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  • (1899 - 1932) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1899) Stage Play: Papa's Wife. Musical comedy. Music by Reginald De Koven. Based on two French vaudevilles by Maurice Hennequin and Albert Millaud. Lyrics by Reginald De Koven and Harry B. Smith. Book by Harry B. Smith. Musical Director: Herman Perlet. Additional music by William H. Penn, A. Baldwin Sloane and Herve. Additional lyrics by Frank Sloane, James O'Dea and Glen MacDonough. Costume Design by Will R. Barnes. Scenic Design by D. Frank Dodge and Richard Marston. Manhattan Theatre: 13 Nov 1899- 31 Mar 1900 (147 performances). Cast: Marie Allen, Ann Archer, Anita Austin, Henry Bergman (as "Baron Florestand de la Boucaniere") [Broadway debut], Charles A. Bigelow, Vivian Blackburn, Gladys Claire, Dan Collyer, Beulah Coolidge, Royal Cutter, Eva Davenport, Valerie Douglas, Agnes Findlay, William Gillow, Anna Held (as "Anna"), May Levigne, Emma Levy, George F. Marion (as "Major Bombardos"), Adelaide Orton, Sallie Randall, Cecilia Rhode, Max Rosen, Charles Sinclair, William Sissons, Charles Sturges, Jessie Thompson, Olive Wallace, Frances Wilson, Henry Woodruff. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1900) Stage Play: The Military Maid. Musical/farce. Music by Alfred E. Aarons. Translated from the French by George V. Hobart. Book by George V. Hobart. Lyrics by George V. Hobart. Savoy Theatre: 8 Oct 1900- 13 Oct 1900 (8 performances). Cast: Sallie Berg (as "Bebe Castlemaine"), Henry Bergman (as "The Baron/Blynkinwinkin"), Le Clair Bernard (as "Georgia"), Maude Calvet (as "Orderly Eclair"), Phoebe Coyne (as "The Baroness"), Sidney De Grey (as "The Marquis/Mouchoir"), Daisy Dean (as "Annette"), Libbian Diamond (as "Madeleine"), Frank Doane (as "Adolphe"), Taylor Granville (as "Major Lefevre'), Josephine Hall' (as "Fleurette d'Norville"), Leonore Harris (as "Clorinda"), Emma Levy (as "Caroline"), Gertrude Lewis (as "Calanthe"), Maude Lyle-Courtnay (as "Soldier Soupcon"), Ethel Moore (as "Suzanne"), Charles H. Riegel (as "Colonel Castlemaine"), Leila Romer, Elaine Selover (as "Catherine"), Mrs. Matt B. Snyder (as "Marquise Mouchoir"), David Torrence (as "Captain Gerald Fitzgerald") [Broadway debut], Lucille Verna (as "Clarissa"), Bertram Yost (as "Lieutenant Pierre d'Norville"). Produced by Alfred E. Aarons and David Henderson.
  • (1900) Stage Play: The Sprightly Romance of Marsac. Comedy. Written by Molly Elliot Seawell and William Young. Theatre Republic: 3 Dec 1900- Dec 1900 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Macklyn Arbuckle (as "Marsac"), Edward Abeles, Sally Berg, Henry Bergman, Marie Blanchard, Claude Brooke, Viola Carlstedt, Charles Charters, Laura Clement, John F. Denton, William J. Ferguson, Margaret Fuller, Horace Lewis, Sandol Milliken, Leonie Norbury, Ffolliott Paget, Edward Walker, Annabelle Whitford.
