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Ex-Doctor Who Star Says He Was Concerned At First About Jodie’s Casting

Ever since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who, we’ve seen the actors who played previous incarnations of the character pitch in with their opinions on the casting.

Most of them have been overwhelmingly supportive, though Fifth Doctor Peter Davison famously commented that he was worried that Whittaker’s Doctor meant that there was a “loss of a role model for boys,” The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, quickly strangled that argument though, hitting back by saying “you don’t have to be of a gender of someone to be a role model.”

Now, the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, has joined the debate, admitting that he was a bit “perturbed” about the casting. In an interview with Mirror Online at the London Comic-Con, McCoy said:

“I was a bit perturbed at first. I thought, ‘Hmm I wonder if that will work’, but then I started to
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Alex Kingston Says She’d Love To Return As River Song In Doctor Who

We last saw Alex Kingston’s River Song in the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas special “The Husbands of River Song” alongside Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor. At the finale of that installment, it seemed like her time loop had been closed when the Doctor gave her the Sonic Screwdriver she’d used in one of her earliest appearances in “Forest of the Dead.” The episode concluded with the Doctor and River Song spending one last romantic night together, with the caveat that a night on the planet they live on lasts 24 years.

Ever since then, fans have wondered whether the character could one day make a return to the show, and what she’d think of Jodie Whittaker’s first female Doctor. Well, there’s no indication that the next season will feature her, but Alex Kingston sure seems enthusiastic about returning. In an appearance on British breakfast TV show This Morning,
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Doctor Who Series 11 Finale Review – ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos’

Villordsutch reviews Doctor Who Series 11 Finale, ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos’…

Written by – Chris Chibnall

Directed by – Jamie Childs

Doctor – “I have to lay down the rules if someone is new!”

And so Series 11, Jodie Whittaker’s first run, comes to a close! This blast of the first double X’d chromosomed Doctor really seems to have zoomed past a heck of a lot quicker than any previous Doctor Who run before. Perhaps because it’s new and exciting or maybe it is for another reason at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Either way we’ve arrived at The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos at it’s time to see how this all ends.

On the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos both Andinio (Phyllis Logan) and Delph (Percelle Ascott), followers of Ux, are in the process of testing their impressive elemental-like powers when they are interrupted by a
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Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker Will Likely Only Last 3 Years In The Role

Jodie Whittaker finally made her proper Doctor Who debut last month in season 11’s premiere, “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”. It’s fair to say she left a big impression, too, with fans everywhere falling in love with her version of the immortal Time Lord. It’s not a pleasant topic to think about when she might have to leave the sci-fi series, then, but it’s something that’ll eventually happen and according to ex-showrunner Steven Moffat, it may be sooner than you think.

Speaking to The Daily Star, the 56-year-old writer, who produced Who from 2008 to 2017, explained that starring as the Doctor is an incredibly demanding job, as having to learn all that dialogue is exhausting and difficult for actors. As such, he believes Jodie Whittaker will only be in the role for three years total.

“I think that’s why they last about three years -
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The Doctor Meets His Daughter In Massive Doctor Who Audio Crossover

In one of Doctor Who‘s most timey-wimey casting choices, 2008’s “The Doctor’s Daughter” cast Georgia Tennant (nee Moffett) in the role of Jenny, the Time Lord’s cloned child, when in real-life she’s the daughter of former Doctor Peter Davison. Recently, Tennant returned to the role for her own spinoff series courtesy of audio company Big Finish and now, they’re giving us what we all want to see – well, hear – by uniting father and daughter in more way than one.

Big Finish is reaching its 20th anniversary producing Doctor Who audio dramas and is celebrating in the biggest way possible with The Legacy of Time, which is being described as an “epic six-hour adventure” that will bring together five incarnations of the Doctor. Namely, Tom Baker, Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. What’s more, a whole heap of supporting characters from across Who history will be involved,
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Jodie Whittaker Hints That She’ll Be On Doctor Who For A Long Time

Jodie Whittaker made her proper Doctor Who debut last Sunday in season 11’s premiere “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” and left a big impression, with fans everywhere falling in love with her incarnation of the immortal Time Lord. It’s not a pleasant topic to think about when she might vacate the show, then, but it’ll inevitably happen a few years down the line.

Thankfully, though, the actress has suggested she’s got a lot more Tardis trips to make before she hangs up her sonic screwdriver for good. In an interview with Bustle, the subject of moving on from Doctor Who came up and Whittaker said that it felt like her exit from the role was a “long time off,” which bodes well for fans of Thirteen.

“I suppose it seems like such a long time off, that sense of not doing it.”

The Time Lord Wields
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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 1 Review: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Oct 7, 2018

The season 11 premiere finds Doctor Who in good health. Spoilers ahead in our review of Jodie Whittaker's debut as the Doctor.

This Doctor Who review contains spoilers.

Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 1

It feels like we’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. So much had been written - both good and bad - about this series of Doctor Who before Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi had even left the building. Much of it before new Doctor Jodie Whittaker had filmed a single line of dialogue. A new showrunner, a whole new Tardis team, a new composer, and even a new airtime - some believed that series eleven would be completely different to what had come before.

