Ratings Rat Race: ‘Glass House’ Finale, ‘Bachelor Pad’ & ‘Hotel Hell’ Up, ‘Grimm’ & “Stars Earn Stripes’ Down Big

There was a lot of reality and a lot of Ramsey on television Monday night. ABC’s The Glass House (0.9/3) wrapped up its first season with Toledo police officer Kevin Braun the $250,000 winner. Up 29% from last week, the once legally embattled show, which debuted on June 18, has generally floundered in the ratings since the very beginning. Before The Glass House, ABC ran a two-hour Bachelor Pad (1.5/4) at 8 Pm. Bachelor Pad also was up from last week, 25% in its case from last week’s series low. With local market pre-emptions of NFL Preseason Football, those ABC numbers could be inflated in fast nationals. Over on Fox it was a double serving of Gordon Ramsey with Hotel Hell (2.0/6) and Hell’s Kitchen (2.5/7). Hell was up a slight 5% from its Monday debut last week, but Kitchen was down 7% from last week’s high-rated episode. Still, despite its slump, Hell’s Kitchen was the
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'The Glass House' finale: Kevin Braun, Erica Russell or Andrea Clark, who won the prize?

"The Glass House" finale is here -- so for whomever is still watching, we're down to Kevin, Andrea, Erica, Jeffrey and Mike. Who do you hope wins the money?

The final three ends up being Andrea Clark, Erica Russell and Kevin Braun. After a rather weird live finale with speeches, the viewers choose to give the $250,000 to Kevin. Did the right person win? Was it a satisfying ending?

Let's see how we got there ...

The major drama in the house is that Erica likes Kevin and had no idea about his special lady friend at home (until Jeffrey tells her). And while he insists to Andrea and Mike that he doesn't like her past a drunken kiss one night, the editors show that he has said differently to her. Erica totally likes him, which is kind of sad, but Mike likens it to "Fatal Attraction." Erica doesn't strike us as
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