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Soul Kiss. Musical extravaganza. Music by Maurice Levi. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Featuring "My Diabolo Beau" by Kenneth S. Clark. Featuring "That Wasn't All" by Addison Burkhard, Louis A. Hirsch and Matt Woodward. Featuring "The Dollar Sign" by Jessie Villars and Fleta Ian Brown. Featuring "The Soul Kiss (Just for You from Above)" by Lewis Gates. Music for Mlle. Genee's divertissements by Cuthbert Clark. Orchestra under the direction of Max Schmidt. Featuring "Those College Yells" by Clarence M. Chapel and Cecil Lean. Aerial evolutions arranged by Herr H. Schultz. Mlle. Genee's divertissements arranged by Alexander Genee. Scenic Design by John H. Young, Ernest Albert, Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange. Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson and Pancaud of Paris. Costumes for Mlle. Genee's divertissements designed by Wilhelm. Directed by Herbert Gresham and Julian Mitchell. New York Theatre (from 28 Jan 1908- close): 28 Jan 1908- 23 May 1908 (122 performances). Cast: Barney Bernard, Adeline Genee, Ralph Herz, Florence Holbrook, Cecil Lean, Stella Tracey, R.A. Allen, Madelaine Anderton, Florence Ardell, Florrie Bacon, Miss Benton, Henry Bergman, Macklyn Arbuckle [credited as Maclyn Arbuckle], Mae Bevan, Irene Blair, Florence Burke, Clara DeBeers, Mildred DeBeers, Mae Doherty, Mildred Fay, Hattie Forsythe, Eva Francis, Albert Froom [credited as Albert Froome], Dorothy Furniss, Gretta Gleason, Elaine Gordon, Francesca Gordon, Jane Hall, May Harris, Lee Harrison, Laurie Hart, Marian Hartman, Dos Howard, Marguerite Lane, Freda Linyard, Belle Logan, Emily Nash, Billy Norton, Millie Peers, Emily Peters, Almeda Potter, Homer Potter, Grace Rankin, Ada Rickwell, Amelia Rose, Daisy Rudd, Elphye Snowden, Harry Stone, Cecil Sully, Kitty Underdale, Margaret Vingut, Florence Walton, Mortimer H. Weldon, Edith Whitney, May Willard, Ethelyn Wilmot. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1906) Stage Play: My Lady's Maid. Musical. Music by Paul Rubens. Book by Paul Rubens and N. Newnham Davis. Revised by Edward Paulton and R.H. Burnside. Lyrics by Paul Rubens and Percy Greenbank. Musical Director: Clarence West. Featuring songs by Howard Talbot, Harold Orlob, Jerome Kern, E. Ray Goetz and Samuel Lehman. Featuring songs with lyrics by Paul West and Joseph E. Miller. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Casino Theatre: 20 Sep 1906- 27 Oct 1906 (44 performances). Produced by Sam Shubert and Lee Shubert.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Firm of Cunningham. Comedy.
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Easterner. Melodrama. Written by George Broadhurst. Directed by George Broadhurst. Garrick Theatre: 2 Mar 1908- Mar 1908 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: John Ahlberg, Henry Bergman, Edna Goodrich, Nat C. Goodwin, Hale Hamilton, Walter E. Hitchcock, Rene Kelley, Lucille La Verne, Diva Marolda, Wallace McCutcheon, Neil O'Brien, Justina Wayne, Bud Woodthorpe.
  • (1902) Stage Play: Frou-Frou (Revival). Written by Henri Meilhac. Adapted by Victorien Sardou. Garrick Theatre: 5 Jun 1902- Jun 1902 (closing date unknown/4 performances). Cast: Grace George (as "Gilberte"), Henry Bergman, Herbert Carr, Arthur Ebbets, Cuyler Hastings, Grace Henderson, Selene Johnson, Laura Lemmers, Donald MacLaren. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1901) Stage Play: The Price of Peace. Melodrama. Written by Cecil Raleigh. Broadway Theatre: 21 Mar 1901- May 1901 (closing date unknown/60 performances). Cast: Henry Bergman, William T. Blakeley, May Buckley, William T. Carleton [credited as W.T. Carleton], Charles Cherry, Nellie Claire, A.R. Colton, Eugenie Dingens, Louise Dingens, Grace Dudley, Marion Elmore, Carroll Fleming, Arthur Forrest, James Hinton, Harry J. Holliday, Violet Holliday, Eric Hope, Harrison Hunter, Charles Kent, Wilton Lackaye, Ralph Lenox, Edward Lester, Kate Lester, Helen McVeigh, Louis Morrell [Broadway debut], Elizabeth Padgette, F. Roberts, Harry Roberts, Minnie Seligman, Anne B. Sutherland, Mabel Taliaferro, Fred Thorne, Henry Travers [Broadway debut], Virginia Vere, Pauline Von Arnold. Replacement actor: John E. Kellerd. Produced by Jacob Litt.
