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Interviews (24)

The Indianapolis Star (US) June 12 1998, pg. N2, by: Staff Report, "Patrons Look Back On Their Favorites"
St. Vincent For And From (US) May 18 1998, Vol. 27, Iss. 46, pg. 2, by: Staff, "Collecting Memorabilia Starts Volunteer's Engine"
The Frankfort Times (US) July 28 1997, pg. 7+8, by: Jason Thomas, "Bun Run/Walk Attracts Diversified Field"
The Indianapolis Star (US) December 15 1996, pg. J4, by: Staff, "Talk It Over"
The Indianapolis News (US) May 19 1995, pg. B1+B2, by: Staff, "Badges: Number Tells Who's Who"
The Indianapolis Star (US) April 9 1995, pg. I-3, by: Bonnie Britton, "Hoosiers Recall Brushes With Hollywood"
The Miami Herald (US) March 5 1995, pg. 1B+3B, by: Audra D.S. Burch, "Prix Fashions On Racy Side"
The Carmel-News Tribune (US) September 14 1994, pg. A1+A2, by: Staff, "Local Hometown Heroes Make Big Contributions"
Antique Maryland (US) August 1994, pg. 8-C, by: Don Johnson, "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines"
The Chicago Tribune (US) May 29 1994, pg. Section 17, Page 5, by: Jeffrey Steele, "The Cars Are Just The Start"
The Indianapolis News (US) September 5 1992, pg. B-5, by: Staff, "Herman Hoglebogle Says"
The Vincennes Sun-Commercial (US) May 24 1992, pg. C-1, by: David Staver, "Speedway's Silver Badges Valuable In May And Thereafter"
The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (US) May 25 1990, pg. 22, by: Mark Montieth, "Indy 500 Preview "BADGES""
The Indianapolis Star (US) May 20 1990, pg. E-8, by: Lynn Hopper, "Some Speedway Memorabilia Hard To Come By"
The Lebanon Reporter (US) April 28 1990, pg. 1, by: Staff, "Lions Get 'Inside Track' of 500 From Boone Collector"
The Carmel News-Tribune (US) March 28 1990, pg. C-1+C-4, by: Betty Childers, "Forty Collectors Show Their 'Passions' At Castleton"
The Noblesville Daily Ledger (US) March 19 1990, pg. A1+A4, by: Staff, "Collectors"
AntiqueWeek (US) May 22 1989, Vol. 22, Iss. 8, pg. 1+44, by: Connie Swaim, "Gentlemen, Start Your Collections!"
The Carmel-News Tribune (US) May 27 1987, pg. 5, by: Patricia White, "Blazier Keeps 500 Gusto Year Round With His Collectors Club"
The Noblesville Daily Ledger (US) May 21 1987, pg. 2, by: Patricia U. White, "Racing A Year Long Love For Blazier"
The South Bend Tribune (US) May 4 1986, pg. 2=8, by: Unknown, "Collectors Prize Vast Array Of '500' Memorabilia"
The Indianapolis News (US) May 24 1985, pg. 61, by: Kellie Edwards, "Collector Collects Anything About Race"
The Lebanon Reporter (US) May 9 1985, Vol. 93, Iss. 189, pg. 1, by: Rob Rose, "Local Man's Indy 500 Race Collection Ranges From Side Pods To Spark Plugs"
The Indiana Daily Student (US) January 25 1974, pg. 12, by: Staff, "IM Team Has Timely Triumph"

Articles (31)

