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Video: Melissa Errico Unveils Black & White Music Video for New Single 'Hurry Home'

Every great songwriter needs great interpreters. With the special digital release today of her new single 'Hurry Home' by Ghostlight Records, Melissa Errico returns to her role as interpreter of acclaimed French composer and songwriter, the multiple-Oscar-winning Michel Legrand films include Yentl, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Thomas Crown Affair. An intimate music video has also been created for this digital release, directed by Gary Gardner who has shot videos for musical artists like Macklemore, Mos Def and Lenny Kravitz - check it out below
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Is Fear The Walking Dead now better than The Walking Dead?

Jamie Andrew Nov 27, 2017

Jamie's finally ready to make the previously unarguable argument that Fear The Walking Dead is currently stronger than its parent show...

Warning: contains spoilers for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead season 3.

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My partner and I had just finished watching the first part of Fear The Walking Dead's third season premiere. Despite new characters, a new setting, new peril, and wall-to-wall (not to mention zombie-through-wall) action, by the time the credits rolled she’d made up her mind that this was as far as she'd be following the Clark family and co on their cross-border, walker-stalker, Ex-Mex shenanigans.

“I'm done,” she said. “You’re on your own with this one.”

I didn’t know what to say. We'd been through TV
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Cheech Marin and Mos Def Lend Voices to Pacha's Pajamas

Balance Edutainment, a leading Extended Reality EdTech firm, has launched Pacha’s Pajamas, the first-of-its-kind augmented reality (Ar) children’s book that gets kids to fall in love reading again.

Children learn about living in harmony with nature through an engaging and interactive experience. The book introduces a new category of augmented reality edutainment, the Zbook, where every illustration in the book becomes animated through the included free “Pacha Alive” app. An Indiegogo campaign which is being managed by LaunchPad Agency, has launched with a $20,000 Usd funding goal and features limited Early Bird specials of $25 Usd for a 2-book and music package (50% off retail) and several other rewards for early backers.

Pacha’s Pajamas features a diverse array of characters and an environmentally conscious storyline that inspires children to see the world in new ways. With the augmented reality technology, reading the book just got way more fun. This unique
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Doc NYC Film Review: ‘David Bowie: The Last Five Years’

Doc NYC Film Review: ‘David Bowie: The Last Five Years’
David Bowie: The Last Five Years,” which premieres Nov. 10 at the Doc NYC film festival (it will then be shown on HBO), is a singular and haunting pop documentary. It’s a companion piece to “David Bowie: Five Years,” the 2013 documentary in which director Francis Whately meditated on the pivotal period of Bowie’s fame, from 1970 to 1975. That movie dug deep into the heady fascination of the first rock star who was passionate and Warholian at the same time — an image junkie who kept rotating his look and aspect, and did it as casually as most of us change underwear.

The Last Five Years,” also directed by Whately, was assembled under the shadow of Bowie’s death (he died on Jan. 10, 2016). It’s about a very different man: one who remained, to the end, a committed artist even as he was living as a retired pop star. Bowie’s exit from the spotlight of celebrity happened quite suddenly
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Pathway To Paris Celebrates Successful Carnegie Hall Concert For Climate Action

Pathway to Paris gave voice to the urgent issue of climate change on Sunday night at Carnegie Hall, celebrating the launch of its 1,000 Cities initiative and the organization’s three years of environmental advocacy.

Patti Smith and Flea perform on stage during Pathway To Paris Concert For Climate Action at Carnegie Hall

Credit/Copyright: Kevin Kane/Getty Images for Undp

Founded by Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, Pathway to Paris orchestrated the event in partnership with the Un Development Programme and 350 org – bringing together a collection of artists, activists, academics, musicians, politicians, and innovators to shine a light on 1,000 Cities’ imperative mission, supported by a Care2 petition which invites the world’s cities to transition off of fossil fuels in a call to action.

The evening opened with powerful speeches and performances by Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, who curated the event, encapsulating the essence of Pathway to Paris.
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How Tessa Thompson Went From Indie Actor to 'Thor: Ragnarok' Badass

How Tessa Thompson Went From Indie Actor to 'Thor: Ragnarok' Badass
Tessa Thompson doesn't saunter into Thor: Ragnarok until the end of the first act, when Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder crash-lands on the planet Sakaar – a "fantastically depraved place," she says. Her character, Valkyrie, a traumatized Asgarian expat, fits right in; she makes a living capturing potential gladiatorial combatants and selling them to the Grandmaster (played Jeff Goldblum) for booze. "Sometimes she'll do half-booze and half-money, which makes her feel sort of better than spending it all on drinks," Thompson muses, laughing. To her, the Prince of Asgard is
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Harrison Ford Reveals If Han Solo Will Return in Star Wars Movies

Harrison Ford Reveals If Han Solo Will Return in Star Wars Movies
For the one or two Star Wars fans who haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there is a big spoiler coming up right now. Han Solo (Harrison Ford) was killed by his own son, Ben Solo, a.k.a. Kylo Ren, but, as in many franchises, death is not always as final as one would think. In fact, Harrison Ford was asked in an interview last year if there was any chance Han Solo could return, stating that, "Anything is possible in space," but now it seems he's changed his tune. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, host Ryan Seacrest posed the question once again, asking if Han Solo could in fact return, but it seems that won't happen anymore.

