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  • (1968- ). Active on Broadway (originally credited as Carole Bishop) in the following productions:
  • (1968) Stage Play: Golden Rainbow. Musical. Book by Ernest Kinoy. Music by Walter Marks. Lyrics by Walter Marks. Based on the play "A Hole in the Head" by Arnold Schulman. Musical Director: Elliot Lawrence. Vocal arrangements and additional scoring by Elliot Lawrence. Music orchestrated by Pat Williams and Jack Andrews. Dance Music Arranged by Marvin Hamlisch. Dance arrangements by Luther Henderson. Choreographed by Tom Panko. Associate Choreographer: Martin Allen. Directed by Arthur Storch. Shubert Theatre (moved to The George Abbott Theatre from 19 Nov 1968- close): 4 Feb 1968- 11 Jan 1969 (383 performances + 43 previews that began on 27 Dec 1967). Cast: Eydie Gormé (as "Judy Harris"), Steve Lawrence (as "Larry Davis"), Marilyn Cooper (as "Rosemary Garrity"), Will Hussung (as "Prospector/Henry"), Scott Jacoby (as "Ally"), Alan Kass (as "Mr. Novotny"), Sam Kressen (as "Mr. Korngold"), Howard Mann (as "Mr. Hausknecht"), Sid Raymond (as "Mr. Diamond"), Fay Sappington (as "Mrs. Magruder"), Diana Saunders (as "Lead Dancer/Virgin"), Joseph Sirola (as "Lou Garrity"), Betty Jo Alvies (as "Show Girl"), John Anania (as "Gordon/Nebuchandnezzar"), Mace Barrett (as "Chancellor"), Kelly Bishop [credited as Carole Bishop] (as "Cat-Girl/Dancer") [Broadway debut], Wayne Boyd (as "Dancer"), Bernadette Brookes (as "Show Girl"), Carol Conte (as "Georgia/Dancer"), Lanier Davis (as "Second Reporter/Victor"), Antony De Vecci (as "Hero/Dancer"), Susan Donovan (as "Dancer"), Tina Faye (as "Dancer"), Gene Foote (as "Jerome Stone/Dancer"), Alice Glenn (as "Dancer"), Blair Hammond (as "Dancer"), Linda Jorgens (as "Eloise/Persian Girl/Dancer"), Charles Karel (as "Laundryman/First Reporter/Stage Manager"), Larry Merritt (as "Umbawa/Dancer"), Maralyn Miles (as "Dancer"), Frank Pietri (as "Sam/Dancer"), Jean Preece (as "Dancer"), Tom Rolla (as "Dancer"), Rae Samuels (as "Show Girl"), Michael Shawn (as "Dancer"), Thelma Sherr (as "Stripper/Show Girl"), Michael Vita (as "Gambler/Dancer"). Standbys: Mace Barrett (as "Larry Davis"), Marilyn Cooper (as "Judy Harris"). Understudies: Gene Foote (as "Mr. Novotny"), Dewey Golkin (as "Ally"), Charles Karel (as "Lou Garrity"). Produced by Joseph P. Harris and Ira Bernstein.