The Indianapolis Star "Weekend" (US) February 1 2002, pg. 10, by: Bonnie Britton, "Silly Revenge Movie Has Advantage Of Good-Looking Indianapolis Settings"
The Indianapolis Star "TV WEEK" (US) December 27 1999, pg. 3, by: Steve Hall, "Readers Choose Best And Worst Of Media"
National Speed Sport News (US) March 25 1998, pg. 4, by: Jack L. Martin, "Yearbook Brings Back Indy 500 Memories"
The Indianapolis News (US) September 27 1997, pg. 1=2, by: Bonnie Britton, "PRIESTHOOD"
The Columbus Republic (US) May 21 1995, pg. C-1, by: Doug Showalter, "A Lifetime Of Racing memories"
The National Speed Sport News (US) January 18 1995, pg. 2, by: Chris Economaki, "From The Editor's Notebook"
The Carmel News-Tribune (US) October 5 1994, pg. 1, by: Staff, "Ceremony Honors Hometown Heroes"
The Indianapolis News (US) September 14 1994, pg. Section B-Page 1, by: Staff, "Governor Honors 25 For Community Service"
National Speed Sport News (US) July 6 1994, pg. 4, by: Chris Economaki, "From The Editor's Notebook"
The National Speed Sport News (US) June 1 1994, pg. 2, by: Chris Economaki, "From The Editors Notebook"
The New Wolcott Enterprise (US) May 26 1994, pg. 4, by: Staff, "Local Elementary Students Win State Safety Awards"
The Indianapolis Star (US) October 1 1993, pg. 1, by: Bonnie Britton, "MOVIE'S 'EXTRA' HOOSIERS MAKE A GRANDSTAND PLAY"
The Rushville Republican (US) June 16 1993, pg. 6, by: Staff, "Local Students Win In Poster Contest"
The Indianapolis Star (US) May 30 1993, pg. H-1+H-2, by: Staff, "BRICK A BRAC"
Indiana Antique Buyers News (US) May 1993, Vol. 2, Iss. 11, pg. 1+3, by: Robert Reed, "Collecting The Indy 500"
The National Speed Sport News (US) May 27 1992, pg. 2, by: Chris Economaki, "From The Editor's Notebook"
The Indianapolis Star (US) May 10 1992, pg. 5, by: Lynn Hopper, "Green Flag Is Out At Fairgrounds Show"
Indianapolis 500 Indy Review (US) 1992, Vol. 2, pg. 137, by: Ralph Tanner Associates, "My Hero, My Friend Jimmy Bryan"
The Carmel-News Tribune (US) February 27 1989, pg. 4, by: Patricia White, "Collectors Interesting As Their Collections"
The Indianapolis Star (US) January 29 1989, pg. H-11, by: Lynn Hopper, "'Muscle Car' models Of '60s Hot Sellers At Show"
The Indianapolis Star (US) October 4 1987, pg. 1, by: Lynn Ford, "Star Struck Extras Learn Filmmaking Is A Waiting Game"
The National Speed Sport News (US) April 16 1986, Vol. 54, Iss. 15, pg. 4, by: John Blazier, "Public Forum"
The 1986 Indianapolis 500 Yearbook (US) 1986, Vol. XIV, pg. 218, by: Carl Hungness and Donald Davidson, "National Indy 500 Collectors Club"
AntiqueWeek-Tri-State Trader (US) June 3 1985, Vol. 18, Iss. 15, pg. 1, by: Staff, "Indy 500 Badges"
Indianapolis '500' Oldtimers Club, Inc. (US) April 1985, pg. 2, by: Jep Cadou, "CHECK MEMORABILIA VALUE"
The National Speed Sport News (US) March 6 1985, Vol. 53, Iss. 9, pg. 2, by: Chris Economaki, "From The Editor's Notebook"
Hoosier Auto Racing Fans (US) January 1985, pg. 2, by: Jan Breedlove, "National Indy 500 Collectors Club"
The Meridian Broadcater (US) April 21 1978, Vol. 28, Iss. 15, pg. 1, by: Staff, "John Blazier's Betterway Will Save $7100."
The Indiana Daily Student (US) December 13 1973, pg. 6, by: Stephanie Shutts, "T.V. Fraternity Produces Christmas Films Series"
The Indiana Daily Student (US) February 15 1972, pg. 5, by: Jack S. Nance, "Ban Minnesota Players"
The Shamrock (US) April 13 1967, Iss. 16, pg. 1, by: Staff, "PTO Show Is Home Grown"

Pictorials (2)

LIGHTNING (JP) February 1998, Vol. 46, pg. 154, by: George Tokoro and Utaemon Omori, "Indianapolis 500 Collector"
Auto Racing Memories Magazine (US) 1986, Vol. 5, Iss. 3, pg. 5, by: K.C. Breslauer, "K.C.'s Column"

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