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Donald Trump and Mike Pence's Failed Bromance Is the Saddest Thing You Will See Today

This week, Donald Trump wished his Vice President Mike Pence a happy birthday by simply reposting a very stiff photo of himself with his daughter Ivanka Trump and Pence in front of the White House. "Happy Birthday VP," the Potus captioned the Instagram photo, in hopes that using caps lock would hide the fact he gave Pence only three words on his big day and didn't even give him a shout out on his beloved Twitter. The birthday message was so weak, it made us miss former President Barack Obama's bromance with his VP Joe Biden even more than we thought possible. In comparison, on Biden's birthday last year, Obama gushed about his right-hand man and Bff. "Happy birthday to @JoeBiden, my brother and the best vice president anybody could have," he wrote before sharing a meme of the duo at the State of the Union address. A post shared by President Donald J.
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John McCain Takes Parting Shot at Washington Politics in Trailer for HBO Documentary (Video)

  • The Wrap
Senator John McCain takes a parting shot at Washington politics in the trailer for the new HBO documentary about his life, “John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

“We need to give the American people what they deserve and right now they’re not getting it,” the Arizona Republican says in the teaser.

“I’ve been tested a number of occasions. I haven’t always done the right thing. But you will never talk to anyone that is as fortunate as John McCain,” said McCain, a Vietnam veteran and one-time presidential candidate who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

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Peter Kunhardt’s documentary features interviews with George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and others, promising an in-depth look at the life and legacy of the senator,
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Meghan McCain: Why Does White House Aide Kelly Sadler Still Have Job After Jab At Cancer Stricken Dad

Updated with Joe Biden statement: Meghan McCain this morning marveled that White House aide Kelly Sadler still had a job after cracking in the office on Thursday that Sen. John McCain’s opposition to President Donald Trump’s CIA director pick did not matter because “he’s dying anyway.” “Kelly, news flash, We’re all dying…It’s not how you die, it’s how you live,” said the senator’s daughter, who is a panelist on the ABC daytime talk show. “I'm not scared of death any…
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Martin Scorsese Says His Next Film The Irishman Has Almost 300 Scenes!

Martin Scorsese isn't messing around with his new film The Irishman. He's going all out on this sucker and he shot almost 300 scenes for the film to prove it! In case you're wondering... that's a lot of scenes! That makes The Irishman the biggest production of his career and we probably won't even get to see it on the big screen! As you know, The Irishman is a Netflix exclusive. An average number of scenes shot for a film ranges from 40 to 60 scenes, so this movie is going to be epic.

Scorsese is certainly taking advantage of the opportunity that Netflix has given him and by the time the film is done, he will have spent over $140 million. A good chunk of that money is going to the effects department who are using CGI to digitally de-age several of the actors in the film including Robert De Niro, who stars
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‘Westworld’ Season 2 Review: The Robot Revolution Will Be Televised, Beautifully

Spoiler Alert: This story contains broad details of the second season of Westworld, which premieres tonight on HBO. Regardless of its actual merits, there’s always been a bit of a Joe Biden quality to Westworld but heading into its Season 2 debut tonight the HBO drama is increasingly displaying it's ready for the top job. Obviously birthed as an eventual successor to Game of Thrones by the premium cabler when the Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan created drama based on Michael…
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In MSNBC Interview, Joe Biden Does Not Rule Out 2020 Presidential Run

Joe Biden, who was President Obama’s vice president for eight years, said Obama used to often ask him during his second term what would motivate him to run for president. Rev. Al Sharpton raised the same question during a lengthy sit-down with Biden that aired this morning on MSNBC’s Politics Nation. “I’m really hoping some other folks step up,” Biden demurred. “I think we have some really good people.” When Sharpton pressed it, though, he clarified that he was not ruling…
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‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Writers Discover the Secret to Surviving Trump’s America: Fist Fights (Video)

‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Writers Discover the Secret to Surviving Trump’s America: Fist Fights (Video)
Tuesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” we got a new edition of the show’s excellent recurring segment “Point, Counterpoint,” in which the show’s writers Amber Ruffin and Ally Hord appear to discuss a series of current topics.

The joke of the bit is that Hord will discuss the topics at hand in a very serious manner while Ruffin will then take whatever the last thing Hord said as an excuse to go off on a hilarious non-sequitor. And this time, the debate ended in a joyful display of violence in which Hord and Ruffin got to bond over beating down a mannequin dressed like Meyers.