"He's dead. I'd been begging to die for the cause for a couple of years. I thought Han Solo's got no mama, got no papa, doesn't believe in The Force.
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Steven Knight interview: Peaky Blinders series 4

Louisa Mellor Nov 9, 2017

We spoke with Peaky Blinders’ writer-creator Steven Knight ahead of the show’s series four return…

Contains spoilers for Peaky Blinders series three.

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“Let’s do legends”, says Steven Knight. “In Britain, when the working class are summoned for fiction, it’s ‘isn’t it a shame, isn’t it a pity, isn’t it awful, the terribly poor things…’, whereas from within, it’s nothing like that. It’s fantastic, it’s glamorous, it’s terrible and good the same as it is for everybody.”

Knight didn’t create Peaky Blinders to inspire pity; he created it to inspire awe. Not for the brutality of the Birmingham gang it depicts, but for the “beautiful, dramatic, romantic” stories of his characters’ lives. “Because to the people involved,
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Chance The Rapper Eyed To Host ‘Def Poetry Jam’ Reboot For Russell Simmons & HBO

Russell Simmons is looking to restart his Def Poetry Jam and is talking with Grammy-winner Chance the Rapper to host it. Simmons teased the new project, which would be called All Def Poetry, today on Instagram, saying the potential series is in the works at HBO. Simmons has a long-standing relationship with HBO, where he has been under back-to-back first-look deals. Simmons’ original Def Poetry Jam was a spoken-word poetry series hosted by Mos Def that ran on HBO from…
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Is Mos Def the Most Talented Rapper Turned Actor?

Mos Def has become a great success as a rapper. His talent is indisputable but there are rumors that he’s moving in a new direction with his career. He had done some previous acting work but is he in the process of transitioning from rapping to acting full-time? Although he’s not made an official announcement on the topic, we see a definite trend in that direction. Here are the reasons why we believe that Mos Def is leaving his career as a rapper for a new life as a professional actor. Mos Def changed his name The famous musician has

Is Mos Def the Most Talented Rapper Turned Actor?
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Family: Fast/Furious, 2001-2017

How can we not talk about family When family's all that we got?—Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth), See You AgainWhat a long, strange ride it's been… and still some way to go. As I write, the eighth film in the Fast/Furious series (Ff) is still playing in thousands of cinemas worldwide. I won't concern myself here with the box-office performance of The Fate of the Furious—nor will I attempt synopsis of this or the previous installments—except to note that enough money was taken on opening-day alone to confirm we can expect the ninth and tenth in this prodigiously lucrative Universal franchise to hit our screens late spring or early summer, in 2019 and 2021.Ideally the 10th—and, presuming Vin Diesel's September 2015 comment about "one last trilogy" is honored, final—picture should arrive exactly 20 years after Rob Cohen’s The Fast and the Furious bowed on 22nd June,
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BFI appoints head of cinemas and events for Southbank venue

  • ScreenDaily
Gaylene Gould takes up programming role at London cinema hub.

The British Film Institute (BFI) has hired Gaylene Gould for the newly-created role of head of cinemas and events at the organisation’s Southbank venue.

Taking up the role on April 24, Gould will lead audience development, business planning and programming at Southbank. She will report to Stuart Brown, head of programme and acquisitions.

Gould has previously consulted for the BFI’s Black Star season, the Barbican, Independent Cinema Office, Tate gallery, and the National Theatre.

She has also held roles at the Toronto International Film festival, Hot Docs, and Arts Council England, and was the national project manager for BFI Season Black World in 2006. She has also presented BBC2’s Culture Show and Channel 4’s 50 Things To Do Before You Die.

Gould said on her appointment: “The BFI has a public commitment to herald the astonishing and the intriguing and a remit to develop curious-minds. I’m very
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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Sweded Trailer: Watch the Homemade Shot-for-Shot Remake

  • Indiewire
‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Sweded Trailer: Watch the Homemade Shot-for-Shot Remake
Sweding aficionados Brian Harley and Roque Rodriguez have created a shot-for-shot, low-budget homemade remake of the teaser trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which hits theaters on May 5. Watch the clip below.

