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Roman Polanski pulls out of French Césars after outcry

Roman Polanski pulls out of French Césars after outcry
The decision to honour director still haunted by statutory rape charge sparked controversy.

Roman Polanski has turned down an offer to preside over the 42nd edition of the French Césars on Feb 24, his lawyer told French news agency Afp on Tuesday [24].

Last week’s announcement by organising body the Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences sparked controversy in light of the 1977 charge that the director sexually-assaulted a 13-year-old girl on the fringes of a Vogue photoshoot in Los Angeles.

Alongside calls for a boycott, a petition demanding his removal from the role drew some 60,000 signatures.

A number of women’s rights groups had called for a demonstration outside the ceremony, which is due to take place in the Salle Pleyel concert hall in central Paris this year.

Laurence Rossignol, France’s Minister for Families, Children and Women, declared she was “shocked” by the academy’s decision to Polanksi. The country’s Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay refused
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French Comedy Heavyweights Christian Clavier, Catherine Frot Star in ‘Finding Mom’ (Exclusive)

French Comedy Heavyweights Christian Clavier, Catherine Frot Star in ‘Finding Mom’ (Exclusive)
Paris – A pair of French comedy heavyweights, Christian Clavier (“Serial Bad Weddings”) and Catherine Frot (“Marguerite”), are set to star in “Finding Mom,” the big-screen adaptation of the popular French play “Momo.”

TF1 Studio is handling international sales on the film and will introduce it to buyers at the UniFrance Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, which kicks off tomorrow in Paris.

The director of the play, Sebastien Thiéry, is directing “Finding Mom” with Vincent Lobelle, and wrote the script in collaboration with the actress Pascale Arbillot, who also stars in the film.

“Finding Mom” turns on André (Clavier) and Laurence Prioux (Frot) as a middle-class couple whose tranquil life in an upscale suburb of northern France gets turned upside down by the arrival of a deaf and mute man who claims to be their son. While the couple initially believe they are being conned, Laurence progressively becomes the mother she never
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‘The Transporter Refueled’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Ed Skrein, Loan Chabanol, Ray Stevenson, Gabriella Wright, Tatiana Pajkovic, Wenxia Yu, Radivoje Bukvic, Noémie Lenoir, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Samir Guesmi, Anatole Taubman | Written by Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Luc Besson | Directed by Camille Delamarre

I not going to hide the fact I’m a huge Transporter fan, from the very first movie to the more recent, if little seen here in the UK, TV show, I’ve enjoyed [to various extents] each and every entry in the franchise. So, unlike some out there, I was not afraid to see the film series rebooted with a new star and a new story. And that’s what we get with The Transporter Refueled. My only worry was that no-one connected to the original films, apart from Luc Besson, had any part of this film… But then that was also the case with the series, and I really enjoyed that!

Taking the reigns
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Transporter: The Series

Network: TNT

Episodes: 24 (hour)

Seasons: Two

TV show dates: October 18, 2014 -- February 7, 2015

Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Chris Vance, Andrea Osvárt, Charly Hübner, François Berléand, and Delphine Chanéac.

TV show description:      

Based on the Transporter feature film series, this action-adventure TV show follows Frank Martin (Chris Vance), a professional "transporter." He's paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world.

He's the very best at what he does. Martin handles only the most difficult and dangerous of assignments -- and only trusts a handful of people.

A former CIA agent, computer expert Carla Valeri (Andrea Osvárt) negotiates with Martin's clients and provides him with all the information he needs. Technology expert and mechanic Dieter Hausmann (Charly Hübner) alters and repairs Martin's special Audi as needed.
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Transporter: The Series: Cancelled; No Season Three

It looks like it's the end of the line for courier Frank Martin. Transporter: The Series, which aired for two seasons on TNT, has been cancelled and won't be returning for a third season.

