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DVD Review: Star Trek Fan Collective - Alternative Realities (2008)

For the next in Paramount.s Star Trek .Fan Collective. compilation packages, we get the second one that spans all five series: Alternate Realities. Each disc in this five-platter set spotlights one of the different branches of the Trek tree. Like prior releases, fans voted to select most of the episodes, but they.re not alone. On each disc, we find one program chosen by the series. captains themselves.

Star Trek Fan Collective: Alternate Realities includes 20 episodes, with things pretty evenly spread among the five series. For these shows, I.ll offer the usual episode synopses and thoughts. I wrote most of the plot overviews myself, but if you see quotes involved, then the material came from tv.com . thanks to them for their good work.

DVD One - .Mirror Universe.:

Mirror, Mirror (The Original Series). This episode offers a fun concept: the alternate universe. After they unsuccessfully attempt
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