  • (1902) Stage Play: The Last Appeal. Drama. Written by Leo Ditrichstein. Directed by Leo Ditrichstein and Max Figman. Wallack's Theatre: 14 Apr 1902- Apr 1902 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Henry Bergman, George C. Boniface, Robert Drouet (as "Crown Prince Waldemar"), Clara Glendinning, Katherine Grey, George Harcourt, D.H. Harkins, Nacy Paget, Becton Radford, Rosa Rand, Harold Russell, Richard Sterling, Cora Tanner, Robert C. Turner, William Wray, Stephen Wright. Produced by Henry B. Harris.
  • (1902) Stage Play: The Sword of the King. Written by Ronald MacDonald. Directed by Eugene Wiley Presbrey and Henrietta Crosman. Wallack's Theatre: 6 Oct 1902- Nov 1902 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: Gertrude Bennett, Henry Bergman, Frederick C. Bertrand, Sheridan Block, Aubrey Boucicault, Henrietta Crosman, Edwin Fowler, Henry Gunson, William Herbert, Barton Hill, F.J. McCarthy, Addison Pitt, Arthur Shaw, Ida Vernon. Produced by Maurice Campbell.
  • (1903) Stage Play: Mam'selle Napoleon. Musical/vaudeville. Music by Gustav Luders. Based on the French original by Jean Richepin. Material adapted by Joseph W. Herbert. Lyrics by Joseph W. Herbert. Musical Director: Herman Perlet. Directed by Joseph W. Herbert. Knickerbocker Theatre: 8 Dec 1903 - 6 Jan 1904 (43 performances). Cast: Elsie Baird, Karl Becca, Henry Bergman, Harry M. Blake, Reginald Carrington, Mathilde Cottrelly, J.S. Dunlevy, J. S. Dunlevy, Franz Ebert, Edna Goodrich, Edward Gore, Anna Held, Joseph W. Herbert, Robert Hickman, Arthur Lawrence, Bessie McCoy, Nellie McCoy, Frank Moulan, Edythe Moyer, J.S. Northern, Miss Billie Norton, Fletcher Norton, Adelaide Orton, Sim Pulen, Alfred Pyke, Nina Randall, Frank Rushworth, Max Sharpe, Howard Stevens, E.A. Tester, Francklyn Wallace, Richard Wallace. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Prodigal Son. Drama. Written by Hall Caine. Directed by Murray Carson. New Amsterdam Theatre: 4 Sep 1905- Oct 1905 (closing date unknown/42 performances). Cast: Mrs. George W. Barnum, Henry Bergman, Frank Bixby, George C. Boniface, Aubrey Boucicault, Eda Bruna, Harry C. Bruninghaus, Russell Crauford, Drina DeWolfe, J.E. Dodson, Helen Graham, Ella Greening, Charles Hayne, James Jamison, Edward Morgan, Warner Oland, John Sanders, William H. Thompson, Marie Wainwright, Charlotte Walker, Ida Waterman, Ben Webster, Basil West. Produced by Liebler & Co.