Except it isn’t, really. Because of course it isn’t. There are a number of differences, which we’ll come to, but they’re largely superficial ones.
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‘Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #0′ Review

Written by Richard Winnick | Art by Various | Published by Titan Comics

So, apparently there is going to be a new Doctor. Anyone heard anything about this over the last few months? Thought so. The discussion about the imminent Thirteenth Doctor has been a tad more animated than normal, due to the rather radical change in making The Doctor a she. Ah, change. Fans don’t like change, they like the safety and comfort of the familiar. I’m as guilty as any, though having been a comic book reading / TV watching fanboy for many years I’m more philosophical these days.

Change is good, because things need to be shaken up every now and again so you can appreciate the core aspects that you truly like. Anyway, change in fiction is never permanent. It’s an illusion. just enjoy the ride, it’s always worth it. Dr. Who has always been,
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Huge Doctor Who Multi-Doctor Audio Boxset Coming Next Year

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you probably know of the work of Big Finish Productions, the audio company with the license to create brand new stories starring the ever-changing cast of the TV show. Virtually every living Doctor and a whole host of companions, allies and supporting characters appear in Big Finish’s audio dramas, which will have been going for an impressive 20 years in 2019.

To celebrate this milestone, the company’s releasing its biggest boxset yet. Titled The Legacy of Time, the six-part collection unites at least five Doctors and a galaxy of stars from the show, both contemporary and classic. The cast, which is full of Doctor Who royalty, includes Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Alex Kingston, Sophie Aldred, Katy Manning, Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver. And there’s still plenty more where that came from.

The stories involve lots of time-travel hijinks,
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Doctor Who Stars Christopher Eccleston And Matt Smith Just Had An Epic Meeting

The actors who’ve played the Doctor are a pretty close-knit bunch. After all, Doctor Who is famous for its perennial multi-Doctor episodes in which various incarnations of the character encounter one another, usually causing sparks to fly.

One notable exception to this rule, though, is Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. Despite successfully relaunching the show in 2005, the award-winning actor left the series after a single season under a cloud, going so far as to blame the BBC for blacklisting him and negatively affecting his career in the years that followed.

His animosity towards the creative team meant that he was notably absent from the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, in which David Tennant’s Tenth and Matt Smith’s Eleventh incarnations teamed up with John Hurt’s War Doctor to save time. But, thanks to a chance meeting at the London Film and Comic-Con, it seems
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‘Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #2′ Review

Written by Andrew Cartmel | Art by Christopher Jones | Published by Titan Comics

As far as rehabilitations of characters go, last issue was a pretty good one for The Seventh Doctor. The Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker incarnations were probably the lowest ebb for The Doctor, and personally I have little love for either of them, but last issue proved to a point there is no such thing as bad characters, just bad writing. Good writing creates good characters, and last issue was definitely some good writing. We had a lot of things to digest last issue, including the flashing back and forwards in time between 1967 and 2029, the prominent role of the fan-popular Intrusion Countermeasures Group, and the fact the Captain Gilmore has not aged a day since 1967 after being discovered in 2029 in a spaceship. Think that’s everything….oh yes, and he also has an alien creature attached to his spine.
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Doctor Who: revisiting Sylvester McCoy's first season 30 years on

Jamie Andrew Feb 8, 2018

Thirty years after it aired, Jamie looks back at Doctor Who season twenty-four to see if it merits reappraisal...

As January 1988 drew to a close, the dust was just settling on Sylvester McCoy's maiden season as The Doctor. Doctor Who really needed an unambiguous win – ratings, buzz, critical acclaim - following the uncertainty that had swirled around the show during Colin Baker's era (and threatened to consume it still); unfortunately, rather than being the shot in the arm the show so desperately needed, season 24 hadn't had the hoped for impact.

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You needn't venture far to find proof of the intensely negative feelings McCoy's first run continues to inspire. A casual browse through the archives of any Doctor Who
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Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time review

Simon Brew Dec 25, 2017

Spoilers: here's our review of the Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time...

This review contains spoilers. Our spoiler-free review is here.

Please note: the version of Twice Upon A Time we saw had the final 30 seconds or so chopped off. This review will be updated when we’ve had a chance to watch and digest Jodie Whittaker’s first moments in the Tardis.

Twice Upon A Time


Amongst the many delights and surprises I took from the Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time, is the moment that ultimately moved me the most. I was expected it to be Peter Capaldi’s ultimate farewell as the Doctor, as Twelve succumbed to the regeneration he was holding off for a good chunk of series 10. Perhaps even the return of a few old friends to say goodbye.

They all hit me, and hit me hard.
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First Look At Jodie Whittaker In Doctor Who Revealed

Our first look at Jodie Whittaker’s costume as the Thirteenth Doctor has now been revealed. Each version of the Time Lord’s eccentric fashion sense is a great way to differentiate the regenerations from one another, so this moment is always a big one for Doctor Who fans.