“It seems that every day that someone within Trump’s world resigns or is fired,” Meyers said to start off the bit. “Is this a sign of a house in chaos or that President Trump finally seems to know the kind of team he needs? Ally?”

“You’re giving him too much credit,” Hord replied. “All this turnover isn’t calculated. It’s the tantrums of a man-child. It’s like if a middle school bully tried to run a PTA meeting. Trump is nothing but a big, fat baby.”

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And then Ruffin took the whole thing in a completely different direction.

“I love, big, fat babies. you see one and you ask, ‘how did you get so fat if all you eat is milk, little baby?’ But they don’t answer because they’re a baby. And when they’re real fat you get to put your finger on their chin and go ‘Hey, hey, hey, it’s Fat Albert.’ It’s the cutest,” Ruffin said.

For the second topic, Hord said that Trump’s transgender military ban was just another one of “Trump’s distracting stunts,” to which Ruffin replied that she absolutely loves cool stunts in movies. Which led to the climax of the segment.

“After Joe Biden said in a speech he would have beat Trump up in high school, Trump tweeted that if they did fight, Biden would have gone down hard and fast while crying ahead of the midterms. Is this the sort of leadership we need from either party? Ally?” Meyers asked.

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“It’s like we’ve completely forgotten how a leader is supposed to act,” Hord said. “This country has gone insane. I’ve lost all hope.”

“I know what would make you feel better,” Ruffin replied

“I’m not giving you a hug,” Hord declared stubbornly

“Oh. Well, then, how about a big stunt sequence?” Ruffin asked. Hord liked the idea, and the two immediately began a dramatic fight on stage that eventually involved Hord smashing a vase over Ruffin’s head, Ruffin kicking Hord through a wall, and the two of them teaming up on a mannequin dressed up like Meyers.

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“Take a closer look at this, bitch,” Ruffin said as they threw the mannequin over Meyers’ desk.

The conflict ended with Ruffin pinning Hord’s arm behind her back until she finally agreed to a hug.

You can watch all of “Point, Counterpoint” from Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the video embedded at the top of this post.

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Late-Night Hosts Mock Joe Biden and Donald Trump's Fight Threats

Late-night hosts devoted part of their Thursday night shows to addressing former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump each threatening to beat the other one up.

Biden made headlines on Tuesday (March 20) when he discussed Trump and his inappropriate comments about women during a rally in Miami. "If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,” he said.

Trump responded on Twitter. “Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for...
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Seth Meyers: Trump's lawyers are joining the Titanic 'after it hit the iceberg'

Comics, including Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers, discussed Trump and Joe Biden’s war of words and Trump’s mounting legal troubles

Late-night hosts on Thursday discussed the fighting words exchanged between president Trump and Joe Biden, as well as the mounting legal troubles Trump faces as three different women file lawsuits against him.

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Donald Trump's Brother Says Potus Is a 'Great Sportsman'

  • TMZ
Was Donald Trump Really a baller athlete growing up ... or was it all just a bunch of fake news?? TMZ Sports spoke with Donald's younger bro, Robert, about Potus' skills on the field ... and he admits that while he's a good athlete himself, Donald's got him beat. Fyi -- Trump has boasted about his athletic career in the past, claiming to have been the best high school baseball player in the state of New York back in the day.
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Donald Trump Vows To Beat Up Joe Biden: Overcompensating Old Men 2018

President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to assure his base that former Veep Joe Biden would “go down fast and hard, crying all the way” if they got into a physical fight, describing Biden as “weak, both mentally and physically.” Trump is 71; Biden is 75. And this is American politics in 2018: two septuagenarians boasting about beating up each other in an Overcompensating Old Men Smackdown. Trump tweeted his threat to distract TV news outlets from Biden…
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Senators Jeff Flake and Cory Booker Snowball Fight on Capitol Hill

  • TMZ
Donald Trump and Joe Biden's hypothetical high school brawl apparently has D.C. in a fighting mood -- 'cause 2 senators actually got into it ... with snowballs. Republican Sen. Jeff Flake and Democrat Sen. Cory Booker had themselves a good ol' fashioned D.C. duel early Thursday morning outside the Capitol. Senators @CoryBooker and @JeffFlake starting their day with a snowball duel. — Matt Klapper (@mattklapper) March 22, 2018 Booker accepted the challenge, and
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Donald Trump Says He Could Beat Up Joe Biden in a Fight