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For those who are not familiar with the term, sweding is the faithful, shortened remake of a film or trailer, which is usually done by fans who have lots of creativity and a very low budget. In sweded versions of films and trailers, most of the props are made out of cardboard, for example.

The term originates from the 2008 comedy “Be Kind Rewind,” starring Jack Black and Mos Def. They play two incompetent video-store clerks who mistakenly erase the footage from all of the tapes in the shop and then scramble to recreate all the
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Steve's Favorite New Jazz Albums of 2016

Okay, it's time for me to stop trying to listen to more 2016 albums and just wrap up this list. In the past I would split my jazz list into a new releases part dedicated to current recordings and a historical part combining first releases of archival material with reissues. This year I'm skipping reissues, partly because some projects were so gargantuan that little guys like me weren't serviced with them, partly because the vinyl renaissance means everything is being reissued at once, and partly because so much stuff is just rehashing the same material in new packaging, with or without a gimmick or a little additional material added. So first releases of archival material are lumped in here. Maybe that's not entirely fair to the current guys, but on the other hand I don't include many archival items on my list.

1. Matthew Shipp & Bobby Kapp: Cactus (Northern Spy)

Two generations
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Valerian: the brand new trailer

Kirsten Howard Mar 29, 2017

The brand new trailer for Luc Besson's upcoming return to sci-fi, Valerian, has landed...

In a summer packed with sequels, remakes, reboots and franchise films, Valerian might just be the most interestingly gamble out there. It's directed by Luc Besson, and it's his first full-on blockbuster sci-fi film since The Fifth Element (although there's an argument that Lucy strays into sci-fi quite a lot too). And the new trailer for the movie has landed. It looks like this...

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Previously Besson had been chatting about casting Dane DeHaan in the movie.

“With Dane, 30 seconds after I sat down at the bar with him, the restaurant, I knew that it was him, for sure,” he admitted. “After one minute, my problem is, if he says no, I’m in trouble. It was already printed in my head.
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Steve's Favorite Rock/Pop/Folk/R&B/Electronic Albums of 2016

This is where I'm supposed to summarize the past year, find some overaching theme or thread running through my choices, spot trends, or something along those lines. Instead it's just another mea culpa for my continuing and accelerating estrangement from mainstream pop music. Don't mind me, I'm just a grumpy old fart. But these twenty new albums made me less grumpy.

1. Diiv: Is the Is Are (Captured Tracks)

I enjoyed their first album, and far from a sophomore slump, their second is even better. Sure, I'm heavily predisposed to love bands that conjure a moody '80s vibe with thrumming bass, chiming guitar jangle, and submerged vocals, but this is greater than the sum of those parts, simultaneously updating the sound while tapping into a new level of melodicism for this band.

2. David Bowie: Black Star (Sony)

I wrote about this at length. What can I add now that
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Kendall Jenner Announces First Headliner Of Inaugural Fyre Festival — See How Kanye West Is Involved

  • PEOPLE.com
Kendall Jenner Announces First Headliner Of Inaugural Fyre Festival — See How Kanye West Is Involved
Couldn’t get Coachella tickets before they sold out? Kendall Jenner has a solution — and it involves her brother-in-law Kanye West.

Jenner took to her Instagram on Wednesday to give people a sense of what music to expect from the Fyre Music Festival, a brand new two-weekend event set for the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May on the private island of Fyre Cay in the Bahamas (famously known as the former home of Blackbeard and Pablo Escobar).

The star announced that artists from G.O.O.D. Music — the record label founded by Kanye West
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Watch a Wonderful Hour-Long BFI Conversation with Danny Glover: “I Am My Mother’s Son, Opinionated, Self-righteous, and We Know Everything”

The below hour-long conversation with veteran actor and activist Danny Glover is part of British Film Institute’s (BFI) ongoing Black Star project – an exhaustive program and the UK’s largest ever season of film and television dedicated to celebrating the range,… Continue Reading →
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A United Kingdom review – black king to white queen…

This true-life romance between an English office clerk and the future king of Botswana is a beautifully shot, crowd-pleasing gem

As a female British film-maker of Ghanaian heritage, the director Amma Asante broke several glass ceilings when her third feature, A United Kingdom, opened the London film festival in October. With an awards-worthy, powerhouse performance by producer/star David Oyelowo – whose brilliant portrayal of Martin Luther King in 2014’s Selma was overlooked at the “so white” Oscars – A United Kingdom also chimed with the launch of the BFI’s Black Star season, a programme “celebrating the range, versatility and power of black actors”.

Yet watching the film for a second time with a packed audience who swooned at its romance, laughed at its wry humour and cheered its moments of triumph, it struck me that, for all its progressive importance, this is first and foremost an impressively crowd-pleasing piece of intelligent screen entertainment.
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