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24 Greatest Euro Cult Screen Sirens

Euro Cult cinema probably wouldn’t be all that interesting had it not been populated by the genre queens I have listed below in what I hope is a rather comprehensive overview of the best actresses renowned for their work in this particular area of filmmaking. Each and every one of the actresses gathered here are deliriously beautiful – but beyond that, they all have a strong presence and natural charisma that makes it easy for them to light up the screen.

Of course, mainstream cinema is populated with fine-looking women, but Euro Cult babes have a certain je ne sais quoi. Maybe it is their ready willingness to shed all of their clothes and get down to it at a moment’s notice. Or maybe it’s because they always appear to be entwined in a web of sleaze and depravity. Whatever it is, give me Dagmar Lassander in her

6 Most Titillating Italian Films With Awesome Titles

The Giallo is a subgenre of film that is almost exclusively Italian. Giallo means ‘yellow’ in Italian and it refers to the yellow covers of the pulp fiction paperbooks that were in Italian culture and which many of these films are based upon.

Gialli are usually violent and gory murder mysteries that flirt with horror and also contain a large dollop of sexual behaviour – especially sleazy sexual behaviour. There are certain motifs of the genre – a black clad, black gloved assassin and beautiful Euro babes running around in their scanties. They seem manufactured to inspire horror, disgust and arousal in the viewer simultaneously.

Most Gialli have awesome titles – The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Crazy Desires of a Murderer, What Have They Done to Your Daughters? The titles are extremely titillating. They promise horrible violence and at the same time delicious filth. I have compiled my list based on my

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