  • (1906) Stage Play: The Vanderbilt Cup. Musical comedy. Music by Robert Hood Bowers. Book by Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by Raymond Peck. Musical Director: Robert Hood Bowers. Directed by Hugh Ford [earliest Broadway credit]. Broadway Theatre: 16 Jan 1906- 1 Jun 1906 (143 performances). Cast: Sallie Berg, Henry Bergman (as "Gaspard, an honest French chauffeur"), E.W. Bosher, Aubrey Boucicault, Kate Buckley (as "Gwynne, Bell-girl of the Marjorie Wellington Hotel"), Blanche Chapman, Charles Dow Clark (as "Newt Offut, a hill climber"), Grace Gaylor Clark, Florence M. Constantine, Helena H. Constantine, Edith Decker, Charles Dickson, Henry V. Donnelly, Violet Duval, Bessie Graham, Kate Graham, Gertrude Grant, Grace Griswold, Otis Harlan (as "Theodore Banting, an Equitable attorney at law"), Ella Hatton, Elsie Janis (as "Dorothy Willetts"), Percy Janis, Dorothy Kent, Jacques Kruger, Daisy Leon, F. Newton Lindo, Margaret Love, Kate Mayhew (as "Mrs. Sylvester, Stockholder in the Marjorie Wellington Hotel"), Marie Messner, Bessie Mills, Blanche Morrell, Lillian Nicholson, George Odell, Elsa Reinhardt, Blanche Rice, Eloise Steele, Helen Weathersby, Muriel Wilbur. Produced by Liebler & Co.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Yankee Girl. Music by Silvio Hein. Book by George V. Hobart. Lyrics by George V. Hobart. Additional lyrics by Junie McCree and C.F. Zittel. Additional music by Albert von Tilzer and C.F. Zittel. Scenic Design by Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange. Costume Design by Castel-Bert and Mme. Ripley. Conducted by William Lorraine. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Herald Square Theatre: 10 Feb 1910- 30 Apr 1910 (92 performances). Cast: Henry Bergman (as "Morales"), Vinnie Bradcome, Helen Broderick, Theresa Bryant, William Burress (as "Ambrose Castroba"), Janet Burton, E.J. Caldwell, William Probert Carleton, Olive Carr, Ada Christy, Bonnie Clarke, Edith Cramer, Peter Curley, Naomi Dale, Evelyn Dare, Mildred DeSilva, Florence Douglas, Marie DuPree, Nell Feltas, Dolly Filly, Eva Francis, Louis Franklyn, Harry Gilfoil, Gertrude Grant, William Halliday, Robert F. Hamilton, Effie Hopkins, Dorothy Jardon, Isabelle Lattan, Helen Latten, Harriet Leidy, Maurie Madison, Margaret Malcolm, Lotta Morse, Edith Offurt, Irene Palmer, Frederick Paulding (as "Oyama"), Katharyn Pinkerton, Anita Pollock, Paul Porter, Elsie Raymond, Blanche Ring (as "Jessie Gordon"), Juan Villasana, Lillian Wallace, Nellie Ward, Ella Warner, Sallie Webb, May Wesley, May Willard, Charles Winninger (as "Rudolph Schnitzel"), Beck Wood. Produced by Lew M. Fields.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Red Rose. Musical comedy. Music by Robert Hood Bowers. Book by Harry B. Smith and Robert B. Smith. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith and Robert B. Smith. Musical Direction by Louis F. Gottschalk. Scenic Design by Valeska Suratt. Costume Design by Valeska Suratt. Choreographed by Jack Mason. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Globe Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House from 11 Sep 1911- close): 22 Jun 1911- Sep 1911 (closing date unknown/84 performances). Cast: Flavia Arcaro (as "Mme. Joyant"), Daisy Atkinson (as "English Rosebud"), Edna Bates (as "Celeste"), Henry Bergman (as "M. Duprez/Maxime DuPont"), Myrtle Best (as "Chorus"), Craig Campbell (as "Andre"), May Carlisle (as "Marie"), Nellie Cartner (as "English Rosebud"), Louis Casavant (as "Baron LeBlanc"), Alexander Clark (as "Alonzo Lorimer"), Minna Cook (as "English Rosebud"), Elinor Dayne (as "Chorus"), Marjorie Dayton (as "Rosalie"), Beatrice Doane (as "Tita"), Laura Gaynelle (as "Denise"), Lillian Graham (as "Daisy Plant"), Jack