Based on the feature film series, Transporter is an action-adventure TV show which follows Frank Martin (Chris Vance) -- a professional "transporter." He's paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world. The rest of the cast has included François Berléand, Violante Placido, Andrea Osvárt, Charly Hübner, and Delphine Chanéac.

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Review: The Transporter Refueled, Still Out Of Gas

The newest model in the Transporter series is much the same as the previous versions, only with less wit and less cohesive action sequences. Not that the first three films were exactly paradigms of wit and cohesive action. Back in 2002, however, The Transporter felt relatively fresh, welding together Corey Yuen's action choreography with Luc Besson's European cool -- plus Shu Qi! Plus a befuddled François Berléand! -- to create a genuinely entertaining, international genre picture. As with many sequels, a downward trend became evident in subsequent installments, and the series appeared dead after it spawned a television spinoff. It's hard to find good getaway drivers, though, and the franchise has been reborn. With Jason Statham's exit, Ed Skrein (the erstwhile Daario Naharis from Game...

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Transporter: The Series: Season Two Ratings

TNT purchased the rights to air the first two seasons of Transporter: The Series. Will there be season three or will it be cancelled instead? If there is a third season, will TNT want it if the ratings aren't strong? Well have to wait and see.

Based on the feature film series, Transporter is an action-adventure TV show which follows Frank Martin (Chris Vance) -- a professional "transporter." He's paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world. This season, the rest of the cast includes François Berléand and Violante Placido.

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Transporter The Series: Season One Ratings

TNT has picked up two seasons of Transporter: The Series so viewers don't have to worry about it being cancelled for awhile. Will it be a ratings success for the cable channel? Will they want to air the second season? Stay tuned.

Based on the feature film series, Transporter is an action-adventure TV show which follows Frank Martin (Chris Vance). He's a professional "transporter" who's paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world. The rest of the cast includes Andrea Osvárt, Charly Hübner, François Berléand, and Delphine Chanéac.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show's chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available.

Final season averages: 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.05
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DVD Review – Romance (1999)

Romance, 1999.

Directed by Catherine Breillat.

Starring Caroline Ducey, Sagamore Stévenin, François Berléand and Rocco Siffredi.


A sexually frustrated woman embarks on a series of encounters with different men to satisfy her need for physical intimacy.

Romance was originally released in 1999 and caused something of a stir amongst critics and audiences alike due to its sexually graphic content, but Romance isn’t a film meant to titillate or excite. Instead it’s a film that’s meant to explore the difference between the physical and the emotional, what it means to love and not be loved in the same way in return and how context is key when it comes to what is deemed acceptable in the confines of a relationship.

Marie (Caroline Ducey) is a schoolteacher whose partner Paul (Sagamore Stévenin) hasn’t touched her in months and refuses to let himself be touched by her. He does love
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Chris Vance Delivers Transporter to TV: 'He's Good With Girls, Drives Well, Too'

Chris Vance Delivers Transporter to TV: 'He's Good With Girls, Drives Well, Too'
TNT delivers Transporter: The Series to American audiences this Saturday at 9/8c, via the international, small-screen adaptation starring Chris Vance (Prison Break) as the titular delivery man.

“He’s like the Ups guy — but he’s got an Audi,” Vance quips of his character, Frank Martin, who in three big screen outings was played by Jason Statham.

In the Transporter series, Frank is joined by two team members — ex-dgse agent Caterina Boldieu (Italian actress/singer Violante Placido) and later computer whiz Jules Faroux (Hannibal‘s Mark Rendall) — as he is contracted to handle a diverse array of packages, from pop singers to priceless paintings.
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Mipcom: Cecile de France, Nathalie Baye and Audrey Fleurot Join Cast of ‘Call My Agent!’ (Exclusive)

Mipcom: Cecile de France, Nathalie Baye and Audrey Fleurot Join Cast of ‘Call My Agent!’ (Exclusive)
Cannes– ‘Call My Agent!,” the comedy mini-series marking French helmer Cedric Klapisch’s smallscreen debut, has attracted a top-notched cast of Gallic talent.

