Old Hollywood I had no idea that blooper reels existed of old black and white films. It's so weird to see Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis and Bogie flubbing their lines. It ain't right!Victim of the Time "a half-child of Disney"

I Need My Fix alerts us to another Worth1000 contest. Check out 'Viggo by Carravaggio' among many others

Fin de Cinema France's young actor Yasmine Belmadi (Criminal Lovers, Who Killed Bambi?) dies.Topless Robot a 12 year old girl made feature length zombie film? My god I'm so unaccomplished (sniffle)MTV I was sick to death of hearing about Comic-Con before it even began last night but I am a sucker for James Cameron and I won't be able to resist the Avatar news. This is a 14' tall powersuit from the film.Broadway World I'm assuming you've heard that Johnny Depp dropped the desire to portray the legendary Carol Channing into an interview recently.
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R.I.P: Yasmine Belmadi (1976-2009)

  • French auteur cinema is in mourning today. A bright star who began his career with risky roles in the 1997 film Les Corps ouverts for Sébastien LifshitzSébastien Lifshitz
[/link] and would later re-team with him on Wild Side (2004), Yasmine Belmadi also worked with François Ozon on Les Amants criminels (1999), Gilles Marchand's Who Killed Bambi? (2003), Au petit matin for Xavier Gens and most recently was in Cannes last May for Critic's Week presentation of Adieu Gary from Nassim Amaouche. He was 33. Adieu Gary depicts what occurs when a small factory town is literally shut down. It shows how some irreducible people stay to live in the factory city where they've been spending all their lives, while a group of them also keeps going to work, to repair the machinery. ...
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Cannes' Critics Week titles announced

Cannes' Critics Week titles announced
Paris -- First-time directors will be center stage at this year's 48th annual International Critics Week, where eight of nine announced competition titles will be up for the Camera d'Or.

As previously announced, first-time filmmaker Mathias Gokalp's "Rien de Personnel" (Nothing Personal) will open the Festival de Cannes sidebar. And fellow French filmmaker Nassim Amaouche will screen his dark drama "Adieu Gary," which stars actor-director Jean-Pierre Bacri alongside Dominique Reymond, Yasmine Belmadi, Sabrina Ouazani and Mahmed Arezki.

"It's been an extraordinary year for French cinema. We couldn't have done it any other way," Critics Week artistic director Jean-Christophe Berjon said. "This is the first time there have been so many great French titles to choose from for as long as I've been doing this. It's just great!"

Vladimir Perisic will present his directorial debut, "The Ordinary People," a Franco-Serbian co-production about how ordinary men can turn into monsters.

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It's 'Nothing Personal' for Critics' Week

[/link] should be making a second consecutive appearance at the Cannes Critics' Week this year, the 48th edition will commence the festivities with the debut feature film from Mathias Gokalp and the actor top-lines Rien De Personnel (Nothing Personal) with co-stars Denis Podalydes, Zabou Breitman, Pascal Greggory, Melanie Doutey and Bouli Lanners. Written by Nadine Lamari, in order to launch its top secret new product, the Muller pharmaceutical company throws an extravagant party where directors, managers and employees are all invited. During the course of the evening, the guests are asked to participate in a role-playing game which, it turns out, is actually a massive training simulation for the management team. Rumors soon circulate that the company is up for sale, and the panic has everyone trying to save their own skin. The Critic's Week folks also announced the addition of another first time film from another French filmmaker.
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