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‘Harold Buttleman’ VOD Review

Stars: John Hawkes, Anita Barone, Stephen Falk, Karen Black, Dan Castellaneta, Stephanie Jane Markham, Ryan Alosio, Rusty Schwimmer, Daryl Hury, Leon Russom, Carlos Jacott, Duane Whitaker, Todd Robert Anderson, Greg Benson | Written and Directed by Francis Stokes

A charming and endearing tale of one mans dare to dream attitude and his willingness to break every bone in his body on the way to that dream… With a beautiful re-scan, from 35mm film, of the classic award-winning comedy, Harold Buttleman: Daredevil Stuntman.

Oscar Nominee John Hawkes (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) is Harold Buttleman, a sweet, charming and somewhat clueless small town tuxedo salesman who wants to be the next Evel Knievel and he is willing to break every bone in his body to get there. Harold teams up with a couple of friends who share his passion for what he wants to accomplish and they shoot a crude video (made
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Mediocre Films’ Greg Benson, Kim Evey Ask Strangers For Their Kids In Mother’s Day Prank

Mediocre FilmsGreg Benson and his wife Kim Evey are ready to adopt a child in real life. To help get the word out about their pursuit of adoption, the couple created a special Mother’s Day prank video dubbed "Stealing Kids at Disneyland," where they ask parents at the theme park if they can take their kids home.

In the prank video, Benson, who hosts Break’s popular Prank It Fwd series, and Evey, who co-founded Geek & Sundry and was herself adopted from South Korea at the age of 14 months, approach complete strangers at Disneyland and ask to adopt one of their kids. Normally, this would be a pretty creepy experience for parents, but the majority of the families at Disneyland seem to play right along with the joke, offering their kids up without much hesitation.

Benson and Evey partnered with the Independent Adoption Center to start looking for
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Greg Benson Helps Give Away A House As Break’s ‘Prank It Fwd’ Returns

Break Media's parade of positive pranks has returned for a second round. Prank It Fwd, which drew millions of views when it debuted as Break's contribution to April Fool's Day 2014, has returned to the humor website's YouTube channel. The first new Prank It Fwd video comes from practical joker Greg Benson, who runs the Mediocre Films channel. Benson partnered with Break and Barefoot Wine to pull a heartwarming "prank" on a housekeeper named Cara Simmons. Simmons is sent to a house, where she must taste a gourmet meal, receive a massage, and complete other unusual "chores." Once she completes her tasks, she learns that the house is actually hers to keep, and she and Benson share some wine to celebrate. Benson's prank is only the first of a series of positive practical jokes that will feature creators from the Defy Media network (which also owns Break). Smosh will make an appearance,
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‘Prank it Fwd’ Returns to This November

Pranks became something benevolent in Spring 2014 when Defy Media’s introduced Prank it Fwd. And the compilation of gags executed by individuals with hearts of gold went so well that the digital media site just announced it’s bringing the initiative back this fall. Beginning in November, Prank it Fwd will return with original videos from, Smosh, Screen Junkies, Greg Benson of Mediocre Films, and more to come. The “pranking for good” campaign will kick off with a video featuring a deserving individual. “Prank it Fwd gave the world a dose of positive pranks and was overwhelmingly embraced by viewers, confirming our notion that positive uplifting messages have incredible power to connect and impact the lives of others in a meaningful way,” said Barry Blumberg, Evp of Defy Media, in a press release. “The outpouring of support and positivity we saw from our first iteration of Prank it Fwd was inspiring,
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Defy Media’s Creators Program Opens New Avenues For Its Partners

Defy Media has a lot of properties at its disposal, and the network wants to make sure its creative partners take full advantage of these opportunities. The company born out of the merger between Alloy Digital and Break Media has announced the "Creators Program", which will give qualifying YouTube creators the chance to distribute content through multiple channels. The best way to explain the Creators Program is through the example of Prank It Fwd, the practical-joking charity series Defy Media launched for April Fools Day. Prank It Fwd was hosted through Break, it featured entries from pranksters like Mediocre Films' Greg Benson, who contributed a upscale homeless shelter dinner to the project. Future Creators Program projects will bring more notable YouTubers to new shores. For instance, pop culture commentator Kingsley will host a new series on Defy Media's ClevverTV channel, while Matthew Patrick of The Game Theorists will bring
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YouTube Millionaires: Greg Benson “Having Too Much Fun” With Pranks

