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Fox Strikes FX Programming Deals with Canal+, and HBO in Europe

Fox’s TV distribution arm has struck output deals for FX drama series with a raft of pay-tv players. Canal+ in France and HBO in Spain and the Nordics are among the buyers of the U.S. series, in deals that hand them exclusive first-run rights to upcoming FX programming.

Foxtel in Australia and Sky in New Zealand have also signed up with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution.

The pay-tv platforms will get upcoming shows including Ryan Murphy’s musical “Pose,” Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy spin-off “Mayans Mc,” and “Trust,” which will be executive produced by Danny Boyle,
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‘Trust’ Soundtrack: All the Best ’70s Tracks From FX’s Getty Drama

Sure, the new FX drama “Trust” is about the Getty family, the oil empire stuck at the center of a whirlwind saga that saw one of its own kidnapped for a stunning ransom. But given that the first three episodes of the series were directed by Danny Boyle, the show is also definitely about music.

Take the first sequence after the pilot’s short opening credits. Pink Floyd’s “Money” (how can a show this focused on wealth not start with something so on-the-nose?) plays over a swooping shot through a Getty son’s estate. When a model jumps into the pool, the music gets submerged too. So, before we even get to crazy injections or zoo animals or splattered fowl or violence involving BBQ tools and severed body parts, “Trust” is a show concerned with its own soundtrack.

And though there are other ubiquitous ’70s jams throughout Season 1 — kudos
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Brendan Fraser Is a Time-Traveling Cowboy on FX’s ‘Trust,’ and It Was His Idea

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Brendan Fraser Is a Time-Traveling Cowboy on FX’s ‘Trust,’ and It Was His Idea
Brendan Fraser was on his second cowboy shirt of the day, and also sporting a cowboy hat. “I’m confident with looking good in my hat,” he told IndieWire, before pulling an assortment of objects out of his pockets — wallet, cell phone, and… not a handkerchief, but a proper cowboy bandana.

He’s committed to his role on FX’s limited series “Trust,” and that level of commitment can be seen on screen, in every detail that came about thanks to the collaboration between Fraser, director Danny Boyle, and writer Simon Beaufoy.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour earlier this year, Boyle called the actor “extraordinary,” and was clearly even familiar with his earlier work. “I’ve always thought he was a wonderful actor,” he told IndieWire. “I used to watch him in ‘George and the Jungle.’ He’s a proper good actor, inside that silliness.”

And perhaps
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‘Trust’ Off To Slow Ratings Start, ‘Barry’ & ‘The Terror’ Ok

FX’s limited series Trust, about the abduction in Italy of John Paul Getty III, launched last Sunday with 1.38 million Live+3 viewers, according to Nielsen data released today. That was up +74% from the 797,000, who watched the Simon Beaufoy/Danny Boyle drama in Live+Same Day but way below recent drama/limited premieres on FX. That includes Feud (3.8 million viewers in Live+3), The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (8.3 million), Taboo (3.43…
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Donald Sutherland on 'Trust,' '70s Cinema and Sympathy for the Devil

Donald Sutherland on 'Trust,' '70s Cinema and Sympathy for the Devil
There are several Donald Sutherlands you're likely to meet if you start spelunking through the nearly six decades of this Canadian actor's screen career. There's the sparkle-eyed Sixties hippie in he-man war films, the type of wonderfully anachronistic presence that enlivens movies like The Dirty Dozen ("Madison City, Missouri, sir!" "Never heard of it.") and Kelly's Heroes, and which he parlayed into a countercultural double act with Elliott Gould in Mash. There's the curly-hair-and-mustache combo of the mid-Seventies leading man Sutherland, which turned him into a blue-eyed hangdog sex symbol.
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Trust: Season One Ratings

FX has racked up some Nielsen ratings wins with anthology series like American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Feud. Simon Beaufoy's new Trust TV show is also an anthology about one family's triumphs and tragedies. Should it get a renewal, each season will focus on a different chapter in the epic of the Getty family, of oil dynasty fame. How will their history -- layered with wealth, power, and personal failings -- play out on the small screen? Will Trust be cancelled or renewed for season two? Stay tuned. The first, 10-episode season of Trust stars Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty Sr., Michale Esper as J. Paul Getty Jr., Harris Dickinson as John Paul Getty III, Hilary Swank as Gail Getty, and Brendan Fraser as James Fletcher Chace. The FX anthology drama kicks off in 1973, in Rome, when the Italian
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Network: FX. Episodes: Ongoing (hour). Seasons: Ongoing. TV show dates: March 25, 2018 — present. Series status: Has not been cancelled. Performers include: Harris Dickinson, Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank, Michael Esper, Brendan Fraser, Anna Chancellor, Norbert Leo Butz, Charlotte Riley, and Luca Marinelli. TV show description: From creator Simon Beaufoy, the Trust TV show is a drama anthology series. Based on real-life events throughout the 20th Century, the series delves into the lives of the Getty family, one of the country's wealthiest oil dynasties. The first season of Trust kicks off in 1973, in Rome, when the Italian mafia kidnaps heir John Paul Getty III (Dickinson). Due to their hostage's pedigree, the kidnappers are counting on
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Trust Series Premiere Review: A Fun, Lurid, And Mercurial Take On Real Events