Cecile de France (“Hereafter,” pictured above), Nathalie Baye (“Catch Me If You Can”), Audrey Fleurot (“The Intouchables”), have joined the cast of show, which is being shopped by TF1 International at Mipcom. Cast also boasts Joey Starr (“Polisse”), Laura Smet (“Eden”), François Berléand (“Transporter, The Series”) and Julie Gayet (“Profilage”).

A Paris-set six-part mini-series, “Call My Agent!” was created by vet French talent agent Dominique Besnehard and Fanny Herrero.

The show centers around a tight-knit and dysfunctional team of Parisian talent agents who battle to get contracts for important clients, while juggling their personal lives.

Penned by Klapisch, Lola Doillon and Antoine Garceau, “Call My Agent!” will go into production in November and has been commissioned by pubcaster France Televisions. It’s produced by Mon Voisin Production and Mother Production.
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The top 25 greatest Jason Statham films

How do you rank perfection? Duncan has a go, as he lists the top 25 Jason Statham films...

For regular Den Of Geek readers, it will come as little surprise to see this list come round. We've chosen our favourite Statham films before, but such is the productivity of the great man, it was decided that a mere top ten was no longer large enough to contain his ever growing body of work. Last time I mentioned updating this piece to the man himself back in 2012 due to his insane workload, he cracked up and responded, “My productivity is overwhelming! 'Have a fucking day off!'”

Since this list has now expanded to encompass 25 of his movies, it seemed only right to include multiple sequels, with his big trio of action franchises all spawning some thoroughly entertaining fare worthy of mention, though I’ve tried to exclude the personal bias that
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TNT to air Transporter: The Series

TNT to air Transporter: The Series
TNT has announced plans to air Transporter: The Series.

The show is a television adaptation of the film series starring Jason Statham as a professional courier who specialises in driving dangerous items.

Dexter actor Chris Vance steps into the lead role of Frank Martin in Transporter: The Series, with François Berléand reprising his film role as Inspector Tarconi.

TNT has confirmed that it will premiere season one – which was originally slated to air on Cinemax in the Us – in the fall of 2014.

The cable channel will also air season two of Transporter The Series, which will go into production in February.

"Transporter The Series is a roller-coaster ride with big-screen action, fantastic locations and an extremely charismatic lead in Chris Vance," TNT president Michael Wright said.

He continued: "The Transporter franchise is a proven winner embraced by movie and television viewers around the globe, and we're proud that TNT will
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TNT Picks Up Action Drama 'Transporter: The Series,' Based on the Jason Statham Franchise

  • Indiewire
TNT Picks Up Action Drama 'Transporter: The Series,' Based on the Jason Statham Franchise
TNT has picked up the U.S. rights to "Transporter: The Series," an international action drama based on the Luc Besson-produced film franchise about meticulous, skilled driver-for-hire Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham. British actor Chris Vance, who played "freelance psychopath" Mason Gilroy on "Burn Notice" and Dr. Jack Gallagher on "Mental," the short-lived 2009 Fox series set in L.A. but shot in Bogotá, stars as the small screen incarnation of Frank. François Berléand, reprising his role from the films as Inspector Tarconi, is also in the cast, alongside Andrea Osvárt, Delphine Chanéac and Charly Hübner. "Transporter: The Series" is a French-Canadian production, and was originally slated to air in the U.S. on Cinemax, though they ended up passing on the project -- a trailer that was released at the time but has since been taken down didn't look particularly promising. The first season has since aired in Canada,
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French Thriller Gets Remake and (Possibly) Jane Got a Gun Director