E. Hazzard (as "Ludwig Spiegle") [credited as John E. Hazzard], Bessie Holbrook (as "Chorus"), Kitty Howland (as "Chorus"), Sallie Irving (as "English Rosebud"), Josie Kernell (as "Chorus"), Richard J. Kirkwood (as "Chorus"), Ernest Lambart (as "Hon. Lionel Talboys"), Grace Lambert (as "English Rosebud"), Dorothy Langdon (as "Elane"), Wallace McCutcheon (as "Dick Lorimer"), Irene Messenger (as "Chorus"), John Daly Murphy (as "Silas Plant"), Helen O'Day (as "Chorus"), Nellie Remmington (as "Louise"), Carrie Reynolds (as "Gyp"), Ethel Rosebud (as "English Rosebud"), Valeska Suratt (as "Lola"), Ray Tuller (as "Chorus"), Adelaide Warren (as "Flane"), Jane Warrington (as "Chorus"), Jesse Willingham (as "Chorus"), Elizabeth Young (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Harrison.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Pearl Maiden. Musical. Music by Harry Archer[credited as Harry Auracher]. Libretto by Earle C. Anthony and Arthur F. Kales. Musical Director: Silvio Hein. Musical Staging by James Gorman. Directed by Al Holbrook. New York Theatre: 22 Jan 1912- 10 Feb 1912 (24 performances). Cast: Burrell Barbaretto (as "Bob Norris, in love with Loraine"), Marie Benton (as "Ensemble"), Henry Bergman (as "Bilge/Alfonse, Kaliko's chef"), Winifred Browne (as "Ensemble"), Herbert A. Burnham (as "Ensemble"), Sadie Carr (as "Ensemble"), Kitty Collier (as "Ensemble"), Lottie Crossland (as "Ensemble"), Maude Crossland (as "Ensemble"), Dan Dale (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Davis (as "Ensemble"), Jefferson De Angelis (as "Pinkerton Kerr, the wireless operator, Mona Island"), Martha Dean (as "Ensemble"), L.J. De Bold (as "Cockeye Morgan"), Dorothy Dunn (as "Ensemble"), Phyllis Erroll (as "Ensemble"), Marie Farrell (as "Ensemble"), Nell Feltas (as "Ensemble"), Alice M. Gibbons (as "Ensemble"), Margie Graham (as "Ensemble"), Patsy Hamilton (as "Ensemble"), F. Holmes(as "Peg Leg Jukes, captain of Nadine's crew"), Maureen Hubin (as "Ensemble"), Thomas LeMode (as "Ensemble"), Daisy Leon (as "Talulu, Kaliko's daughter, the Cannibal Princess"), Grace Lloyd (as "Ensemble"), Walter Lysat (as "Vincenzo"), Ethel Lytle (as "Ensemble"), Albertine Marr (as "Ensemble"), Jerry McAuliffe (as "Gideon Slim, a pearl trader and adventurer"), Joe Murphy (as "Ensemble"), Gordon R. Newman (as "Ensemble"), Carrie Poltz (as "Ensemble"), Florrie Poltz (as "Ensemble"), Russell Price (as "Ensemble"), Charles Prince (as "Kaliko ,King of Powi Island"), Roy Pruette, Jr. (as "Ensemble"), Edna Richardson (as "Ensemble"), Elsa Ryan (as "Loraine, Sharpe's daughter"), Nat Saunders (as "Ensemble"), Gloria Starr (as "Ensemble"), Pauline Sterling (as "Ensemble"), Charles J. Stine (as "Veritas Sharpe, president of the International Pearl Company"), Richard Taber [credited as Richard Tabor] (as "Jack Sharp, Sharpe's son"), John W. Walker (as "Ensemble"), Ella Warner (as "Ensemble"), Davis Wheeler (as "Anaka, a native servant"), Grace Wickahm (as "Ensemble"), Fred Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Nellie Young (as "Ensemble"), Flora Zabelle (as "Nadine, the Pearl Maiden"). Produced by Weich and Aarons.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Gentleman from Number 19. Written by Mark Swan, from the French of Henri Keroul and 'Albert Barre'. Directed by Maurice Elvey. Comedy Theatre: 1 May 1913- May 1913 (closing date unknown/4 performances). Cast: Florine Arnold, Henry Bergman, Charles Brown, E.D. Coe, Nannette Comstock, Millicent Evans, Robert Paton Gibbs, Stephen Gillis, Tom Graves, Walter Jones, Richie Ling, Kevitt Manton, Dorothea Sadlier, Raymond Smith, Jay Wilson. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

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