FX’s Trust is an interesting series before you even have a chance to start digging into the lurid affairs of the Getty family and the kidnapping drama that brought even more attention to the clan. With its real-life crime pedigree, the 10-part drama is following in the footsteps of one of the network’s biggest hits, with The People v. O.J. Simpson. Curiously, though, the series is one of FX’s biggest projects that doesn’t involve Ryan Murphy (or Marvel Television), and instead welcomes director Danny Boyle and writer-producer Simon Beaufoy (The Hunger Games) to the cable channel for their take on a story that had been adapted for the big screen not long ago.
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‘Trust’: Danny Boyle Has a Three-Season Plan For FX’s New Drama, and Donald Sutherland Will Kill to Be A Part Of It

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‘Trust’: Danny Boyle Has a Three-Season Plan For FX’s New Drama, and Donald Sutherland Will Kill to Be A Part Of It
Fair warning to Christopher Plummer, or any future actor who might try to take on the role of J. Paul Getty on FX’s “Trust” — you’ll have to go through Donald Sutherland first, dead or alive.

The FX series, executive produced by Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy, has a three-season plan in place for tracking the story of the Getty family, one that will trip back and forth in time to document different eras. And the 82-year-old Sutherland told IndieWire that given his age, he had “warned” FX’s John Landgraf that if they wanted to ensure that he’d appear in future seasons, they should go ahead and shoot scenes with him now.

Because here’s how he feels about being recast, should the worst happen and he not be able to return: “If I’m dead and there’s a possibility to come back from Heaven — or
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TV Review: ‘Trust’ on FX

Of course FX’s new miniseries “Trust” tends towards the overwrought. It’s a 10-part miniseries based on the real-life botched kidnapping of J. Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson), which would have been fine — and possibly wouldn’t even have happened — were it not for the inhumane stinginess of his grandfather, the world’s richest man, J. Paul Getty (Donald Sutherland). (All three Gettys named “J. Paul” just go by Paul; the initial appears to exist just to emphasize how full of themselves they all are.) If the repetitive names aren’t already a too-confusing detail, the particulars of the
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Trust: FX Series Bosses Hoping for Season Two and Three Renewals

What's in store for Trust? Recently, executive producer Danny Boyle and creator Simon Beaufoy spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the future of the upcoming FX TV show.The historical drama chronicles the 1973 kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, heir to the Getty oil fortune. Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank, Brendan Fraser, and Harris Dickinson star.Read More…
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'Trust' Bosses Have Three-Season Plan for FX Getty Drama

The kidnapping of John Paul Getty III is a famous story, but it hasn't been told the way FX's new drama Trust will show — and the team behind the series says there's much more to tell when it comes to the Getty family saga.

"Way, way back, we envisioned this as a five-season series," exec producer Danny Boyle, who also directs the first three episodes, tells The Hollywood Reporter of his and creator Simon Beaufoy's plan of bringing the Gettys to FX. "Then they rationalized it — and intensified it — down to three."

Trust is inspired by the actual events...
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Trust review – Danny Boyle's Getty drama offers shallow pleasures

The film-maker’s hyperkinetic style lifts this patchy small-screen take on the same story told in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World

It is not necessarily to the new FX series Trust’s misfortune that it should be aired in such close proximity to All the Money in the World, Ridley Scott’s big-screen take on the same material. While both works center on the 1973 abduction of heir John Paul Getty III in Italy and the desperate efforts to retrieve the 16-year-old, they represent these events with diametrically opposed styles. Scott’s film drew criticism for a certain matter-of-factness in its relation of the narrative, failing to deliver anything that a quick scan of the Wikipedia article would not. Creator Simon Beaufoy and director Danny Boyle, conversely, return to the hyperkinetic aestheticizing that enlivened their earlier collaborations Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. If Scott did not do enough,
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‘Trust’ Review: Danny Boyle’s FX Drama Looks Grand, but Lacks the Getty Mystique

‘Trust’ Review: Danny Boyle’s FX Drama Looks Grand, but Lacks the Getty Mystique
For those who skipped Ridley Scott’s cinematic test to see if all publicity really is good publicity, get ready to spend 10-plus hours with a family of mean, money-grubbing rich folks instead of a mere two. “Trust” swaps in Donald Sutherland for Kevin Spacey and Christopher Plummer, two-time Oscar winner Hillary Swank for should-be two-time Oscar winner (and actual four-time nominee) Michelle Williams, and the star of “The Mummy” (Brendan Fraser) for the star of “Daddy’s Home 2” (Marky Mark Wahlberg) and you know what? Everyone considered, it’s a pretty even trade.