  • (1968) Stage Play: Promises, Promises. Musical comedy. Book by Neil Simon. Based on the film "The Apartment" by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond. Music by Burt Bacharach. Lyrics by Hal David. Musical Director: Harold Wheeler. Dance arrangements by Harold Wheeler. Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Choreographed by Michael Bennett. Assistant Choreographer: Bob Avian. Directed by Robert Moore. Shubert Theatre: 1 Dec 1968- 1 Jan 1972 (1281 performances + 7 previews). Cast: Jill O'Hara (as "Fran Kubelik"), Jerry Orbach (as "Chuck Baxter"), Larry Haines (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Edward Winter (as "J.D. Sheldrake"), Barbara Alston (as "Intern's Date"), Adrienne Angel (as "Sylvia Gilhooley"), Rod Barry (as "New Young Executive/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Kelly Bishop [credited as Carole Bishop] (as "Company Nurse/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Kelly Britt (as "Orchestra Voice"), Gene Cooper (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Graciela Daniele (as "Clancy's Employee/Intern's Date"), Bob Fitch (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Margot Hanson (as "Orchestra Voice"), Betsy Haug (as "Dining Room Hostess/Clancy's Employee"), Ken Howard (as "Bartender Eddie/Karl Kubelik"), Neil Jones (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Baayork Lee (as "Lum Ding Hostess/Miss Wong"), Debra Lyman (as "Swing Dancer"), Bettye McCormick (as "Orchestra Voice"), Donna McKechnie (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Marian Mercer (as "Marge MacDougall"), Vince O'Brien (as "Mr. Eichelberger"), Rita O'Connor (as "Dentist's Nurse/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Gerry O'Hara (as "Company Doctor/Intern"), Dick O'Neill (as "Jesse Vanderhof"), Kay Oslin (as "Helen Sheldrake"), Scott Pearson (as "Waiter/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Paul Reed (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Margo Sappington (as "Miss Polanski/Clancy's Employee"), Michael Shawn (as "Intern/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Norman Shelly (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Ilona Simon (as "Orchestra Voice"), Millie Slavin (as "Peggy Olson"), Julane Stites (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Don Stomsvik (as "Swing Dancer"), Melissa Stoneburn (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Michael Vita (as "Madison Square Garden Attendant/Bartender Eugene"). Standby: Peter Lombard (as "Chuck Baxter/J.D. Sheldrake"). Understudies: Kelly Britt (as "Marge MacDougall"), Bob Fitch (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Rita O'Connor (as "Peggy Olson"), Dick O'Neill (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Margo Sappington (as "Fran Kubelik"), Norman Shelly (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Henry Sutton (as "Jesse Vanderhof/Mr. Eichelberger"), Michael Vita (as "Karl Kubelik"). Produced by David Merrick. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff.
  • (1973) Stage Play: Rachael Lily Rosenbloom and Don't You Ever Forget It. Musical. Music by Paul Jabara. Lyrics by Paul Jabara, David Debin and Paul Issa. Book by Paul Jabara and Tom Eyen. Directed by Tom Eyen. Broadhurst Theatre [never officially opened/7 previews began on 26 Nov 1973]. Cast: Richard Cooper Bayne, Kelly Bishop [credited as Carole Bishop], Kenneth Carr, Wayne Cilento, André De Shields, Rhonda Farber, Judy Gibson, Ellen Greene, Paul Jabara, Anita Morris, Michon Peacock, Marion Ramsey, Jozella Reed, Jane Robertson, Thomas Walsh, Anthony White. Produced by Robert Stigwood and Ahmet Ertegun. Associate Producer: Gatchell & Neufeld Ltd.