As you can see in the gallery below (which also includes some awesome fan art), the Thirteenth Doctor will wear a colourful, slightly more feminine twist on the dress sense of the previous male incarnations. The Doctor has always loved a long coat and Whittaker sports a cream-coloured number with what looks to be a hood. Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor would also be pleased with No. 13’s boots and braces combo.

The colorful top, meanwhile, is an interesting choice, vaguely harking back to the garish multi-coloured coat of the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker being one of Whittaker’s most outspoken
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Sci-Fi Weekender 9 Update… More Guests, More Entertainment!

With a hiss of brakes, and a rush of steam, the next phase of SFW9’s launch is engaged. We have lots and lots to tell you, so settle down, grab your beverage of choice, put your feet up, and let’s go!

That’s right folks… Its time to start planning for SFW9, coming to you next March in Wales and we have a little bit of bad news but a massive whole bunch of good news to soften that blow. First things first though: there are only 18, yes 18 rooms left on site for the weekend so if you don’t have your tickets then you better get on that now. So first off here is a little comment from Sfw themselves with a little bad news…

First off, the bad news … As regular SFWers know, sometimes guests have to drop out, and since the last announcement, both Colin Baker
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David Bradley Says New Doctor Jodie Whittaker Is Brilliant And Fun

There’ve been a broad range of reactions to the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor, the first woman to play the part in Doctor Who‘s half-century on TV. While there are definitely a number of extreme opinions floating around, Steven Moffat has claimed that most fans love the decision. Even if that’s not entirely true, it would seem that many of the stars of the show are on board with having a female Doctor.

After all, ever since the announcement that Whittaker would be portraying the character, a number of people involved with the sci-fi series, both past and present, have congratulated the actress – including Peter Capaldi, Colin Baker, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, among others. Now, you can add one more to the list, as David Bradley has spoken up as well, showering nothing but praise on Whittaker in the process.

Who fans will
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Star Trek Continues Episode 10: To Boldly Go

  • Cinelinx
Part one of the final episode for the Web’s finest fan-made series came out this week, and as usual, it does not disappoint. As Star Trek Continues warps to its conclusion, long-time Trek fans are treated to a wonderful trip back to the very beginning of the classic series.

The latest episode of Stc, “To Boldly Go” (a homage to the famous opening narrative to Classic Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation) is a fun trip into the Trek universe that pays homage to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, the original 1966 pilot episode for Star Trek. (Okay, that was actually the second pilot, the first being “The Cage”, starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike, but I digress.) It shows the fidelity and affection that the makers of this show have for the source material; which is why they chose to end their series that way Star Trek began.
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‘Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension #5′ Review

Written by Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie | Art by Ivan Rodriguez, Wellington Diaz, Anderson Cabral | Published by Titan Comics

The previous four issues of this ‘event’ series have been good enough, but I still have this nagging feeling something is still missing. Don’t get me wrong, multiple Doctors is always fun. You could have multiple Doctors doing their laundry for twenty pages and I’d still read it. This year’s event though just lacks the structure of previous ones, and has felt to me more suited to have had the story told in their individual books, with stories crossing across books when required. The actual ‘team up’ element has been pretty minor, with the individual Doctor’s mainly having individual adventures loosely connected by the overall Void storyline. It still reads fine, of course, just not quite the book I was expecting.

Issue 5 is a bit different in a
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Matt Smith Says Jodie Whittaker Will Be The Best Doctor

There may be some fans out there who have misgivings about their hero becoming a woman, but the cast of Doctor Who have been overwhelmingly positive about Jodie Whittaker being selected as the Thirteenth Doctor. Past stars like Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Colin Baker and Karen Gillan have all heaped praise on the Broadchurch actress since she was revealed to have nabbed the coveted part back in July, and most fans seem to be on board with the decision, too.

Speaking to The Anglophile Channel, the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, added in his own two cents as well and, unsurprisingly, he’s over the moon with Whittaker’s casting.

“She’ll be brilliant. She’s a brilliant actress, a great person. She’s warm, intelligent, charming and funny, I think she’s everything you need for the show. I’m so excited, I simply cannot wait. She’s gonna be the best.
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Billie Piper Says Rose Tyler Would Still Be In Love With A Female Doctor

In one fell swoop, the Powers That Be made history earlier this summer by announcing Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor in Doctor Who.

It’s a casting milestone that had been long on the cards – at one point, Han Solo actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge emerged as the out-and-out frontrunner – and this Christmas, we’ll see Peter Capaldi hand over the keys to the Tardis in the festive-themed “Twice Upon a Time.”

Of course, ever since the announcement that Whittaker would be portraying the character, a number of people involved with the sci-fi series, both past and present, have congratulated the actress – including Peter Capaldi, Colin Baker, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Now, Billie Piper has chimed in to give her thoughts, offering up quite a bit for fans to chew on.

For starters, during an appearance at DragCon, the actress revealed that she thinks her character on the show, Rose Tyler,
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