But what “All the Money in the World” cultivated through restricted access and implicit understanding, “Trust” loses by overindulging explicit explanations. FX’s drama series lacks the mysterious allure surrounding a man with the wealth of a god. As each of the first three episodes aims to better understand a different character, the story remains stagnant
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Director Danny Boyle Confirms James Bond 25 Plans

Director Danny Boyle Confirms James Bond 25 Plans
Last month it was reported that director Danny Boyle (Steve Jobs, Trainspotting 2) is being eyed to direct the highly-anticipated James Bond 25, and now the director has confirmed his involvement in the project. During a red carpet interview at a New York screening of his FX series Trust, the filmmaker also essentially confirmed another report, that his involvement hinged on how the script comes out. Here's what the director had to say, confirming he is working on the script with his longtime writing collaborator John Hodge, while he's also working on a script for a Richard Curtis project that will shoot fairly soon.

"We are working on a script right now. And it all depends on that, really. I am working on a Richard Curtis script at the moment. We hope to start shooting that in six or seven weeks. Then Bond would be right at the end of the year.
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‘Trust’ Producer-Director Danny Boyle: “John Paul Getty Would Entirely Approve” Of Amazon’s “Hunger Games” HQ2 Race

Danny Boyle, executive producer and director of John Paul Getty drama Trust, says the oil magnate would “entirely approve” of the “Hunger Games-like competition” Amazon is holding for “HQ2,” its second U.S. headquarters. The Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker appeared at a luncheon spotlighting the 10-episode series, which premieres March 25. Also on hand were creator-exec producer-writer Simon Beaufoy and stars Donald Sutherland, Brendan Fraser, Harris Dickinson and Michael…
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Danny Boyle, Donald Sutherland, Brendan Fraser on Getting to Know the Gettys for FX’s ‘Trust’

Danny Boyle, Donald Sutherland, Brendan Fraser on Getting to Know the Gettys for FX’s ‘Trust’
After living in the skin of J. Paul Getty Sr. for months last year, Donald Sutherland found empathy for the oil magnate whose family was caught up in a kidnapping drama that is recounted in the Danny Boyle-helmed FX series “Trust.”

Getty Sr. was one of the richest men in the world at the time his 16-year-old grandson, J. Paul Getty III, was held for ransom in Italy in 1973. The younger Getty was in on the plot in the beginning but his effort to extract $17 million from his moneybags grandfather went awry when the kidnappers turned on him. The
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"Trust" on FX

Sneak Peek new footage, plus images from the upcoming dramatic, anthology TV series "Trust", written by Simon Beaufoy and directed by Danny Boyle, starring Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank, Harris Dickinson, Brendan Fraser and Michael Esper, debuting on FX March 25, 2018:

"...'Trust', set in 1973, focuses on the abduction in Italy of 'John Paul Getty III', the heir to 'Getty Oil'..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Trust"...
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New trailer for Danny Boyle’s Getty kidnap drama Trust

Ahead of its season premiere on FX next month, a second trailer has arrived online for Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy’s upcoming anthology series Trust which is based on the story of the real life kidnapping of John Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson) and stars Donald Sutherland as oil baron J. Paul Getty alongside Hilary Swank, Brendan Fraser, and Michael Esper; watch it here…

“The first installment takes place in 1973, when the young Getty is kidnapped in Rome and his mafia captors are banking on a multi-million dollar ransom. After all, what rich family wouldn’t pay for the return of a loved one? ‘Trust’ charts the young man’s nightmare ordeal at the hands of kidnappers who cannot understand why nobody seems to want their captive back. The Italian police think it’s a prank and decline to investigate. Paul’s father is lost in a heroin daze
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‘Trust’ Trailer: Only The Wealthy Can Have Problems This Rich

How much more story is there to tell about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III? Ridley Scott recounted the tale in his somewhat truth bending thriller “All The Money In The World,” but Danny Boyle and his regular collaborator Simon Beaufoy believe they can get a whole season out of the bizarre, ear slicing incident. And frankly, we’re willing to gamble that it’ll be well worth the watch.
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