  • (1975) Stage Play: A Chorus Line. Musical. Book by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante. Music by Marvin Hamlisch. Lyrics by Ed Kleban. Music orchestrated by Billy Byers, Hershy Kay and Jonathan Tunick. Musical Director: Don Pippin. Vocal arrangements by Don Pippin. Conceived by Michael Bennett. Choreographed by Michael Bennett. Co- Choreographer: Bob Avian. Scenic Design by Robin Wagner. Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Sound Design by Abe Jacob. Associate to Miss Aldredge: Bill Kellard. Personal Asst. to Miss Aldredge: Paul Martino. Assistant to Miss Musser: Richard Winkler. Assistant to Mr. Jacob: David Congdon. Directed by Michael Bennett. Shubert Theatre: 25 Jul 1975- 28 Apr 1990 (6137 performances). Cast: Scott Allen (as "Roy") [Broadway Debut], Renee Baughman (as "Kristine"), Carole Bishop [changed name to Kelly Bishop during run] (as "Sheila"), Pamela Blair (as "Val"), Wayne Cilento (as "Mike"), Chuck Cissel (as "Butch"), Clive Clerk (as "Larry") [Broadway debut], Kay Cole (as "Maggie"), Ronald Dennis (as "Richie"), Donna Drake (as "Tricia") [Broadway debut], Brandt Edwards (as "Tom") [Broadway debut], Trish Garland [credited as Patricia Garland] (as "Judy"), Carolyn Kirsch (as "Lois"), Ron Kuhlman (as "Don"), Nancy Lane (as "Bebe") [Broadway debut], Baayork Lee (as "Connie"), Priscilla Lopez (as "Diana"), Robert LuPone (as "Zach"), Cameron Mason (as "Mark"), Donna McKechnie (as "Cassie"), Don Percassi (as "Al"), Michael Serrecchia (as "Frank"), Michel Stuart (as "Greg"), Thomas J. Walsh (as "Bobby"), Sammy Williams (as "Paul"), Crissy Wilzak (as "Vicki"). Understudies [note: during the show's record 15-year run literally 100's of replacement actors and understudies were utilized] included: Sandahl Bergman (as "Judy") [from Apr 1976- ?], Stephen Bourneuf (as "Al"), Bebe Neuwirth (as "Cassie/Shiela") [Broadway debut], Jack Noseworthy (as "Mark"), Julie Pars (as "Judy/Kristine/Val"), Ann Reinking (as "Cassie") [from Apr 1976- ?]. Produced by Joseph Papp. Produced in association with Plum Productions Inc. Associate Producer: Bernard Gersten. Note: Ms. Bishop received Tony award as Best Featured Actress in a Musical.
  • (1986) Stage Play: Precious Sons. Written by George Furth. Assistant Director: Diane Camp. Directed by Norman René. Longacre Theatre: 20 Mar 1986- 10 May 1986 (60 performances + 28 previews that began on 24 Feb 1986. Cast: Ed Harris (as "Fred"), Judith Ivey (as "Bea"), Anne Marie Bobby (as "Sandra"), William O'Leary (as "Art") [Broadway debut], Anthony Rapp (as "Freddy"). Standbys: George Bamford (as "Fred"), Kelly Bishop (as "Bea"). Understudies: Christopher Gartin (as "Art/Freddy"), Mary B. Ward (as "Sandra"). Produced by Roger Berlind and Marty Bell. Associate Producer: Michael Sanders.
  • (1990) Stage Play: Six Degrees of Separation. Drama.
  • (1996) Stage Play: Bus Stop. Comedy (revival).
  • (1997) Stage Play: The Last Night of Ballyhoo. Comedy.
  • (1997) Stage Play: Proposals. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Incidental music by Stephen Flaherty. Assistant Director: William Sanders. Directed by Joe Mantello. Broadhurst Theatre: 6 Nov 1997- 11 Jan 1998 (77 performances + 10 previews that began on 29 Oct 1997). Cast: Kelly Bishop (as "Annie Robbins"), L. Scott Caldwell (as "Clemma Diggins"), Suzanne Cryer (as "Josie Hines"), Katie Finneran (as "Sammii"), Dick Latessa (as "Burt Hines"), Matt Letscher (as "Ray Dolenz"), Peter Rini (as "Vinnie Bavasi"), Reg Rogers (as "Ken Norman"), Mel Winkler (as "Lewis Barnett"). Understudies: Brenda Denmark (as "Clemma Diggins"), Kit Flanagan (as "Annie Robbins), Nina Garbiras (as "Josie Hines/Sammii"), Rick Pasqualone (as "Ken Norman/Vinnie Bavasi"), Chuck Patterson (as "Lewis Barnett"), Matthew Rauch (as "Ken Norman/Ray Dolenz"), Robert Silver (as "Burt Hines"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg. Associate Producer: Ginger Montel.
  • (2011 - 2012) Stage musical: "Anything Goes"--playing Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt, at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre (Broadway), New York.
  • (1992) She acted in A.R. Gurney's play, "The Fourth Wall," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Tony Roberts in the cast.

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