Greg Benson is no stranger to YouTube. The 46-year old man behind the Mediocre Films YouTube channel has released videos since 2006, making him one of YouTube's most experienced veterans. In recent years, Benson has focused his efforts on his prank videos, which regularly score millions of views and recently helped him reach the million subscriber plateau. Here's what Greg had to say about his work on YouTube: Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans? Greg Benson: It's a number I can't really comprehend -- just like the view counts. I just can't get a mental image of that many people. I'm honored, thrilled and delighted I have so many people who are interested to see what I have to post next. I always thought my sense of humor was so specific that it wouldn't appeal to most
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An Inspiring April Fools' Day Stunt Transforms a Homeless Shelter

  • Popsugar
When people headed to Glendale, CA's Ascencia homeless shelter for dinner on Monday, the meal was a far cry from what they'd expected. For a heartwarming twist on April Fools' Day pranks, Mediocre Films' Greg Benson pulled together an elaborate transformation, turning the shelter into a five-star restaurant complete with a big-name chef and elegant decor. Fifty surprised homeless people were served filet mignon and dessert before receiving gift bags, with several of them becoming emotional as they described eating their first-ever filet. One woman said, "We never get steak, homeless people." Another added, "I never in my life got treated like this. Never." Watch the moving video above, and find more inspiration with celebrity moments that will make you smile.
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Smosh, Break, YouTube Jokesters ‘Prank It Fwd’ For Charity

Popular YouTube pranks often rely on mean-spirited tricks that turn their targets into the butt of the joke, but this April Fools' Day, Defy Media creators are out to prove that pranks don't have to be mean. Smosh,, and a host of Defy Media prank channels have teamed up for Prank It Fwd, a project that uses kind-hearted pranks to raise money for charity. The Prank It Fwd stunts all use unexpected twists to brighten up the days of their targets. Smosh kicked off the initiative four days before April Fools' Day by releasing a video where Smosh Games host Jovenshire encounters his number one celebrity crush, Emma Watson. Several other pranksters have followed suit. A new episode of Break's Prank Bank gave a waitress her best shift ever. Lahwf's Andrew Hales told random people how beautiful they are. Jack Vale paid the bills of several customers at a car repair shop.
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Hilarious Black Friday Prank Confuses Shoppers

Hilarious Black Friday Prank Confuses Shoppers
A pair of jokesters from Prank vs. Prank pulled a fast one on some unsuspecting Target shoppers this Black Friday.

From the YouTube video, which in less than two days has earned over three million views:

For the craziest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, we dressed up like employees from a store, to fool customers into thinking we worked there.

The nondescript, red polo-wearing Jesse and Ryan feigned incompetence, offered free goods, and even promised shady deals "out back."

It wasn't the first time a Target has been pranked on Black Friday. Last year, Greg Benson and Ryan Smith of Mediocre Films each wrote a list of ridiculous, made-up items and then tried to get Target employees to find them, according to Mashable.

Another Black Friday prank this year didn't go over so well. According to Fox, someone dropped a trash can from the upper level of a Dallas-area shopping mall,
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Sean Becker on Directing ‘The Guild’: “I Almost Said No”

From Sandeep Parikh to Felicia Day, The Guild has launched careers for a number of its actors, but it has also created work for the people behind the camera. Sean Becker, the series' Streamy Award-winning director since season two, is one such case. Becker is a rare but increasingly common case of a person who, for basically his entire career, has worked in new media. The Guild, whose fifth season officially premieres on the web on July 26, is probably his most high profile credit, but Becker has lots of plans and projects. "It’s been crazy lately," Becker said in an interview. "I'm keeping busy and couldn't be happier. And I'd rather have that then not be busy at all." Becker has been working on passion projects with a number of Guild actors, including Jeff Lewis (The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour, currently raising funds for season two), J. Teddy Garces
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The Halloween Special Hits Internet: ‘The Guild’, ‘Elevator’, ‘Fred’

Halloween mayhem week is upon us and with it comes the infamous Halloween Special. Television has been tackling these for years, going back to 1966's It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and now the web series world has jumped on this bandwagon, throwing out their spookiest, creepiest, oftentimes hilarious and even adorable fare of tricks and treats. So in honor of this seasonal trend, we at Tubefilter decided to put together a list of some that might be worth the clicking...if you dare. Muhahahahaha. Elevator: Harold the Vampire Everyone's favorite janitor has received his 25 years of service award...but how is this possible when he doesn't look a day over 30ish? He's a vampire of course.'s Elevator gives us this four-part epic featuring LG15 alum Jackie Jandrall. The Guild: Halloween! The Guildies take to the streets for some real-life looting. Hightlight: one of Clara's kids in a chicken suit.
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