of their internal investigation into Matt Lauer. On Wednesday, Vester blasted her former employer in an Op-Ed for the Washington Post, urging them to stop fighting against the MeToo movement.

“I want NBC to stop fighting #MeToo within its own walls. I ask NBC Universal to retain an outside investigator to look into sexual harassment and any coverup of sexual harassment at NBC News,” she wrote. “People in power at NBC News, and all institutions, must take such accusations seriously.”

NBC’s internal investigation received backlash online Wednesday amid accusations that it had been less that thorough. In a statement to TheWrap the company defended their findings.

“Two outside law firms, Proskauer Rose and Davis Polk have reviewed the methodology, findings and conclusions and given their stamp of approval,” said an NBC News spokesperson.

Read original story Tom Brokaw Accuser: Not All Sexual Harassers ‘Look and Act Like Harvey Weinstein’ (Video) At TheWrap
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Advocacy Groups Criticize NBC News’ Handling of Matt Lauer Investigation

  • Variety
Several women’s advocacy groups on Wednesday criticized NBC News’ handling of its investigation into the Matt Lauer sexual harassment scandal and whether senior managers were aware of allegations about the star “Today” anchor.

NBC News’ internal investigation on Matt Lauer found that executives at “Today” and elsewhere at NBC News had no knowledge of inappropriate behavior by before last November, when an NBC News staffer came forward with a complaint.

Press Forward, an initiative to stop sexual harassment and assault in newsrooms, released a statement urging NBCUniversal to commission an independent investigation by an outside entity — a step that has also been called for by other activists galvanized by the #MeToo movement.

“To truly assess culture and get honest responses from employees, we recommend hiring an independent third party, as is common practice,” Press Forward co-founder Eleanor McManus said. “No one is going to be fully candid when speaking
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Tom Brokaw Accuser Reveals Why She Came Forward

Tom Brokaw Accuser Reveals Why She Came Forward
Linda Vester, the former NBC correspondent who recently accused Tom Brokaw of making unwanted advances and acting inappropriately during their time working together in the 1990s, penned a column for <em><a href="" target="_blank">The Washington Post</a>, </em>published Wednesday, to explain why she came forward in the first place.

"I am not filing a lawsuit; I am not asking NBC or Brokaw for money," Vester wrote. "I came forward for a simple reason: to let the public know that otherwise good men — men who treat women well or are even their champions — can also commit acts of sexual harassment."...
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NBC News Internal Probe Finds No Evidence Of Harassment Culture

  • Deadline
NBC says it found no evidence indicating “that any NBC News or Today Show leadership, News Hr or others in positions of authority in the News Division received any complaints about [Matt] Lauer’s workplace behavior prior to November 27, 2017.”

The network this morning released results of its months-long internal probe into the division and its culture after the stunning firing of its biggest star and Today show co-host Matt Lauer last fall.

If you guessed the internal probe would say “it does not believe that there is a current widespread or systemic pattern of behavior that violates Company policy or a current culture of harassment in the News Division,” you are correct. (You can read the complete report here).

Investigators did at least find credible the four allegations already much-written about in the press: that Lauer engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. But investigators also found credible that NBC
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'Tonight Show' Racial Lawsuit Challenges NBC's Treatment of Brokaw & Lauer

  • TMZ
Two white cameramen who are suing NBC -- claiming the network is racist -- allege the network has a pattern of protecting itself and sweeping misconduct under the rug ... and they are pointing to the Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer cases. Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino were cameramen on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, until they got fired for receiving racist text messages from a 'Tonight Show' stagehand. They claim they were singled out by Questlove,
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Peter Bart: Indicted By Media But Not By Law, Can Scandal-Scarred Men Return?

Peter Bart: Indicted By Media But Not By Law, Can Scandal-Scarred Men Return?
The issue of crime and punishment shouldn’t be too toxic for rational discussion, but I find this is becoming the case. And this is wrong, because decision time is looming – albeit a decision no one is eager to make.

Over the course of the past year the careers of many prominent figures have collapsed amidst the newly defined standards of the #MeToo era. But studio chiefs, filmmakers and others now confront this inevitable question: Does the punishment fit the crime? Repugnant behavior should be forcefully rebuked. On the other hand, are we in danger of re-living mistakes of the Hollywood Blacklist era when lives and careers were permanently destroyed by what proved, in some cases, to be frivolous and self-serving allegations?

Revelations of the present moment have put the spotlight on pervasive behavior that in some cases defies the imagination, but now difficult judgments must be made. Disney and
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