  • TMZ
Donald Trump apparently can't figure out when someone is clearly joking, because he took Joe Biden's sardonic, high school-like pugilistic challenge as serious, and the President of the United States just responded by saying he could kick the former Veep's ass. Biden joked Tuesday at the University of Miami, "If we were in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him," adding, "Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest,
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Trump Says He Could Beat Up ‘Crazy Joe’ Biden: ‘He Would Go Down Hard and Fast’

President Donald Trump opened up Thursday with fire and fury on Twitter taking a flamethrower to Joe Biden after the former Vice President repeated his musing about wanting to “beat the hell out of” Trump. “Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!,” said Trump. “Remember when they were saying, during the campaign, that Donald Trump is giving...
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Donald Trump's Brother Robert Says President is Helping Women, Minorities

  • TMZ
Donald Trump's brother, Robert, thinks the President is answering the dreams of women and minorities. We got Robert Trump at Lax early Thursday and our photog posed the question .... why does Djt attack women and minorities? He takes issue but doesn't get specific. And then there's Stormy Daniels. Robert Trump calls it "nonsense" and says the President is focusing on important work and has no time for silly things. Apparently Robert didn't see that his
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‘Poetry in America’ Trailer: Shaq and Joe Biden Bring Us Together Through Verse — Watch

‘Poetry in America’ Trailer: Shaq and Joe Biden Bring Us Together Through Verse — Watch
Feel free to take a seat, because Shaq and Joe Biden are here to read you some poems. In honor of National Poetry Month, PBS member station Wgbh and American Public Television will be premiering a 12-part television event that celebrates poetry through special readings and in-depth conversations. The series, which is called “Poetry in America,” will be hosted by Harvard University professor Elisa New and features individuals like U2 lead vocalist Bono, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Senator John McCain, hip-hop artist Nas, singer/songwriter Regina Spektor, former President Bill Clinton, and “The New York Times” opinion columnist David Brooks.

Each episode will focus on a different poem and will feature various individuals reflecting on its history, social relevance, artistic value, and personal meanings. Scheduled poems include Carl Sandburg’s “Skyscraper,” Emily Dickinson’s “I Cannot Dance Opon My Toes,” and Langston Hughes’ “Harlem.
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The Cast of Parks and Rec Is Roasting the NRA For Using a Leslie Knope Gif

  • BuzzSugar
Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope is a timeless icon for many reasons, her politics being one. She loves Joe Biden even more than her own husband and works tirelessly through the show's seven seasons to improve the world around her - even when it means butting heads with far-right townsfolk in Pawnee, In, or depriving the town of another gluttonous guilty pleasure like Paunch Burger. All of this is to say Leslie Knope would definitely not be on board with the NRA, a pro-gun organization which has come under fire (yet again) in recent weeks, using her face to promote its agenda. So when the NRA used a Gif of Leslie in a tweet to its followers after a contentious CNN town hall in Parkland, Fl, the cast and crew of Parks and Rec were far from pleased. .@DLoesch thank you for being the voice of over 5 Million #NRA members.
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Barack and Michelle Obama Unveil Their New Official Portraits

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery on Monday unveiled its commissioned portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama by artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, respectively.

The former president and first lady gave remarks at the unveiling, with Mrs. Obama first saying how “overwhelmed, humbled, proud and grateful” she was to be honored with the portrait, which depicted her sitting in a long, flowing, colorful dress amid a pale blue background.

Mrs. Obama thanked her family — including “my Mommy,” Marian Robinson, who was sitting in the front row at the unveiling — and shared the story of how she first met Sherald.
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Joe Biden Torches Donald Trump’s Fond Farewell To Ousted Staffer Rob Porter

Former Veep Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump over the fond farewell Potus gave to his ousted White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter. Porter resigned Wednesday after domestic abuse allegations against him became public. Because the FBI had learned of the credible allegations made by his two ex-wives, Porter had been operating without top security clearance (though he had access to classified material since he joined the White House in January 2017). White House…
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Joe Biden Claps Back at President Trump's 'Treason' Comments: 'He's a Joke'

Joe Biden Claps Back at President Trump's 'Treason' Comments: 'He's a Joke'
Joe Biden called President Trump “a joke” in a new interview with CNN — but the former vice president is not laughing.

On Tuesday, Biden slammed Trump’s recent remarks calling Democrats who didn’t applaud his State of the Union “treasonous,” telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he “marvels at some of the things says and does.”

Cuomo noted that the White House has since called the remark tongue-in-cheek. “They say Democrats can’t take a joke,” he told Biden.

“Well, let me tell you, he’s a joke,” the former vice president returned.

In a speech in Cincinnati on Monday,
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