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Plenty of local content on Foxtel's new arts channel

Launching on March 28, Foxtel.s new arts channel will spotlight Australian theatre, ballet, opera, films and other artistic pursuits together with international specials and documentaries.

Foxtel Arts replaces the Sbs-owned Studio, whose carriage deal is expiring. The new channel will place more emphasis on opera, ballet and orchestral music and allocate regular slots to documentaries and performances, Foxtel Arts channel manager Fraser Stark tells If.

.We are acquiring and commissioning a growing number of projects,. says Stark, foreshadowing further announcements. .The channel is designed for a passionate, niche audience..

Of the decision to bring the channel in-house he said, .That allows us to fashion the channel in our own way and to bring it closer to the Foxtel brand.

.Foxtel Arts will be an active participant in the Australian arts scene. It will be a vocal and effective advocate for arts organizations, promote festivals and other events and hopefully increase attendances at live events.
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Underbelly: The squiz on Squizzy

Actor Jarad Daperis as Squizzy Taylor..

Despite being the star of Channel Nine.s latest instalment in the Underbelly franchise, Jarad Daperis admits to having never watched any of the previous series.

.I never really got around to it. I know enough of Underbelly and I know what it.s like, I didn.t really deem it relevant to watch prior series, because so different. Totally different stories,. the Underbelly: Squizzy actor told If..

The sixth and rumoured final Underbelly series follows the story of Melbourne-born gangster Leslie .Squizzy. Taylor, a character producer Peter Gawler describes as .a bit of an artful dodger type...

.As a kid he made a bit of money picking pockets and then he graduated to thieving of other types, and then he graduated to major robberies,. Grawler tells If. .The thing about Squizzy that set him apart is that he had an imagination.
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[Home Invasion] Blu-Ray & DVD Releases for August 13, 2013

Home Invasion is a weekly post every Tuesday which shows you what is being released on Blu-Ray & DVD today! We scoured through Amazon to bring you everything you might be interested in. Our Picks of the Week are releases that we are looking forward to checking out, have reviewed and/or were are Picks of the Week on the Dtb Podcast. All descriptions are courtesy of unless noted otherwise. If you are thinking about purchasing any of these items, by clicking via the links provided, you are supporting Dtb. Thank you!

Not a lot of releases this week due to the holiday but there are definitely some titles worth checking out!

Price: $22.93

Click Here to buy the Blu-ray + Digital CopyClick Here to buy the DVD

This film leans towards cult than horror, obviously. Death is a band that will blow your mind that you haven’t heard of them sooner.
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Angry actor returns fire at critic

Actors who get lousy reviews usually ignore them or suffer in silence- but not Kevin Harrington.

The veteran actor was so incensed by a review by News Ltd..s Leigh Paatsch of the DVD of Cliffy, he vented on Facebook.

The ABC telemovie features Harrington as Cliff Young, who became an unlikely hero at the age of 61 when he won the 875km endurance race from Sydney to Melbourne..

In Saturday.s Daily Telegraph and Herald-Sun Paatsch dismissed it as a .dreadful telemovie that turns the ripping true story of the late ultra-marathon legend Cliff Young into a crap-tastic cartoon. How the ABC ever ponied up a commitment to this dim-witted affair beggars belief..

Paatsch advised readers who want the .real tale- much of which was ignored or changed by this TV calamity,. to read Julietta Jameson.s book Cliffy: The Cliff Young Story.

His verdict: .1 star, run the other way.
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ABC comedy Laid series two moves to Melbourne

ABC black romantic comedy Laid has gone south for series two, with shooting starting today in Melbourne. After filming in Sydney for the first series in July last year, the.six-part.production . created and written by.Marieke Hardy and Kirsty Fisher . has moved due to several cast and creatives already being based in Melbourne. Financial assistance was also provided from Film Victoria. The series will again explore the .robustly comical motifs of sex and death., Hardy says. Reprising their roles include Alison Bell (as Roo), Celia Pacquola (as Ej), Toby Truslove (as Ej.s on again, off again boyfriend Zach), Graeme Blundell and Tracy Mann (as Roo.s parents Graham and Marion), and Shaun Micallef as G-Bomb (Roo.s gyno with the...
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Retro Review 1981: Pacific Banana

Pacific Banana (Original Release Date: 5 February 1981)

This week marks the first instance of me reviewing a movie discovered as a direct result of writing this column. I anticipate future cases where I will find newly discovered movies so disagreeable I will be made to wish I had never lighted on the idea of reviewing these suckers, but this isn’t one of those cases. Pacific Banana is a treat. It flies thick through a fog of continuity errors, the casts’ collective stab at acting is lamentable, the plot contrivances begin stacking tall from the outset, and the plot is threadbare, but its charm and good-naturedness make it hard not to developsome affection for it.

Part of this charm is in its casually smarmy approach. If I were cataloging it for a special interests video store, I would categorize it a “milquetoast sex romp,” and I would put it on the same shelf as Porky’s,
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