Tell No One’ thriller to get Hollywood remake (photo: ‘Tell No One’ 2006, with François Cluzet and Marie-Josée Croze) Gavin O’Connor, among whose credits are Tumbleweeds, Warrior, and the upcoming Natalie Portman action drama Jane Got a Gun, "is in negotiations" to direct Universal and Warner Bros.’ thriller Tell No One, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Whether the film will be a direct remake of Guillaume Canet’s Ne le dis à personne (2006), starring François Cluzet and Marie-Josée Croze, or be based on the original source — Harlan Coben’s novel Tell No One — is unclear. Canet and Philippe Lefebvre were credited for the screenplay of the French movie. Frequent Steven Spielberg collaborator Frank Marshall (The Color Purple, War Horse, Jurassic World) is producing the new Tell No One. Academy Award winner Chris Terrio (Argo) will be writing the adaptation. Curiously, Argo director Ben Affleck had been previously attached to this
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Blu-ray Review: ‘Tell No One’ Ranks as One of the Decade’s Finest Thrillers

Chicago – There is a moment in Guillaume Canet’s “Tell No One” when protagonist Alexandre Beck (François Cluzet) is forced to run. The police are hot on his trail and have cornered him at his office, where he serves as a pediatrician. But before the cops burst through the door, Alex sails out his window, breaks his fall with a car roof and runs as fast as his feet can cary him.

This pulse-pounding moment occurs about midway through Canet’s 2006 mystery, and quickly unspools into one of the greatest sustained chase sequences in film history, proving that stunt work and in-camera effects will always trump any brand of digital trickery. Yet that is only one of countless highlights in this splendidly entertaining masterpiece of suspense. It was the sixth film distributed by Music Box Films, and ended up becoming one of their biggest hits, which is hardly surprising considering
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Transporter: The Series Trailer

With all the unexpected movies we've seen being adapted for the small screen as of late, Luc Besson's The Transporter is one that actually seems quite well-suited for television. The original trilogy was comprised of no-nonsense action flicks made on a fairly limited budget and the premise is one that lends itself well to an episodic format. Cinemax has been in production on the first season of Transporter: The Series since last year, but they ran into a number of problems after the original showrunners left and the lead actor injured himself during an action sequence. That lead actor is not Jason Statham unfortunately, but rather Chris Vance, who is best known for roles on Prison Break and Mental. He seems to be back in action as the first trailer for the show has arrived online, and although it definitely looks like a step down from the films,
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'Transporter' TV series: Chris Vance replaces Jason Statham - video

'Transporter' TV series: Chris Vance replaces Jason Statham - video
A new trailer has been unveiled for the Transporter TV series. The Cinemax action drama will see Prison Break actor Chris Vance assume the role of extreme driver Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham in the original Transporter movies. French actor François Berléand - who played Martin's ally Inspector Tarconi in the Transporter films - will reprise his role in the series. The show, to air in the Us in late 2012, has suffered a troubled production. Original executive producers (more)
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'Transporter' TV series loses showrunners

'Transporter' TV series loses showrunners
Cinemax's TV adaptation of The Transporter has lost showrunners Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. The pair left the project over creative differences after just three weeks of filming, according to Deadline. The Tudors producer Steve Shill will now take over showrunner duties, overseeing shooting on the action-drama's fourth and fifth episodes. Based on the Jason Statham film series, The Transporter will star Prison Break's Chris Vance as expert driver Frank Martin. François Berléand, who played Martin's cop ally (more)
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TV Series 'Transporter' Begins Production

The Movie Network, a Canadian premium cable network, announced yesterday that production has begun on its new original series Transporter. Obviously, this TV series is based on the film franchise The Transporter starring Jason Statham.

The TV series will be extremely different from the film franchises.

Statham won't be in the leading role as Frank Martin, a freelance transporter who signs on for hit jobs from fishy clients. The leading man for this series, which is in production in Toronto, is Chris Vance (Prison Break).

As for the stories, Frank will still have his golden rules: never change the deal, no names and never open the package. Speaking about changes, Frank will have a handler, Carla (Andrea Osvart). She's a former CIA operative. She organizes his mission. Carla also acts as Frank's eyes and ears on the outside.

In the first episode of the TV series, Frank will break one
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