Dcc 2012: John de Lancie Takes You From Star Trek to My Little Pony

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What does My Little Pony have in common with Star Trek? Let me share with you this most interesting moment during Sir Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie’s Q&A panel at Dallas Comic Con this past weekend. John de Lancie spoke about how Gene Roddenberry’s notion for a better future for mankind in Star Trek loosely related to 2011’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where he voiced the antagonist, Discord.

“I ended up doing a cartoon show called My Little Pony. (crowd cheers) Didn’t know anything about it. I looked at the material. It was really good. I went there and knocked off a couple of [lines]. Completely forgot about it. (pauses) And then all of the sudden about four months later, I’m inundated about My Little Pony.

I go, ‘What?’ Discord! ‘What?’ and I turned to my wife and asked her what they were talking about.
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